Sunday, February 03, 2008

BOOM BOOM KID: Espontaneos Minutos de 2x2 Es 16 Odas A Dada Tunes (CD) @320kbps

Boom Boom Kid (Argentina, Hardcore punk singer) is the artistic name that Carlos Rodriguez (also known as "Nekro") started to use around 2000. He started a solo career as a singer before his former band Fun People split. Following a tradition that begun with his previous band Fun People, Boom Boom Kid offers songs which mix a wide diversity of styles that go from raw hardcore to ballads, from punk to boleros. His lyrics still deal with the same issues that Fun People used to address: criticism of the traditional gender roles, vegetarianism, non violent action, celebration of the child-like joy, DIY ethics, nostalgic love songs.
His first release as a solo singer was the single "I do" (2000), released at the same time in which Fun People was releasing their last album ("Angustia no, no"). The high pitch voice of Boom Boom Kid has been compared more than once with the voice of Morrissey in many press articles. Boom Boom Kid also seems to share more than one obsession with this singer: he has covered The Smiths "Reel around the Fountain" (with Fun People), the "Meat Is Murder" slogan has been quoted several times by Boom Boom Kid. Also, both singers are somehow obsessed with The New York Dolls (Fun People has covered the song "Trash" by the New York Dolls, whilst Morrissey has covered this same song live, besides from having been the president of the New York Dolls fan club). Also both artists have covered the song "Moonriver" by Henri Mancini.
Almost every CD that Fun People and Boom Boom Kid have released contains at least one hidden track. Sometimes it's a compillation of live recordings, sometimes it's samples from old movies, sometimes hilarious dialogues... or even Charles Manson's "always is always" song in Fun People's "kum Kum".

1. Interplanet Communication
2. El Danger
3. Oda Ala Madre Tierra
4. Como Empezar
5. Entre Las Olas de Ubatuba
6. Dia a Dia
7. Por Dejar de Comer Carne
8. Despero
9. Oda Al Agua
10. Oda Al Sol
11. Vida Fane
12. Balada de Un Original Deficiente
13. La Receta
14. En Bsas Olvida para Bens, Meu Bem
15. Angelito's Lullaby
16. Protesto

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