Friday, February 08, 2008


Coming soon, 5 nice albums from 5 great bands from Argentina... stay tuned!!!!

Keep punk rockin'


christian g. said...

yep i was there :D

stogref said...

Will sure stay tuned, dunno much of Argentina punk therefore i voted for it... glad you keep on rockin you punk! ;)


do you need help with the bands? im from buenos aires, if you need it, email me:

Anonymous said...

hello two great albums:

2 minutos - valentin alsina
mal momento - mal momento

Anonymous said...

Los Violadores First Album (s/t)

Attaque 77--mostly the early stuff

Invasion 88--late 80s punk comp!

Loquero-Temor Morboso a la Expocision publica...

and the list can go on and on... that's only the punk stuff.. I can tell you more about HC send me an email at lapicescollective gmail com


nickster, aka the sxe kid.

Marcus said...

A very good punk rock band in Argentina: Katarro Vandaliko...
listen it and tell me...

Anonymous said...

Los Violadores - En Vivo y Ruidoso (1990) Live CD.

2 Minutos - Valentin Alsina (1988)

Bulldog - Si Yo! (1995)

Embajada Boliviana - Quien Quiera Oir Que Oiga (Punk Rock Style Ramones)

Superuva - Revientan Los Parlantes (2002) Live CD.

Those cds, are the best of Argentina. Not the others. Download This and post it. goodbye.

diga said...

lots of good stuff in argentina. check this;

fun people
vision x
sol negro
boom boom kid

lots more...cheers!!!