Thursday, March 06, 2008

G.B.H.: Church of the Truly Warped @ VBR

G.B.H. has always had that certain something about them. This c.d. has Agnostic Front's drummer backing them and needless to say it shows. My favorite track is WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. But the whole disc is without a doubt great thru and thru. It is definetly my favorite G.B.H. c.d. to date. They cross metal with punk like no one I've heard. If you like G.B.H. at all I definetly recommend this c.d. over any of them!!

1. Pure Greed
2. Not Enough Hate
3. Leather Coffin
4. Candy Man
5. Lords Of Discipline
6. Where The Wild Things Are
7. Church Of The Truly Warped
8. Back
9. I Need Energy
10. Evil Evar
11. All For The Cause

pw - hangoverhard


zxunami said...

Thnx. Thnx. Thnx. Thnx. !!!!

Anonymous said...

Well that's a mighty big claim that this is the best GBH record. Guess I'll have to check it out. Kinda lost track of 'em after "Midnight Madness".

Lookin' forward to hearin' this. Thanx for postin' it.