Sunday, February 03, 2008

SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS: Beware Of... (CD) @320kbps

Renowned as a band that could really draw a crowd, they were invited to support the Sex Pistols at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall, a gig that is now the stuff of legend, and the subject of a recent TV documentary, "I Swear I Was There!" (Granada TV, 2001), filmed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the concert, and of course Punk itself. This gig catapulted the band from the Labour Clubs of the North to venues around the country that were taking a chance on this new musical revolution. Along the way they turned the head of Tosh Ryan, and the resulting classic single, "Cranked Up Really High" was the first independent single to be released outside London. Read More >>>

1. saturday night 'till sunday morning
2. welcome to our town
3. blow
4. i got your number
5. message from a ghost
6. hard days night
7. hell in new york
8. car thief
9. the rope around your neck
10. schizophrenic
11. (come on) let's do it
12. anthem for the kids

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Nils Tibor said...

Thank you very much for the two albums by Slaughter & The Dogs.

Great stuff.


Luis said...

Excellent man!!!!! I greatefull...!!