Sunday, February 03, 2008

LIMP WRIST: Discografia Completa (CD) @320kbps

Sheesh! 41 tracks of gay straightedge hardcore, literally, in a mere 34 minutes! I'm sure most people know that former Los Crudos vocalist Martin Sorrondeguy fronts this band, and represented herein are a slew of short, fast, to the point hardcore tracks with basic structures and all out yelling vocals that have a really dry, hoarse ring. The material was taken from their "Don't Knock It 'til You Try It" demo, the "What's Up With the Kids" 7", and the self-titled LP, with some unreleased material and compilation tracks thrown in to make things complete. The sound is no frills hardcore/punk and to be completely honest there's not a great deal of variety, so most of the songs sound similar to one another and aside from the somewhat unique air of the vocals it's a pretty traditional sound that doesn't really break any of the rules. But my guess would be that that's the point. Expect songs that tend to run an average of 30 - 45 seconds each with basic power chord rhythms, a little bit of a rock 'n' roll vibe at times, some slightly noisier riffing or guitar textures on rare occasion, and of course fairly speedy tempos (after all, the songs are short). "No Choice" is a cover by The Faith, but unless I missed something I think everything else is original material. "Define" is the first song that feels a little angrier than the others; "Cruisin' at the Show" opens with bass and comes off as a bit catchier with its solid rhythm and brief spurts of discordant notes in the distance; "Limp Wrist" is more midpaced and anthemic (as any song sharing its name with the band should be), standing as one of the most memorable tracks herein; "Brotherhood" has some forceful note bends that stand out from much of the other playing, and its bass break continues a bit of a darker edge; "Thanks" is among the more memorable of the faster and no nonsense tracks; "Angry Queen" is shorter, faster, and more pissed than many of the other tunes, while "The Ode" is midpaced and has a strong rock feel and "Complex" continues a that vibe..
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1. what's up with the kids
2. stabbed in the back
3. punk ass queers
4. rainbows
5. recruiting time
6. define
7. i love hardcore boys
8. secrets
9. cruisin' at the show
10. smear the fear
11. you ain't that fierce
12. back in the days
13. relatives got nerve
14. cheap art
15. limp wrist
16. limp wrist vs. dr. laura
17. this ain't no cross in my hand
18. botherhood
19. thanks
20. we started this band to get dates
21. od'd on pop
22. give me a fuckin' break
23. man to man
24. no choice
25. twelve years of church
26. a message to the president
27. angry queen
28. the ode
29. complex
30. does your daddy know
31. this ain't no cross in my hand
32. limp wrist
33. i love hardcore boys i love boys hardcore
34. recruiting times
35. stabbed in the back
36. thanks
37. brotherhood
38. secrets
39. define
40. cheap art
41. no choice

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JohnThePunk said...

Killer! I saw Limp Wrist years ago @ Thrashfest and they were the best band of the night in my book. Thanx for the download!!