Sunday, February 17, 2008


1. somebody call me a taxi **
2. billy
3. i need to be your main squeeze
4. do you wanna be a chuffed core
5. buddy holly never wrote a song called we're too punk
6. up the junction
7. if it was grey you'd say it's black
8. (I) stomach gout (II) i narcissus
9. kids in america (93)
10. march of the dweebs
11. a funny thing about it is
12. purple haze **
** missing tracks I have problems ripping this album , sorry!!

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GUIDED BY VOICES: Universal Truths And Cycles

1. wire greyhounds
2. skin parade
3. zap
4. christian animation torch carriers
5. cheyenne
6. the weeping bogeyman
7. back to the lake
8. love 1
9. storm vibrations
10. factory of raw essentials
11. everywhere with helicopter
12. pretty bombs
13. eureka signs
14. wings of thorn
15. car language
16. from a voice plantation
17. the ID's are alright
18. universal truths and cycles
19. father sgt. christmas card

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SAHARA HOTNIGHTS: C'mon Let's Pretend

1. push on some more
2. quite a feeling
3. drive dead slow
4. oh darling!
5. too cold for you
6. that's what they do
7. impressed by me
8. kicks
9. too cold for you
10. i know exactly what to to
11. our very own

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THE APERS: The Apers

1. it's ok to hate me
2. sunshine
3. eyes open wide
4. only the grim reaper
5. little lost girl
6. evil
7. the kids are out tonight
8. giving up caving in
9. always have and always will
10. beauty queen
11. don't you cry over it
12. one million love songs (this one's for you)

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

DISCIPLINE: Saints and Sinners

The 5th full-length from this Dutch street punk band. 12 new drinking anthems. Recommended for fans of Dropkick Murphys, Agnostic Front, and beer.
Buy this record here >>> BUY!!

everywhere we go / citizens revenge / saints and sinners / dirty world / death'r glory / same old story / broken glass / hail hail rock 'n' roll / forever / city of light / rebel without a cause / these boots.

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CHELSEA: Fools and Soldiers

This is the early demos compilation, crappy quality.. but if you are a Chelsea fan, is a good item for your collection

i'm on fire / come one / no flowers / urban kids / 12 men / trouble is the day / your toy / decide / curfew / look at the outside / don't cry me wrong / fools and soldiers / bring it on home / no admission / loner / route 66 / right to work

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MINUTEMEN: Live at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ '85

Hell yeah is the Minutemen Bootleg's Party, one more for the freaks like me that think this is the best piece of shit that appears on earth.. :-D

tuning / anxious mo-fo / courage / toadies / the big foist / retreat / corona / fake contest / beacon sighted through fog / the only minority / do you want new wave or do you have the truth / king of the hill / hey lawdy mama / themselves / two beads at the end / spillage / the big stick / political nightmare / what is it? / stories / one reporter's opinion / dream told bby moto / west germany / vietnam / bermuda / political song for michael jackson to sing / maybe partying will help / ack ack ack / ain't talkin' bout love / this ain't no picnic / the product / little man with a gun in his hand / have you ever seen the rain / green river / substitute / history lesson part II / radio announcement of d. boon's death

*** All the covers from this Minutemen bootlegs are homemade by me.. :-))

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Friday, February 08, 2008


Coming soon, 5 nice albums from 5 great bands from Argentina... stay tuned!!!!

Keep punk rockin'

MINUTEMEN: Live at The Stone, San Francisco, CAL (1985)

My favorite punk with another stellar bootleg, great quality , great show, great band!!!

1. king of the hill / 2. retreat / 3. toadies / 4. the big hoist / 5. corona / 6. take our test / 7. hey lawdy mama / 8. mr. robot's holy orders / 9. don't look now / 10. ack ack ack / 11. ain't talkin' bout love / 12. beacon sighted through fog / 13. the only minority / 14. badges / 15. the cheerleaders / 16. green river / 17. this ain't no picnic / 18. history lesson, part II / 19. little man with a gun in his hand / 20. tour spiel / 21. the red and the black / 22. lost

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

MINUTEMEN: Live at 9:30 Club, Washington D.C. (1985) @ VBR

Another killer bootleg from my favorite american punk band, Minutemen. This set is from a 85 show at D.C. in the famous 9.30 Club.

1. the big foist
2. retreat
3. toadies
4. corona
5. mr. robot's holy orders
6. d-boon (urinals)
7. don't look now (credence clearwater revival)
8. anxious mo-fo
9. beacon sighted through fog
10. the only minority
11. the anchor
12. ack ack ack (urinals)
13. ain't talkin 'bout love (van halen)
14. do you want new wave or do you want the truth
15. no exchange
16. i felt like a gringo
17. static
18. search
19. cut
20. there ain't shit on tv tonight
21. dream told by moto
22. lost (meat puppets)
23. political song from michael jackson to sing
24. jesus and tequila
25. the glory of man
26. hey good lookin' (hank williams)
27. little man with a gun in his hand
28. history lesson (part II)
29. party with me punkers
30. green river (credence clearwater revival)
31. the red and the black (blue oyster cult)

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MINUTEMEN: Live in Geneve (1983) @VBR

More than any other hardcore band, the Minutemen epitomized the free-thinking independent ideals that formed the core of punk/alternative music. Wildy eclectic and politically revolutionary, the Minutemen never stayed in one place too long; they moved from punk to free jazz to funk to folk at a blinding speed. And they toured and recorded at blinding speed; during the early '80s, they were constantly on the road, turning out records whenever they had a chance. Like their peers Black Flag, Hüsker Dü, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, and the Meat Puppets, the Minutemen built a large, dedicated cult following throughout the United States through their relentless touring. Like their fellow American indie bands, the trio was poised to break into the world of major labels in 1986, and they would have if it wasn't for the tragic death of guitarist/vocalist D. Boon in December of 1985. Even though bassist Mike Watt and drummer George Hurley carried on with fIREHOSE in the late '80s, the legacy of the Minutemen overshadowed the new band in the late '80s and early '90s, as the San Pedro trio influenced several generations of musicians.
D. Boon and Mike Watt began playing music when they were teenagers in the mid-'70s, covering '70s hard rock standards. After they graduated from high school in 1976, they heard their first punk rock records, which marked a significant change in their musical development. Once Boon and Watt heard punk, they began writing their own songs and decided to form their first full-fledged rock & roll band. In 1980, the pair assembled a quartet called the Reactionaries, which featured drummer Frank Tonche and a second guitarist. Within a few months, their second guitarist left and the band changed their name to the Minutemen, since most of their songs were not much longer than a minute in duration. They recorded one single with Tonche before he was replaced by George Hurley. After Hurley joined the band, the Minutemen recorded Paranoid Time, their first EP; the record was released on SST Records in 1981. From the start, the band was eclectic and political, but they didn't find their voice until their first full-length album, 1981's The Punch Line... more >>>>

1. static
2. fake contest
3. joy
4. search
5. dream told by moto
6. '99
7. black sheep
8. the tin roof
9. ack ack ack
10. life as a rehearsal
11. self-referenced
12. one chapter in the bool
13. beacon sighter through fog
14. the only minority
15. cut
16. i felt like a gringo
17. ain't talkin' bout love
18. this road
19. my part
20. polarity
21. fanatics
22. joe mccarthy's ghost
23. plight
24. paranoid chant

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

V.A. - Rondelet Records Punk Singles Collection

The latest in our label collections is one of the early '80s leading punk labels.

ANTI /PASTI No Government / ANTI /PASTI Two Years Too Late / ANTI /PASTI Another Dead Soldier / ANTI /PASTI Six Guns / THE FITS Burial / SPECIAL DUTIES Violent Society / SPECIAL DUTIES Colchester Council / DEAD MAN'S SHADOW Bomb Scare / DEAD MAN'S SHADOW Another Hiroshima / ANTI /PASTI East To The West / THE MEMBRANES Muscles / SPECIAL DUTIES Police State / THREATS Go To Hell / RIOT SQUAD Fuck The Tories / RIOT SQUAD We Are The Riot Squad / SPECIAL DUTIES Bullshit Crass / RIOT SQUAD Riot In The City / ANTI /PASTI Caution In The Wind / DEAD MAN'S SHADOW Flower In The Gun / THE MEMBRANES High Street Yanks / THREATS Politicians & Ministers / THE FITS Last Laugh

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V.A. - Riot City Punk Singles Collection Volume 1

One of the most popular titles of the punk collectors series, Riot City Records Punk Singles Collection vol 1, is now to be released on Limited Edition Picture Disc. The label was founded in 1980 and released 32 singles and 10 albums. This collection features 30 of the 32 singles released by the label.

VICE SQUAD Last Rockers / Young Blood / THE INSANE Politics / ABRASIVE WHEELS Vicious Cirlce / COURT MARTIAL Gotta Get Out / CHAOS UK Four Minute Warning / UNDEAD Undead / THE EXPELLED Dreaming / ABRASIVE WHEELS Army Song / CHAOTIC DISCHORD Fuck The World / COURT MARTIAL No Solution / CHAOS UK No Security / MAYHEM Dogsbody / EJECTED Have You Got 10p / UNDEAD Dead Revolution / ABRASIVE WHEELS Burn ‘Em Down / THE EXPELLED Make It Alone / RESISTANCE 77 Nottingham Problem / EJECTED Fast’n’loud / NO CHOICE Cream Of The Crop / EMERGENCY Points Of View / CHAOTIC DISCHORD Never Trust A Friend / SEX AIDS Back On The Piss Again / MAYHEM Gentle Murder / ULTRA VIOLENT Crime For Revenge / THE UNDERDOGS East Of Dachau / THE VARUKERS Die For Your Government / EJECTED Russians / THE VARUKERS Led To The Slaughter / CHAOTIC DISCHORD Cliff

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V.A. - Raw Records Punk Singles Collection

Raw Records was one of the UK's first ever independent labels, having been formed in 1977 by Lee Wood. Bands such as The Users, Killjoys, Lockjaw and The Unwanted later provided members for the likes of The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, UK Subs and Dexy's Midnight Runners whilst the scarcity of Raw's releases made them highly prized collectors' items. 30 of the label's best tracks feature here alongside a comprehensive discography of one of the most important but vastly underrated indie labels of our time.

THE USERS Sick Of You / THE USERS I'm In Love With Today / THE KILLJOYS Johnny Won't Go To Heaven / THE KILLJOYS Naïve / THE UNWANTED Withdrawl / THE UNWANTED Bleak Outlook / THE UNWANTED 1984 / SOME CHICKEN New Religion / SOME CHICKEN Blood On The Wall / LOCKJAW Radio Car Sign / LOCKJAW The Young Ones / SOME CHICKEN Arabian Daze / SOME CHICKEN Number Seven / THE GORILLAS It's My Life / THE GORILLAS My Soul's Alive / THE UNWANTED Secret Police / THE UNWANTED These Boots Are Made For Walking / LOCKJAW Journalist Jive / THE UNWANTED I'm Not Me / THE UNWANTED The End Is Nigh / THE SICK THINGS Bondage Boy / THE SICK KIDS Kids On The Street / THE PSYCHOS So Young / THE PSYCHOS Straitjacket / THE KILLJOYS At Night / ACME SEWAGE CO/ I Wish You Dead / ACME SEWAGE CO/ I Don't Need You / THE G/T/'S Millionaire / THE PSYCHOS Young British And White / ACME SEWAGE CO/ I Can See You

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V.A. - Beat The System Punk Singles Collection

Stab The Judge / Riot Torn City / Youth Of Today / Someday / Die For Me / Better Off Dead / Sad Society / No Future UK / I Hate / The Time Is Right / Official Hooligan / No Views / Poor Excuse / Backstreet Boys / Death and Pure Destruction / Death Sentence / Too Many People / Rebel Youth / Victims / IRA / Day By Day / Me And You / Arms Race / Victims Of War / Listen To Me

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

THE FIXTURES: One Crisis Short of Chaos (CD) @320kbps

1. future criminals of americas
2. what's up doctor
3. mosh pit moron
4. frankenstein has risen from the grave, i think
5. no sale
6. the redemption game
7. power
8. red and clear
9. where dreams go to die
10. pornhogwraithe
11. international know
12. warning
13. hard head full of hate
14. monkey wrench
15. quit your job
16. screw the world
17. if
18. guilty

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SUDDEN IMPACT: No Rest From the Wicked (CD) @320kbps

GREAT crossover (thrash/hardcore) band from the 80's.....

1. keep on trucking
2. just yourself
3. no rest from the wicked
4. to our glorious dead
5. first time there
6. bent
7. terrorist attack
8. continuing saga
9. caught up
10. why hide
11. sudden impact
12. i got a right
13. Cat's Life
14. paint fumes
15. caught up
16. bent ok
17. steamy loafs
18. new song
19. drunk driving
20. freaked out
21. sudden impact
22. gonzo
23. keep on trucking
24. why hide
25. paint fumes
26. bent ok
27. caught up
28. same in the end
29. first time there
30. sudden impact
31. Drunk driving
32. gonzo (alt. version)

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SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS: A Dog Day Afternoon (CD) @320kbps

Formed in the mid 1970s against the bleak backdrop of Wythenshawe on the outskirts of Manchester, Slaughter and the Dogs found themselves quickly to be at the forefront of the punk revolution that exploded onto the music scene in 1976.
Founder members Vocalist Wayne Barrett and Guitarist, Mick Rossi were school friends who had struck up an immediate friendship. With one eye focused on their mutual musical influences of Iggy, Lou Reed, The New York Dolls and Bowie, and the other searching for something new to give themselves an identity, their song-writing savvy matched the sound of their heroes with the energy of what was to become punk. With the addition of Howard "Zip" Bates on Bass, and Brian "Mad Muffet" Grantham on Drums, Slaughter and the Dogs launched themselves on an unsuspecting public, rapidly building a large, loyal fan base in and around Manchester, while making a noise loud enough to turn the heads of the A&R men down in London.

1. twist and turn
2. who are the mystert girls
3. runaway
4. boston babies
5. saturday night till sunday morning
6. situations
7. blow
8. hell in new york
9. welcome to our town
10. i'm mad
11. quick joey small
12. where have all the bootboys gone
13. white light, white heat
14. the bitch
15. cranked up really high

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SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS: Beware Of... (CD) @320kbps

Renowned as a band that could really draw a crowd, they were invited to support the Sex Pistols at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall, a gig that is now the stuff of legend, and the subject of a recent TV documentary, "I Swear I Was There!" (Granada TV, 2001), filmed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the concert, and of course Punk itself. This gig catapulted the band from the Labour Clubs of the North to venues around the country that were taking a chance on this new musical revolution. Along the way they turned the head of Tosh Ryan, and the resulting classic single, "Cranked Up Really High" was the first independent single to be released outside London. Read More >>>

1. saturday night 'till sunday morning
2. welcome to our town
3. blow
4. i got your number
5. message from a ghost
6. hard days night
7. hell in new york
8. car thief
9. the rope around your neck
10. schizophrenic
11. (come on) let's do it
12. anthem for the kids

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LIMP WRIST: Discografia Completa (CD) @320kbps

Sheesh! 41 tracks of gay straightedge hardcore, literally, in a mere 34 minutes! I'm sure most people know that former Los Crudos vocalist Martin Sorrondeguy fronts this band, and represented herein are a slew of short, fast, to the point hardcore tracks with basic structures and all out yelling vocals that have a really dry, hoarse ring. The material was taken from their "Don't Knock It 'til You Try It" demo, the "What's Up With the Kids" 7", and the self-titled LP, with some unreleased material and compilation tracks thrown in to make things complete. The sound is no frills hardcore/punk and to be completely honest there's not a great deal of variety, so most of the songs sound similar to one another and aside from the somewhat unique air of the vocals it's a pretty traditional sound that doesn't really break any of the rules. But my guess would be that that's the point. Expect songs that tend to run an average of 30 - 45 seconds each with basic power chord rhythms, a little bit of a rock 'n' roll vibe at times, some slightly noisier riffing or guitar textures on rare occasion, and of course fairly speedy tempos (after all, the songs are short). "No Choice" is a cover by The Faith, but unless I missed something I think everything else is original material. "Define" is the first song that feels a little angrier than the others; "Cruisin' at the Show" opens with bass and comes off as a bit catchier with its solid rhythm and brief spurts of discordant notes in the distance; "Limp Wrist" is more midpaced and anthemic (as any song sharing its name with the band should be), standing as one of the most memorable tracks herein; "Brotherhood" has some forceful note bends that stand out from much of the other playing, and its bass break continues a bit of a darker edge; "Thanks" is among the more memorable of the faster and no nonsense tracks; "Angry Queen" is shorter, faster, and more pissed than many of the other tunes, while "The Ode" is midpaced and has a strong rock feel and "Complex" continues a that vibe..
Read more at >>>

1. what's up with the kids
2. stabbed in the back
3. punk ass queers
4. rainbows
5. recruiting time
6. define
7. i love hardcore boys
8. secrets
9. cruisin' at the show
10. smear the fear
11. you ain't that fierce
12. back in the days
13. relatives got nerve
14. cheap art
15. limp wrist
16. limp wrist vs. dr. laura
17. this ain't no cross in my hand
18. botherhood
19. thanks
20. we started this band to get dates
21. od'd on pop
22. give me a fuckin' break
23. man to man
24. no choice
25. twelve years of church
26. a message to the president
27. angry queen
28. the ode
29. complex
30. does your daddy know
31. this ain't no cross in my hand
32. limp wrist
33. i love hardcore boys i love boys hardcore
34. recruiting times
35. stabbed in the back
36. thanks
37. brotherhood
38. secrets
39. define
40. cheap art
41. no choice

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POISON IDEA: Kings of Punk (CD) @320kbps

Poison Idea was formed in 1980 by vocalist Jerry A. (aka Jerry Lang). The initial lineup consisted of Jerry A., Chris Tense (guitar), Glen Estes (bass), and Dean Johnson (drums). Inspired by Black Flag and other early Southern California hardcore acts, they were further influenced by Discharge and Los Angeles's the Germs. Germs singer Darby Crash's influence on singer Jerry A.—vocally, lyrically, and philosophically—was monumental, and Poison Idea followed the Germs’ extremist punk ethic. Tense, who previously had played with Jerry in a group called the Stand, was replaced within a year by Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts (guitar), formerly of the Imperialist Pigs. With the release of 1986’s aptly titled Kings of Punk LP, Poison Idea had fully moved beyond the breakneck hardcore of their early records to a potent, driving and ultimately more intricate and sophisticated hardcore/hard rock fusion that incorporated the foot-tapping accessibility and masculine swagger of hard rock without sacrificing the power and viciousness of hardcore. The album is venerated as one of the greatest hardcore recordings of the '80s, and some regard it as the band’s finest hour.

1. lifetyles
2. short fuse
3. god not god
4. ugly american
5. subtract
6. cop an attitude
7. death wish kids
8. made to be broken
9. tormented imp
10. one by one
11. out of the picture
12. extra track

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MURDER-SUICIDE PACT: Murder-Suicide Pact (CD) @320kbps

Early 80's style hardcore featuring members of Failure Face, Slap Of Reality, E.B.S. and End Of The Century Party. Cover art by Mad Marc Rude. 16 songs. For fans of Fang, Poison Idea, Capitol Punishment and "Slip It In"-era Black Flag.

1. bite the hand
2. secret admirer
3. downtime
4. plague
5. stronger than dirt
6. one or two
7. asshole patrol
8. i'm not cleaning up this mess
9. i'll get you first
10. myself
11. road rage
12. obedience school
13. why bother
14. cancer
15. not going back
16. hoax

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RUNNAMUCKS: Inferno (CD) @320kbps

The RunnAmuckS began in 1996 with Josh Dobbs, Mike Quinnan, and Mat Graeven. For more info about the band from this time period click here. With this lineup they released their first E.P. "Smash Your Fucking Brains In" and two L.P.'s "On the Brink" and "Of A Different Breed" (recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN. Mat departed in early 2004 and the band enlisted their old friend Bryan App on drums, coinciding with a new emphasis on the Rock part of "Punk Rock." Later that year after a hectic U.S. tour where the guys found themselves held at gunpoint in Texas by the highway patrol near a roadblock set up for them, (true story) they reconvened on Halloween for a Roky Erickson cover band joined by Bryan's guitar-virtuoso younger brother, Daniel. Daniel ended up staying on and and the band is better than ever. They are currently working on their third album "Inferno" which will be released by Six Weeks sometime next year, to be hopefully backed by another U.S. tour. Demos for four of the songs can be heard on the "Dead Again" E.P., available in full at

1. the rift
2. way of the wolf
3. venom
4. unscrew my head
5. nothin 'till I'm gone
6. screwed
7. dead again
8. inferno
9. untouchable
10. circle number nine

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DEADFALL: Mass Destruction (CD) @320kbps

DEADFALL have quickly become one of the best hardcore punk bands in the Bay Area. Their insanely chaotic live shows match their penchant for writing classic punk ala early DC hardcore such as MINOR THREAT and GOVERNMENT ISSUE and adding the blazing fast thrash of Bostons JERRYS KIDS and GANG GREEN. Honestly, if we didn't know these guys, we'd have guessed this was straight out of 1983. After one 7" ep (self released) and an assault across the USA last year, this band is ready to take the crown as the best old school hardcore band around, anywhere. (

1. counting
2. evacuation plan
3. seize the day
4. what a bogus
5. one mans dog
6. it's okay
7. comrades
8. feign sympathy
9. media agenda
10. the worst four years
11. from beyond
12. only waste
13. dr. boo strikes again
14. no one cares what you have to say
15. skinhead starter kit
16. crowdppleaser
17. heresy
18. missink link (de rok also)
19. mass destruction
20. meathead
21. postal
22. bloodsuckers
23. cchc
24. comfortable life
25. deadfall
26. beer not church
27. you make me sick
28. the dark ages

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BROKEN BONES: Dem Bones + Decapitated: 25th Year Limited Edition (CD) @320kbps

The sound of Broken Bones is the sound of punk at its most primal, the crashing roar of wild, wild youth taken to limits even the Sex Pistols never dreamed of. When the band formed in 1983, punk may not have been dead, but it was certainly dying. Then Broken Bones came along and the reverberations are still being felt today, in the battle cries of Bad Religion and the swagger of Rancid, in the white heat of Slayer and the debauchery of Ministry. Some people have called Broken Bones one of the biggest Hardcore bands of all time and one of the most vital, various U.S. mega-bands such as Metallica have acknowledged them as one of their influences. Broken Bones was formed by guitarist Bones in early 1983 a few months after he quit Discharge, one of the most distinctive, and successful bands to emerge from the punk movement in the early 80's. Bones recruited his twin brother Tezz (also a former Discharge member) on bass, vocalist Nobby and drummer Baz to the line up. Bones unveiled his latest juggernaut with a solid year of gigging, leading to the release in January 1984 of the screaming "Decapitated"Fired by the popularity which Broken Bones had already inspired, the single promptly rocketed into Britain's independent top ten. The follow up single "Crucifix" was then released in May, inevitably it scored just as highly as the predecessor, and proved that Broken Bones meant serious business. more >>>

1 Wealth Rules (2:42)
2 Who's To Blame (1:51)
3 Iron Maiden (1:59)
4 Their Living Is My Death (2:23)
5 Big Hard Man (1:42)
6 Terrorist Attack (1:58)
7 Stand Up (1:36)
8 Civil War (2:21)
9 Secret Agent (2:53)
10 City Fodder (1:47)
11 Intro (3:06)
12 Annihilation No. 3 (2:06)
13 Dem Bones (2:35)
14 Decapitated (2:42)
15 I.O.U. (1:25)
16 Crucifix (1:52)
17 Problem (1:53)
18 Fight The Good Fight (1:38)
19 Liquidated Brains (1:30)
20 Seeing Thru My Eyes (2:40)
21 The Point Of Agony (1:47)
22 Never Say Die (2:45) Mixed By - Broken Bones , David Ros
23 Death Is Imminent (2:52)
24 10, 5 Or A Dime (2:54) Mixed By - Broken Bones , David Ros
25 Decapitated Pt. 2 (2:47)
** Tracks 1 to 13 (DEM BONES)
** Tracks 14 to 25 (DECAPITATED)

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BOOM BOOM KID: Espontaneos Minutos de 2x2 Es 16 Odas A Dada Tunes (CD) @320kbps

Boom Boom Kid (Argentina, Hardcore punk singer) is the artistic name that Carlos Rodriguez (also known as "Nekro") started to use around 2000. He started a solo career as a singer before his former band Fun People split. Following a tradition that begun with his previous band Fun People, Boom Boom Kid offers songs which mix a wide diversity of styles that go from raw hardcore to ballads, from punk to boleros. His lyrics still deal with the same issues that Fun People used to address: criticism of the traditional gender roles, vegetarianism, non violent action, celebration of the child-like joy, DIY ethics, nostalgic love songs.
His first release as a solo singer was the single "I do" (2000), released at the same time in which Fun People was releasing their last album ("Angustia no, no"). The high pitch voice of Boom Boom Kid has been compared more than once with the voice of Morrissey in many press articles. Boom Boom Kid also seems to share more than one obsession with this singer: he has covered The Smiths "Reel around the Fountain" (with Fun People), the "Meat Is Murder" slogan has been quoted several times by Boom Boom Kid. Also, both singers are somehow obsessed with The New York Dolls (Fun People has covered the song "Trash" by the New York Dolls, whilst Morrissey has covered this same song live, besides from having been the president of the New York Dolls fan club). Also both artists have covered the song "Moonriver" by Henri Mancini.
Almost every CD that Fun People and Boom Boom Kid have released contains at least one hidden track. Sometimes it's a compillation of live recordings, sometimes it's samples from old movies, sometimes hilarious dialogues... or even Charles Manson's "always is always" song in Fun People's "kum Kum".

1. Interplanet Communication
2. El Danger
3. Oda Ala Madre Tierra
4. Como Empezar
5. Entre Las Olas de Ubatuba
6. Dia a Dia
7. Por Dejar de Comer Carne
8. Despero
9. Oda Al Agua
10. Oda Al Sol
11. Vida Fane
12. Balada de Un Original Deficiente
13. La Receta
14. En Bsas Olvida para Bens, Meu Bem
15. Angelito's Lullaby
16. Protesto

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