Friday, January 04, 2008

THE LURKERS: Greatest Hits @ VBR (Level=0)

The usual reaction when people mention the Lurkers is "punk's poor relations". This is wrong. The Lurkers are proof that all the safety pins, mohicans and spitting techniques in the world mean nothing if you don't have the tunes. Their formula comes straight out of the Ramones' "get in there, say what you've gotta say then get out again" book and it works a treat. In "Ain't Got A Clue", "Just Thirteen" and "New Guitar In Town", they had three superb singles where the lack of pretentiousness and posturing (see the Clash and their legions of imitators) is a blessed relief. There's plenty of other equally good tunes on here as well such as "Shadow", "Total War", "Out In The Dark", "She Knows" and "Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me" making it a superb introduction to the band. Buy this then go out and take a look at the re-releases of their two best moments "Fulham Fallout" and "God's Lonely Men". This is a band who deserve so much more respect than they get.

pass - hangoverhard


fabandal said...

thx.. i love oldschool

buford puser said...

thx thx thx have been looking for these guys for a while; i've got Fulham Fallout on vinyl, but disc too big to fit in computer slot