Tuesday, February 05, 2008

V.A. - Rondelet Records Punk Singles Collection

The latest in our label collections is one of the early '80s leading punk labels.

ANTI /PASTI No Government / ANTI /PASTI Two Years Too Late / ANTI /PASTI Another Dead Soldier / ANTI /PASTI Six Guns / THE FITS Burial / SPECIAL DUTIES Violent Society / SPECIAL DUTIES Colchester Council / DEAD MAN'S SHADOW Bomb Scare / DEAD MAN'S SHADOW Another Hiroshima / ANTI /PASTI East To The West / THE MEMBRANES Muscles / SPECIAL DUTIES Police State / THREATS Go To Hell / RIOT SQUAD Fuck The Tories / RIOT SQUAD We Are The Riot Squad / SPECIAL DUTIES Bullshit Crass / RIOT SQUAD Riot In The City / ANTI /PASTI Caution In The Wind / DEAD MAN'S SHADOW Flower In The Gun / THE MEMBRANES High Street Yanks / THREATS Politicians & Ministers / THE FITS Last Laugh

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Midnight Rambler said...

thanks for blog ! a real good work !!!
Do you think is it possible to have the covers of the Joe Ramones Tribute "Lifes a gas"

Anonymous said...

cheers...nice to posting comps from Anagram/cherry red label collector series;half of them i've got it but i'm still looking for missing labels-comps...would you be so kind and let me know where i can find for download that comps or is it possibile to see here more comps in near future...many thanx in advance

Anti-Hero said...

Oof, you've done this at last!!!! My prayers had been heard!
Tha's a holy shit which every punk rocker should be proud of. Thanks, folks!!