Sunday, February 03, 2008

MURDER-SUICIDE PACT: Murder-Suicide Pact (CD) @320kbps

Early 80's style hardcore featuring members of Failure Face, Slap Of Reality, E.B.S. and End Of The Century Party. Cover art by Mad Marc Rude. 16 songs. For fans of Fang, Poison Idea, Capitol Punishment and "Slip It In"-era Black Flag.

1. bite the hand
2. secret admirer
3. downtime
4. plague
5. stronger than dirt
6. one or two
7. asshole patrol
8. i'm not cleaning up this mess
9. i'll get you first
10. myself
11. road rage
12. obedience school
13. why bother
14. cancer
15. not going back
16. hoax

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Great Band! Anything with Bob Siren on it, is pretty good.

Go visit Bob's record store! Good stuff.