Sunday, February 03, 2008

BROKEN BONES: Dem Bones + Decapitated: 25th Year Limited Edition (CD) @320kbps

The sound of Broken Bones is the sound of punk at its most primal, the crashing roar of wild, wild youth taken to limits even the Sex Pistols never dreamed of. When the band formed in 1983, punk may not have been dead, but it was certainly dying. Then Broken Bones came along and the reverberations are still being felt today, in the battle cries of Bad Religion and the swagger of Rancid, in the white heat of Slayer and the debauchery of Ministry. Some people have called Broken Bones one of the biggest Hardcore bands of all time and one of the most vital, various U.S. mega-bands such as Metallica have acknowledged them as one of their influences. Broken Bones was formed by guitarist Bones in early 1983 a few months after he quit Discharge, one of the most distinctive, and successful bands to emerge from the punk movement in the early 80's. Bones recruited his twin brother Tezz (also a former Discharge member) on bass, vocalist Nobby and drummer Baz to the line up. Bones unveiled his latest juggernaut with a solid year of gigging, leading to the release in January 1984 of the screaming "Decapitated"Fired by the popularity which Broken Bones had already inspired, the single promptly rocketed into Britain's independent top ten. The follow up single "Crucifix" was then released in May, inevitably it scored just as highly as the predecessor, and proved that Broken Bones meant serious business. more >>>

1 Wealth Rules (2:42)
2 Who's To Blame (1:51)
3 Iron Maiden (1:59)
4 Their Living Is My Death (2:23)
5 Big Hard Man (1:42)
6 Terrorist Attack (1:58)
7 Stand Up (1:36)
8 Civil War (2:21)
9 Secret Agent (2:53)
10 City Fodder (1:47)
11 Intro (3:06)
12 Annihilation No. 3 (2:06)
13 Dem Bones (2:35)
14 Decapitated (2:42)
15 I.O.U. (1:25)
16 Crucifix (1:52)
17 Problem (1:53)
18 Fight The Good Fight (1:38)
19 Liquidated Brains (1:30)
20 Seeing Thru My Eyes (2:40)
21 The Point Of Agony (1:47)
22 Never Say Die (2:45) Mixed By - Broken Bones , David Ros
23 Death Is Imminent (2:52)
24 10, 5 Or A Dime (2:54) Mixed By - Broken Bones , David Ros
25 Decapitated Pt. 2 (2:47)
** Tracks 1 to 13 (DEM BONES)
** Tracks 14 to 25 (DECAPITATED)

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