Thursday, March 06, 2008

DEAD BOYS: Liver Than You'll Ever Be @ VBR

UK 2002 release captures seminal US punk band at their reunion concert at The Ritz, New York, 26 December 1987 with the original members. 15 tracks, 'Sonic Reducer', 'I Wanna Be A Dead Boy (All This & More)', 'Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth', 'I'm Calling You', 'I Won't Look Back', 'What Love Is', 'I Need Lunch', 'Ain't Nothing To Do', 'Down In Flames', 'Son Of Sam', 'Search & Destroy', 'Ain't It Fun', 'Tell Me', '3rd Generation Nation' & 'Catholic Boy'. The CD booklet features unpublished photos of late frontman Stiv Bators.

1. Sonic Reducer
2. I Wanna Be A Dead Boy (All This And More)
3. Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth
4. I'm Calling On You
5. I Won't Look Back
6. What Love Is
7. I Need Lunch
8. Ain't Nothing To Do
9. Down In Flames
10. Son Of Sam
11. Search & Destroy
12. Ain't It Fun
13. Tell Me
14. 3rd Generation Nation
15. Catholic Boy

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zxunami said...

great as usual !!!!

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Paul said...

Hey Thanks For this post !!! I wasn't aware that this was available... I was @ this show, and now to able to hear it again after all these years is going to be soooo Cool !!! I remember Joey Ramone was the MC that night and that it was a wild show !!! Allot of people left after the Dead Boys didn't come back on for a 2nd encore I think they even turned on the house lights and I was bummed that they didn't play 3rd generation nation or some song... But once we were outside in the freezing N.Y. weather we heard them playing again !!! But the dicks @ the door wouldn't let us back in... Beside that it was an amazing show !!! I'd only seen a them once before in Seattle when Stiv toured as the "Dead Boys" but it was just him and a bunch of lame imposters he was trying to pass off as the Dead Boys... So finally getting to see the real deal was a dream come true and now getting this documentation of that show makes the dream complete !!! Thank You for your time and love of real music... It's truly appreciated.

Nagiants40 said...

Great history Paul and thanks for all the comments