Tuesday, January 29, 2008

VARIOUS: 12 Heads no Brains (CD) @320kbps

A very nice compilation with three great australian punk bands...

1. TV (Seaweed Goorillas)
2. Under the Hammer (Poppin' Mommas)
3. Super Sonic Syrup (Fridge)
4. Showground Frown (Seaweed Goorillas)
5. I'm the Man (Poppin' Mommas)
6. Hyperactive (Fridge)
7. Superslut (Seaweed Goorillas)
8. Lonely & Smelly (Poppin' Mommas)
9. Final Day (Fridge)
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HARD-ONS: Love is a Battlefield of Wounded Hearts (CD) @320kbps

The Hard-Ons' origins can be traced to Western Sydney's Punchbowl Boys High School, where all three band members were students. The multicultural trio of drummer/vocalist Keish De Silva (of Sri Lankan descent), guitar/vocals Blackie (Yugoslavian heritage) and bassist Ray Ahn (Korean ancestry) were initially too young to play gigs in pubs, but honed their skills playing at parties and school dances. After all turning 18 years old, the band made its first 'proper' live debut in June 1984 at Ultimo's Vulcan hotel. Quickly gaining a considerable following, the band released its debut EP (Surfin On My Face) the following year.
Subsequent recordings like Smell My Finger, Dickcheese, Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts and Yummy! were well-received by fans and set the blueprint for the 'Hard-Ons sound': messy pop-punk with metal and psychedelia elements. The band also showed their independent punk spirit, with the members deliberately controlling their own careers: recording, booking and promoting themselves, creating their own artwork, choosing support bands and even managing the merchandise desk whilst on tour. These unconventional decisions, combined with songwriting talents, powerful live performances and a healthy sense of humour earned the band a large following in Europe as well as their native Australia. If you like early Descendents and any of that mid 80's pop punk sound, buy this, these guys are fast and melodic and funny. Good fast beats, clean melodies and humorous lyrics make this a buy for any punk fan.

1. Don't Wanna See you Cry
2. Rejected
3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
4. Been Had Before
5. You're a Treasure
6. Who Do you Wanna Fool
7. Get We
8. Rich Scrag
9. Do It With You
10. Missing You, Missing Me
11. Throw It In
12. Kill Your Mum
13. Coff's Harbour Blues
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THE MEANIES: Televolution (CD) @320kbps

The Meanies are an Australian indie rock band. They formed in 1989 and after a hiatus in the mid-late 1990s, started gigging again in 1998. They have been playing and recording regularly since then.In the 1990s they were particularly well-known in the Melbourne music scene, and toured in Australia, Japan, Spain, Germany, and France with acts including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Superchunk, Fugazi, and the Beastie Boys. They recently released a DVD entitled The Meanies: A Seminal Australian Punk Tale, which features a documentary, 11 video clips and a live concert filmed in 1994. The band toured the east coast of Australia in support of it in August-September 2006.
This is a "greatest hits" of sorts that includes many of their out-of-print 7"s. They are Australia's best known and most recorded independent band, with no less than 14 releases in Australia and overseas. (Sympathy and Lance Rock 7"s in the States.)Formed in 1989, they've toured Japan, the Pacific Northwest, and Europe. The four Meanies are Linky Meanie on vocals, DD Meanie on Guitar, Wally Meanie on bass, and Ringo Meanie on Drums

1. Scum
2. Dark Side of My Mind
3. Emulator
4. Gangrenous
5. Never
6. Lyin'
7. Record Sale
8. Don't Sale
9. Reason Why
10. Operator
11. Wonderland
12. Them
13. Round In Circle
14. Try History
15. What Am I to Do
16. Lay Your Body Down
17. Paranoid
18. Groovy Meanies
19. Unlisted
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

SOCIAL DISTORTION: Live in Orange County '03 (DVD)

It is the only DVD documentation of an SD performance, so it is a must have for SD fans. Age and years of touring show. Mike Ness's vocals are not quite what they used to be but despite that he still is one of the most powerful singers. Average effort as far as the direction is concerned. If SD were captured at their pinnacle I would recommend it for everybody but I can only recommend this for SD fans. If you are new to SD, don't let this deter you from purchasing some of their CDs, especially "White Light, White Heat, White Trash", which is a classic that I recommend for everybody. --- By Mark B.

0 - http://sharebee.com/d1dc07aa (cover)
1 - http://sharebee.com/de2d203d
2 - http://sharebee.com/3e67c879
3 - http://sharebee.com/21bf40e6
4 - http://sharebee.com/46528233
5 - http://sharebee.com/e293ec7e
6 - http://sharebee.com/9e0e0926
7 - http://sharebee.com/ae1312b5
8 - http://sharebee.com/0be9c56c
** Video Format (Div X .avi)
** Audio Bitrate (192kbps)
** Screen Size (720x480)
** File Size (765MB splited in 8 parts)
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As usual, the Supersuckers come out with both barrels blazing and all bottles empty on this six-song EP, which spotlights disaster-prone relationships, disparities between man and woman, and long days on the road--all with the hard-charging, gut-busting approach the Seattle-based band has relied on for 15 years. The full-throttle title track is the first of four new songs, and it revs up on the raunchy riffs of Dan "Thunder" Bolton before giving way to an apologetic ballad that lead singer Eddie Spaghetti wraps his vocal cords around like a country radio player. The band needs just 97 ear-splitting seconds to proclaim its many affections in "I Like It All, Man," which segues contentedly into the catchy "Here I Am," a Spaghetti confessional that crosses off all the rock-star trappings. And what is a Supersuckers record without tongues planted firmly in cheek? Two long-time favorites, "Roadworn and Weary" and "Creepy Jackalope Eye," that wind down the party, were both re-recorded on 6/6/6. --Scott Holter

1. Paid
2. Breaking Honeys Heart
3. I Like It All Ma
4. Here I Am
5. Roadworn & Weary 666 version
6. Creepe Jackaplope Eye 666 version

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APOCALYPSE HOBOKEN: Inverse Reverse Perverse @ VBR

This is pretty much a compilation of some of AH's out of print 7-inches, along with some of the new stuff. It's pretty awesome; i'd say get this after Microstars, House, and possibly Easy Instructions. It's before AH really evolved into the band that they are today; you can hear a lot of their different sounds though. This has some of their more requested songs, such as 'Pop Sensibilities.' --- By j Kelley

1. considerate suicide
2. pop goes the world
3. lugubrious smiles often end in bouts of laughter
4. pop sensibilities
5. girl
6. great escape
7. microscope
8. personal best
9. teen anger
10. hopeless and fucked
11. drunk helen
12. sixteen
13. deeper than inside
14. in the corner
15. how she gave us something back
16. box of pills
17. speaking in a menthol way
18. good luck to you
19. quick joey small
20. ira feldners american ripoff
21. recipe for oblivion
22. excel
23. bricks

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Sunday, January 20, 2008


1. Testify (U.K. Subs remix)
2. I Need a Life (Resurrected - Brimingham 6 remix)
3. Shados to Fall (Leather Strip Mix)
4. Testify (Nosferatu Mix)
5. No More Tears (Spahn Ranch Mix)
6. Shadows to Fall (Hypersensitive Razed in Black Mix)
7. Looking At You (MC5 Live version)

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THE CLASH: Buy or Die (Bootleg)

1. safe european home
2. fought the law
3. jail guitar doors
4. drug stabbin' time
5. cheapskates
6. the city of the dead
7. clash city rockers
8. tommy gun
9. (white man) in hammersmith palais
10. english civil war
11. stay free
12. guns on the roof (of the world)
13. police and thieves
14. julie's in the drug squad
15. capitol radio
16. janie jones
17. garage land
18. complete control
19. london's burning
20. white riot
21. bonus track (rockers galore/rare b-side)
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THE DAMNED: Final Damnation Reunion Concert

1. See Her Tonight
2. Neat Neat Neat
3. Born to Kill
4. I Fall
5. Fan Club
6. Fish
7. Help
8. New Rose
9. I Feel Alright
10. I Just Can't Be Happy Today
11. Wait for the Blackout
12. Melody Lee
13. Noise Noise Noise
14. Love Song
15. Smash It Up (Parts 1 & 2)
16. Looking at You
17. The Last Time

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THE DAMNED: Tales from The Damned

Great, very great this another best of the damned. Ok, it's only B-sides of their singles, but near only the best. Mainly the astounding reprise of the rolling stones's 'citadel' who make you totally forgeting the original version issued from the very middle 'their satanic majesties requer'.
If you like the damned, don't hesitate, buy it now !

1. Burglar
2. Disco Man
3. Limit Club
4. Citadel
5. Billy Bad Breaks
6. There Ain't No Sanity Clause [Remix]
7. Looking at You [Live]
8. Anti-Pope [Fiddling About Version]
9. Teenage Dream
10. I'm So Bored
11. I Believe the Impossible
12. Sugar and Spite
13. Seagulls
14. Over the Top
15. Turkey Song

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

SWINGIN' UTTERS: Live in a Dive

1.Don't Ask Why
2.Pills & Smoke
3.Five Lessons Learned
4.Jackie Jab
5.Nowhere Fast
7.Tied Down, Spit On
8.Hopeless Vows
9.Fruitless Fortunes
10.All That I Can Give
11.Windspitting Punk
12.Courage Of A Younger Pope, The
13.No Eager Men
14.15th And T
15.Teenage Genocide
16.I Got Your Number
17.Mother Of The Mad
18.London Drunk
19.Expletive Deleted
20.Next In Line, The
21.Dirty Sea, The
22.Here We Are Nowhere

1 - http://sharebee.com/a2ccbb40
2 - http://sharebee.com/ed33e8d9
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SWINGIN' UTTERS: Brazen Head (ep)

1.Brazen Head
2.From The Observatory
3.Something Sticky
4.Movers & Morons
5.Twenty Three
6.Smokestack Dreams

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SWINGIN' UTTERS: Five Lessons Learned

1.Five Lessons Learned
2.Tell Me Lies
3.Promise To Distinction, A
4.Stooge, The
5.Picture's Perfect, The
6.This Bastard's Life
7.As You Start Leaving
8.I Need Feedback
9.Good People
10.As Sure As I'm Down
11.Untitled 21
12.Unpopular Again
13.New Day Rising
14.Two Jacks Shitty
15.Fruitless Fortunes

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SWINGIN' UTTERS: Sounds Wrong (ep)


1.Dirty Sea, The
2.Stupid Lullabies
3.L.O.V.E. I Hate You
4.Greg's Love Song
5.Sounds Wrong / Devious Means

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SWINGIN' UTTERS: Swingin' Utters

1.Pills & Smoke
2.Taken Train
3.Watching The Wayfarers
4.Note, The
5.Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?
6.Playboys, Punks And Pretty Things
7.Second Skin
8.Eddie's Teddy
9.Teen Idol Eyes
10.Green Glass, The
11.Scum Grief
12.Another Day
13.Step Inside This Room
14.Little Creeps
15.My Glass House

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1.Mortgage Mentality
2.Suburban Rebels
4.Out In The Cold
5.Do A Runner
6.Welcome To The Real World
7.Drinking And Driving
8.Hurry Up Harry
9.Harry May
11.Blind Justice
12.Loud Proud & Punk
13.Sabotage The Hunt
14.Smash The Discos
15.Do They Owe Us A Living
16.Pretty Vacant

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THE BUSINESS: Harry Mae - The Singles Collection

1.Harry May
2.National Insurance Blacklist
3.Step Into Christmas
5.Disco Girls
6.Smash The Discos
7.Loud Proud And Punk
9.Last Train To Clapham Junction
10.Law And Order
11.Do They Owe Us A Living?
12.Tell Us The Truth
13.Get Out Of My House
14.All Out Tonight
15.Foreign Girl
17.Drinkin' N Drivin'
18.Hurry Up Harry
19.H-Bomb - (live)
20.Do A Runner
21.Conventry - (new version)
22.Welcome To The Real World
23.No Emotions
24.Death To Dance
26.Do A Runner

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VARIOUS: Carry On Oi!

At last a proper release as befitting this classic title.Packaged in a full colour slip case with a free postcard and a detailed 12 page booklet with new liner notes by original compiler Garry Bushell. "Carry On Oi!" was the most successful Oi! compilation, reaching the UK National Top 75 on it's original release in 1981. Now has the bonus of Red Alert's "We've Got The Power" which was supposed to go on the album but was left off due to time restrictions. Every collection should have this release.

1.United - Garry Johnson
2.Dambusters March - JJ All Stars
3.Suburban Rebels - The Business
4.Each Dawn I Die - Infa Riot
5.Arms Race - The Partisans
6.East End Kids - The Ejected
7.Transvestite - Peter & The Test Tube Babies
8.Nation On Fire - Blitz
9.Tuckers Ruckers Ain't No Suckers - The Gonads
10.Evil - The 4 Skins
11.Product - The Business
12.SPG - Red Alert
13.Guvnor's Man - Oi! The Comrade?
14.Maniac - Peter & The Test Tube Babies
15.What Am I Gonna Do? - The Ejected
16.No U Turns - The Partisans
17.Youth - Blitz
18.Walk On - Oi! The Chorus
19.We've Got The Power - Red Alert (bonus track)

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Friday, January 18, 2008

SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS: Cranked Up Really High (DVD)

In 1996, Slaughter & The Dogs were the most anticipated act of the 50 band strong Holidays In The Sun bill. "Cranked Up Really High" is the first chance to see the band's amazing performance on DVD, indeed it is the first ever DVD release to feature the band. The set includes their classic Punk favourites "Cranked Up Really High", "Where Have All The Bootboys Gone?" and "You're Ready Now". The DVD also features an interview with frontman Wayne Barratt.

1 - http://lix.in/db9ef5da
2 - http://lix.in/061ebc67
3 - http://lix.in/77d04f9a
4 - http://lix.in/3de836fa
5 - http://lix.in/ecb19a67
6 - http://lix.in/76c549e1
7 - http://lix.in/05928339
Covers - coming soon!!
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BAD BRAINS: Live at CBGB 1982 (DVD)

This DVD gives a great snapshot of a time and place--well, three nights in 1982 when Bad Brains were at, or about to reach their peak. Technically, there are many blemishes such as varying audio quality and shaky blurry camera work. However, it's striking how effective some of the focused shots on individuals in the crowd really capture the feeling of those shows. (I wasn't at those shows but did see them the same year.) For example, there were tons of people jumping onto and off of the stage... no big security people standing guard. One dude was just sort of standing there on the stage until HR finally pushing him off.
The images add context to the wildness of the music. The reggae tunes add an interesting balance. But what I really walked away with (I saw this in a theater tonight in Portland) was that Bad Brains really put their heart into their work. No matter what you do, you can watch this and say "wow, if you're going to do something you might as well go all the way". It's an inspirational movie.
I should add that this DVD is simply a bunch of concert footage (at least what I viewed). It's not a bunch of old rockers making some after-the-fact comments like "the first time I heard them I knew there was something special" like you see in some videos. --- By Phillip Kerman

1 - http://sharebee.com/b9bb3e21
2 - http://sharebee.com/a85cc293
3 - http://sharebee.com/67b7334d
4 - http://sharebee.com/44f530e8
5 - http://sharebee.com/62547a79
6 - http://sharebee.com/9354496d
Covers - http://sharebee.com/8f294bb0
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

V.A.: Rock & Roll Au-Go-Go, Vol. 6


1. On My Own
2. City of the Damned
3. Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (MUSCLEAR)
4. You Got It, I Want It (MUSCLEAR)
5. Love Potion 69 (69 CHARGER)
6. Pussy Poker (69 CHARGER)
7. My Bitch (HELLRIDE)
8. Beast of a Man (HELLRIDE)

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V.A.: Rock & Roll Au-Go-Go, Vol. 7


1. I'm a Babyface Killer (ANTISEEN)
2. Backlash (ANTISEEN)
3. Tunnel of Time (PULPIT RED)
4. Cocked and Ready (DEVIL DOLL)
5. Walk Away (NOVA EXPRESS)
6. Give Me Some More (NOVA EXPRESS)
7. Up With the Lovely (NUTRAJET)
8. Vicious Intent (NUTRAJET)

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V.A. Fistful of Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 09

1. Move Right Out of Here (THE HELLACOPTERS)
2. Devil Can't Let you (LAMBS)
3. In the Morning (BISAPIENS)
4. Electrified (ROCKETS)
5. Old No. 7 (WISEGUYS)
6. Whiskey and Leather (BESERKERS)
7. Fire Woman (BRUT BOOGALOO)
8. Nothing Better to Do (.357S)
9. One percent Muthafucka (THE JACKALOPES)
10. Turn me On (THE PEEPSHOWS)
11. Crash Course (DRAG TRIPLETS)
12. I do Want You (NOISE OF REALITY)
13. Father of Lies (BLACK STRIP SONIC)
14. 17th St. Bridge Blues (FULL TIME KINGS)
15. Coke Whore (GARGOYLES)
16. Stripshow A-Go-Go (KNOCKOUTS)
17. Not Everyday (ROCKITTS)
18. Love Song (JERKY TURKEY)
19. Nowhere Fast (LOS INFERNOS)
20. Wreckingsled (HOT ROD LUNATICS)
21. God Damn Radio (SWAMPASS)
22. Scrambled Eggs (SHIFTER)
23. End of the Credibility Race (NEW BOMB TURKS)
24. We Like to Drink Rock and Roll (UNBAND)

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HOOKERS: Black Visions Of Wisdom

The Lexington, Kentucky garagepunk band the Hookers was led by singer Adam Neal, an alumnus of Nine Pound Hammer and Nashville Pussy. Also featuring guitarist Noel Reucroft, bassist Pat Smith and drummer Paul Bishop, the Hookers issued their debut LP Satan's Highway in 1998. Black Visions of Crimson Wisdom followed a year later.
— Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

1. Behold God's Candy
2. Maximum Overdrive
3. Black Magic Stallion
4. Who Will Survive
5. Ride the Dragon to the Crimson Light
6. Cold Funeral Mountain
7. Beyond Evil (The Dream)
8. The End is Comin'
9. Ball Crusher Love Machine
10. Hell Bent
11. Into Glory Ride

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

DESCENDENTS: Two Things At Once (@)320kbps (LAME)

This CD combines the Descendents first 3 releases: "Milo Goes To College", the "Fat" EP, and the band's first single (which is Milo-less). Since "Fat" and the first single were combined on the "Bonus Fat" release, I guess "Two Things At Once" is a fine title. Anyway, this is a classic release and if you ever planned on buying anything by the Descendents, make sure this is it. The music on here set the standard for virtually every pop punk band that has existed since 1982. "Milo Goes To College" and "Bonus Fat" are also available seperately on CD from SST but why buy 2 CDs when you can get them both for the price of one? --- By Patrick T. Grady

1. Myage
2. I Wanna Be A Bear
3. I'm Not A Loser
4. Parents
5. Tonyage
6. M-16
7. I'm Not A Punk
8. Catalina
9. Suburban Home
10. Statue Of Liberty
11. Kabuki Girl
12. Marriage
13. Hope
14. Bikeage
15. Jean Is Dead
16. My Dad Sucks
17. Mr. Bass
18. I Like Food
19. Hey Hey
20. Weinerschnitzel
21. Global Probing
22. Ride The Wild
23. It's A Hectic World

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DROPKICK MURPHYS: Boys on The Docks (@)320kbps (LAME)

Reissue of the hard the hard to find 6 track debut EP, originally released in Cyclone Records in 1997. Tracks, 'Boys On The Docks', 'Never Alone', 'In The Streets Of Boston', 'Caps And Bottles', 'Euro Trash' and 'Front Seat'. Standard jewel case.

1. Boys On The Docks
2. Never Alone
3. In The Streets Of Boston
4. Caps And Bottles
5. Euro Trash
6. Front Seat

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Monday, January 07, 2008

COCKNEY REJECTS: Greatest Hits Vol. I (@)320kbps (LAME)

Reissue of the 1980 debut album by the English Oi!/ punk group fronted by Stinky Turner. 16 tracks featuring 'Headbanger', 'Here They Come Again' and 'Police Car'. A 1999 release. During the early punk years, the english scene was very active in influencing the american and canadian scene. This band has captured that sound and angst that shaped the punk we hear today. As an old school punk from way back, i highly recommend this to any listener who wants to trace punks roots to the peak of its evolution.

1. I'm Not a Fool
2. Headbanger
3. Bad Man
4. Fighting in the Streets
5. Shitter
6. Here They Come Again
7. Join the Rejects
8. East End
9. New Song
10. Police Car
11. Someone Like You
12. (They're Gonna) Put Me Away
13. Are You Ready to Ruck?
14. Where the Hell Is Babylon?
15. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
16. West Side Boys

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COCKNEY REJECTS: Greatest Hits Vol. II (@)320kbps (LAME)

Recorded and released only 6 months after the debut of Greatest Hits vol.1 , this 2nd installment proved to be alot better. Where the first one sounded too much like Sham 69 , the band brings their own style more into this one. Features the all time favorite classic track "Oi! Oi! Oi!" recognized as the song penning the label Oi!. Other greats include "War On The Terraces" , "Hate Of The City" , "We Are The Firm"..great stuff

1. War on the Terraces
2. In the Underworld
3. Oi Oi Oi
4. Hate of the City
5. With the Boys (On Tour)
6. Urban Guerilla
7. Rocker
8. Greatest Cockney Rip Off
9. Sitting in a Cell (With You)
10. On the Waterfront
11. We Can Do Anything
12. It's Alright
13. Subculture
14. Blockbuster
15. 15 Nights
16. We are the Firm

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COCKNEY REJECTS: Greatest Hits Vol. III (Live and Loud) (@)320kbps (LAME)

1. The Rocker
2. Bad Man
3. I'm Not A Fool
4. On the Waterfront
5. On the Run
6. Hate of the City
7. Easy Life
8. War on the Terraces
9. Fighting in the Streets
10. Greatest Cockney Ripp Off
11. Join the Rejects
12. Police Car
13. East End
14. Motorhead
15. Hang 'em High

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DAG NASTY: Can I Say & Wig Out at Denkos (@)320kbps (LAME)

If you like fast, loud music, and you like Minor Threat and Scream, then you've probably heard this already. What can I say? Still sounds fresh, still gets the pulse going; sweet harmonic hardcore punk from the early 80s. Get some now! Dag Nasty is one of the many D.C. punk bands to thrive in the early 80's. But what makes them stand out among the rest is the explosive power of the guitar riffs with the bass and drums not far behind. And the combination of the two albums shows not only that bands can survive with different members, but also how they can grow and stay true to them selves.

1. Values Here
2. One To Two
3. Circles
4. Thin Line
5. Justification
6. What Now?
7. I've Heard
8. Under Your Infulence
9. Can I Say
10. Never Go Back
11. The Godfather
12. Trying
13. Safe
14. Fall
15. When I Move
16. Simple Minds
17. Wig Out At Denko's
18. Exercise
19. Dag Nasty
20. Crucial Three

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DAMNATION A.D.: No More Dreams Of Happy Endings (@)320kbps (LAME)

This record is one of the most miserable and negative albums ever. This was a very influential 90's hardcore band that does not get much credit. They had a really good, original sound and the music reflects the pain in the lyrics. It is a bit dated, but still a great throw-back to the era of 90's 'core and is a must-own.

1. two steps down
2. no more dreams
3. no way out
4. a better tomorrow
5. the hangedman
6. funeral march
7. in memorium
8. sleep
9. sleep (2)
10. eleven thirty four
11. a second face

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DANCE HALL CRASHERS: Honey, I'm Homely! (@)320kbps (LAME)

There were a ton of ska/punk acts in the mid 90s that never really stood out from the bunch, or provided many memorable records. "Honey I'm Homely" is probably one of the best ska records ever recorded. Everyone in the band belts out tightly constructed power-pop-ska, that backs the vocals beautifully. Vocals come first on this amazing record, combining the captivating vocals of Elise Rogers and Karina Denike. These two singers harmonize so beautifully, weaving in and out of the rhythm, rocking out extremely addictive choruses.
It's hard to pick a favorite, since the album works so well as a whole. Some of the standout tracks would include "Lost Again," "All Mine," "Elvis & Me," and "Last Laugh". Probably my favorite track here would be "The Truth About Me". It has the most addictive chorus on the album: hey - I love to hear myself talk, I'm my own favorite audience, 'cause I'm the funniest person I know, if you were me I'm sure you'd agree. All the lyrics presented here will make you smile from the pure wittiness of them. If you are tired of ska/punk bands that all sound the same. Pick up "Honey I'm Homely"; it's a brilliantly refreshing record. --- By Alan Pounds "music obsessor"

1. Lost Again
2. Will Tomorrow Ever Come
3. All Mine
4. Salted
5. Next to You
6. I Want It All
7. Elvis & Me
8. Whiskey & Gin
9. Cold Shower
10. Last Laugh
11. Mr. Blue
12. Stand By
13. The Truth About Me
14. Big Mouth
15. Over Again

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

TOY DOLLS: (1986) Idle Gossip @ 256k

If you're a fresh Toy Dolls fan; there are 16 full-length albums to date. Many of the songs on the albums repeat, but sometimes (generally) they are different versions of the song, which is great for die hard fans. Instead of Idle Gossip, I would highly recommend Toy Dolls album: We're Mad! Anthology Anthems. It is a much better value, about 45 songs total, for the price of one CD; 15.99 or so. It gives you a much more in depth Toy Dolls experience, and twice as much material to put on permanent loop in your stereo, until you get the next album you can find.
Toy Dolls never disappoint, so if you're ever struck with indecision at the record store, you can't go wrong with a Toy Dolls album. They're all very worthwhile and full of entertainment. I garuntee if you like just one of their songs, you will be happier with one of their albums instead of most anything else, because when you buy something else, you're paying full price for maybe 3 worthwhile tracks usually. With these guys, every track is of the same calibur with the Toy Dolls flavor. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and dig that groove, baby! --- By Scorpion

1. Idle Gossip
2. Do You Wanna Be Like Dougy Bell
3. The Lambrusco Kid
4. You Won't Be Merry on a North Sea Ferry
5. Harry Cross ( A Tribute to Edna)
6. Geordie's Gone to Jail
7. Silly Billy
8. If You're in a Pop Group You'll end Up Paying a Fortune Practicing at Peter Practice's Practice Place
9. PC Stoker
10. I Tried to Trust Tracey
11. Keith's a Thief
12. I'll Get Even with Steven (Steve is Tender)

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TOY DOLLS: (1986) Singles 83-84 @ 320k


1. Cheerio & Toddie'pip
2. H.O.!
3. Allie from the Bronx
4. Hanky Panky
5. We're Mad
6. Rupert The Bear
7. Deirdre's a Slag

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TOY DOLLS: (1987) Bare aced Cheek @ 256k

1. Bare Faced Cheek
2. Yul Brynner Was a Skinhead
3. How Do You Deal with Neal?
4. Hoza Bouta Kiss Babe??!
5. Fistcuffs in Frederick Street
6. A. Diamond
7. Quick to Quit the Quentin
8. Nowt Can Compare to Sunderland Fine Fare
9. Neville is a Nerd
10. Park Lane Punch Up
11. The Ashbrooke Launderette... You'll Stink, Your Clothes'ss Shirnk, Your Whites'll Be Black as Ink
12. Bare Faced Cheek

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TOY DOLLS: (1989) Ten Years of Toys @ 256k

Ten years of toys is a wonderful toy dolls album,if you like the toy dolls. It includes such classics as "She goes to Finos" and "Harry Cross"(The catchiest song in the world!!) Another plus is that, if you ever wanted to hear Olga pretending to take a bath(I definitly have!), your prayers have finally been answered(Track 1- Florence is deaf). Warning: the toy dolls are not for everyone. Some people are kind of surprised at the music. Don't buy the cd unless you have heard their music first.

1. Florence is Deaf (But There's No Need to Shout)
2. Glenda and The test Tube Baby
3. Idle Gossip
4. Carol Dodds is Pregnant
5. Tommy Kowey's Car
6. Peter Practice's Practice Place
7. Deirdre's a Slag
8. Blue Suede Shoes
9.Dig That Groove Baby
10. The Lambrusco Kid
11. Dougy Giro
12. Bless You My Son
13. My Girlfriend's Dad's a Vicar
14. She Goes to Finos
15. Harry Cross ( A Tribute to Edna)
16. Fiery Jack

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TOY DOLLS: (1989) Wakey Wakey!! @ 256k

1. Introduction
2. Wakey Wakey Intro
3. Lester Fiddled The Tax Man
4. Pot Belly Bill
5. One Night in Moscow (& We'll Be Russian Home!)
6. Cloughy Is a Bootboy!
7. Sabre Dance
8. Daveys Took The Plunge
9. There's a Trollop Up Elmwood Street
10. No Particular Place to Go
11. Poverty Pleadin' Peter
12. Blaze of the Borough
13. Wakey Wakey Outro
14. Goodnight Irene

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TOY DOLLS: (1990) Twenty Two Tunes Live @ 256k

This live album was recorded in Tokyo in December 1989, at a time when Punk was apparently at a low ebb, only no one told the Japanese. Coronation Street obviously wouldn't have been huge in Japan in 1989, but the audience was still full of enthusiasm for shouting "slag, slag, slag!" at the appropriate moment in the irreverent, but still oh-so-relevant "Deirdre's A Slag", with kazoo intro intact. Other songs which might not have translated well include "Cloughy Is A Bootboy", "Ashbrooke Laundrette", "My Girfriends Dad's A Vicar" and "She Goes To Finos", but the sheer child-like joy of the uncomplicated melodies and the pure silliness of it all seems to cross all cultural barriers.
Elsewhere, there's sheer rampant absurdity. "Spiders In The Dressing Room" is the ultimate wimp out song. What bloke would ever admit to being scared of spiders? "Dig That Groove Baby" sounds like Spike Milligan on amphetamines, silly voices, nonsensical lyrics and all. Anyone who tells you Punk is about three chords and 4/4 beats, and that's it, has obviously never heard this band. OK, most of the songs are fairly straight forward, but Olga is a great guitarist. "Wakey Wakey Intro", and "Wakey Wakey Outro" for that matter, show off the man's skills, but the best example is "Sabre Dance", a tricky little rearrangement of the traditional Cossack tune. There are also solos peppered throughout the set, not perfect, but fun anyway.
And then, of course, there's that song about that stupid elephant. Hear it once and you'll be hearing "off she went/with a trumpety trump/ trump trump trump" in your subconscious for days. The single originally sold 500,000 copies, so not hearing it live would be like Motörhead without "Ace Of Spades". Mistakes by the band and in the mixing can't detract from the obvious riot of good time tunes. This will annoy "serious" Punk fans, and is too camp by far for most Rock fans. Surely that's more than reason enough to check this out! --- by Patrick Scott

1. Wakey Wakey Intro
2. Dig That Groove
3. Cloughy is a Bootboy
4. Lambrusco Kid
5. I've Got Asthma
6. Peter Practice's Practice Place
7. Deidre's a Slag
8. Ashbrooke Landerette
9. Bless You My Son
10. My Girlfriend's Dad's a Vicar
11. Spiders in the Dressing Room
12. Popeye Medley
13. She Goes to Finos
14. Fistcuffs in Frederick Street
15. Harry Cross
16. Glenda & The Test Tube Baby
17. Wakey Wakey Outro
18. When The Saints
19. Wipe Out
20. Nellie The Elephant

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TOY DOLLS: (1993) Absurd-Ditties

This is my favourite Toy Dolls album. Everything about it is great. This is trademark Toy Dolls stuff: bouncy, happy, fun, fast and energetic. If you have any of the older Toy Dolls releases on CD like Idle Gossip, Dig That Groove Baby, et al, you may have noticed that the sound quality on those recordings, although good, isn't as "up there" as it could be. You'll be pleased to know that the sound on Absurd-Ditties is really full and thick and sounds absolutely perfect. Also, Olga is at his guitar-playing peak on this album. His solos are amazing and will have you air-guitaring and jumping around in your room like a nutty fool. It's sure to leave you with a big grin. --- By Reggie

1. Absurd-Ditties
2. I'm a Telly Addict!
3. ''Terry Talkin''
4. Ernie Had a Hernia
5. Toccata in Dm
6. My Wife's a Psychopath!
7. Sod the Neighbours
8. Melancholy Maragaret
9. Drooling Banjos
10. Alecs Gone
11. When You're Jimmy Saville
12. Caught Up the Reeperbahn!
13. Dez the Demon Decorator
14. Absurd-Ditties (End Bit)

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TOY DOLLS: (1995) Ocastrated @ 256k

1. Orcastrated
2. Poltergeist in the Pantry
3. Please Release Me / ''Darling I Loathe You''
4. Taken For a Mug
5. Any Dream Will I Do
6. Harry's Hands
7. David's XR2
8. Pot Lucky Percy
9. Ivy's Lurid Lips
10. The Psychosurgery
11. Ron Dixon Dumped D-D
12. Lazy Sunday Afternoon
13. Bowling Barmy
14. Orcastrated

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TOY DOLLS: (1999) On Stage in Stuttgart @ 256k

1. Dig That Groove Theme Tune
2. The Lambrusco Kid
3. Idle Gossip
4. Back in '79
5. She's a Leech
6. I've Got Asthma
7. Sabre Dance
8. She'll Back with Keith Someday
9. Fistcuffs in Frederick Street
10. Bless You My Son
11. My Girlfriend's Dad's a Vicar
12. Yul Brynner Was a Skinhead
13. Wakey Wakey Theme Tune
14. Stay Mellow
15. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik
16. Fiery Jack
17. Alec's Gone
18. 500 Miles
19. Shes Goe's to Finos
20. Dig That Groove Baby
21. Raiders of the Lost Ark
22. Cloughy is a Bootboy
23. Glenda & The Test Tube Babies
24. Dougy Giro
25. Nellie the Elephant

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V.A.: Ataque Sonoro @ VBR (Level=0)

In the '80s Brazil was hit hard by the punk movement. In every street corner a group was created, a garage, a bad guitar, a bad bass, a bad drum and a pair of peaveys amps was enough to play bad music. This is the finest example of classic brazilian raw, crude and dirty punk and hardcore music, some of this bands became a huge success in underground scene..enjoy..Nagi40

1. reprecaos
2. capitalismo
3. condenado
4. cérebros atômicos
5. anarquia
6. eu não sei o que quero
7. rebeldes
8. vira-latas
9. skate gralha
10. como é que pode
11. trabalhadores brasileiros
12. bombas
13. super projetos
14. mortos de fome
15. faces da morte
16. lobotomia
17. ignorância cega
18. corrupção
19. progresso
20. holocausto
21. dinheiro é poder
22. meus olhos só veem dor
23. trapaças
24. menor abandonado
25. F.F.A.
26. Vai se fuder!
27. repressão sexual
28. violência urbana
29. que vergonha
30. assassinada no mar

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MURDER CITY DEVILS: Empty Bottles Broken Hearts @ 320kbps

A few songs on this album in particular are just absolutely perfect. I Want a Lot Now, Dancin' Shoes, 18 Wheels, Ready For More, Dear Hearts, Stars in Her Eyes. They're just flawless. Hard and unrelenting, but at the same time, really swaggery and epic-seeming. Maybe its the brutal organ tone, maybe its Spencer Moody's warthog -whose-intestines-are-on-fire howl, maybe its their steady slow tempo, but these songs just have so much presence and power. This record really invigorates both rock and punk by adding a swagger to both, and then twisting them in the Devils own way. This album is fantastic! --- Jay "da man" Thompson

1.I Want A Lot Now (So Come On)
2.Dancin' Shoes
3.18 Wheels
4.Left Hand Right Hand
5.Ready For More
6.Cradle To The Grave
7.Dear Hearts
8.Hey Sailor
9.Johnny Thunders
10.Stars In Her Eyes
11.Another Round On You
12.Every Shitty Thing

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MURDER CITY DEVILS: Thelema @ 192kbps

A departure of sorts, the six songs on Thelema find the six-piece exploring musical terrain that is as informed by the obstacles of their past as it is by an ambitious quest for the unconquered. It's a sound that can't be compared to the influences constantly referenced in early reviews of the band. Having served their purpose, those influences and markers have crumbled away and with Thelema The Murder City Devils have honed a vitality and style entirely their own, one that is elastic in structure, profound in its lyrical content, and melodic in tone.

1. That's What You Get
2. Bear Away
3. Midnight Service at the Mütter
4. One Vision of May
5. Bride of the Elephant Man
6. 364 Days

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BATTALIONS OF SAINTS: Death-R-Us @ 192kbps

A very good band in the old California scene (with the likes of the Circle Jerks, Lost Cause, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, etc. etc.) There sound is great, mixed up with a little bit of a rock and roll influence that the Hardcore scene of today has left out. They even pay homage to the Great Motorhead, and one of the reviews before mine was right they do it better than them. They have a lot of passion and anger put into there music with out the need write lyrics that sound "tough". They were the best Hardcore band out of California in 80's scene in my opinion.
Throw these guys into the basket of under rated old hardcore bands with the likes of Articles of Faith, Negative Approach, Die Kreuzen, the Nihilistics, and so many more. Black Flag, the Dead Kennedys werent everything back then.

1. Hell's Around The Next Corner 2:28
2. Thru With You 3:01
3. Fighting Boys 1:41
4. I Wanna Make You Scream 2:28
5. Modern Day Hero 1:11
6. E/b 1:09
7. Witch World 0:48
8. My Minds Disease 2:32
9. Animal In Man 1:42
10. Right Or Wrong 1:38
11. Holy Vision 1:48
12. Buddies And Pals 2:05
13. No More Lies 1:29
14. Second Coming 1:41
15. Beefmaster 1:55
16. No Time 2:11
17. Too Much Fun 0:59
18. Inter Course 1:09
19. Solidarity Is Fun 1:24
20. Fair Warning 1:32
21. Doomed World 1:45
22. Ace Of Spades 2:23
23. Head Banger 1:58
24. Cops Are Out
***Missing the last two tracks, sorry.. if you have this share with us.. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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Friday, January 04, 2008

THE SABREJETS: Wild For Kicks + Hellbent + 10 Bonus Tracks @ 256kbps

The Sabrejets roots can be traced to the mid-to-late 80's where vocalist, guitarist & frontman Brian Young could be found with a band that he had formed THE TIGERSHARKS. With his influences including T-REX, The Cramps, Panther Burns and Johnny Thunders, Brian had decided to form the band after having a couple of years rest from the music business. He had previously been in RUDI - Belfast's first ever punk band who had enjoyed some fairly successful releases and supoorted The Jam on a UK tour.
The TIGERSHARKS appeared on a few compilations before folding. Brian's next project was THE ROUGHNECKS appeared on the "Songs The cramps Taught Us" compilation on the German label Jungle Noise. Around the time of the lead guitarist Geordie Beavis' departure, Brian found himself becoming a little dissatisfied. He was looking for something with a much rougher sound and evenually after a few more line up changes THE SABREJETS were formed....

Wild For kicks - Hard Rockin' Daddy - Poontang - Leroy - Run Baby Run - The Wild One - Hellbent! - Going down to Memphis - Born to boogie - In and out of love - Wildcat - Bang! Zoom! - Long gone - Rooftop boogie - Midnight train - The wiggle - Little bit of whore - Wild wild woman - Toofast to live too young to die - Bop 'til you drop - Wine wine wine - Home of the blues - Barn burning - Ain't gonna drink no more - Gonna make you mine - 39th and Norton

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THE LURKERS: Greatest Hits @ VBR (Level=0)

The usual reaction when people mention the Lurkers is "punk's poor relations". This is wrong. The Lurkers are proof that all the safety pins, mohicans and spitting techniques in the world mean nothing if you don't have the tunes. Their formula comes straight out of the Ramones' "get in there, say what you've gotta say then get out again" book and it works a treat. In "Ain't Got A Clue", "Just Thirteen" and "New Guitar In Town", they had three superb singles where the lack of pretentiousness and posturing (see the Clash and their legions of imitators) is a blessed relief. There's plenty of other equally good tunes on here as well such as "Shadow", "Total War", "Out In The Dark", "She Knows" and "Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me" making it a superb introduction to the band. Buy this then go out and take a look at the re-releases of their two best moments "Fulham Fallout" and "God's Lonely Men". This is a band who deserve so much more respect than they get.

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BRAINIAC: Hissing Prigs in Static Couture @ 192kbps

Simply brilliant record. Can take a while to get into, especially if you're into heavier music, but it will grab you eventually. Trash all your Faint CDs. The Faint, Flaming Lips, TV on the Radio, in their wildest dreams, could never hope to be one tenth as good as Brainiac. Reference points include Jesus Lizard, Shellac, PIL, Devo, Stooges, Melvins, Dazzling Killmen, Melt Banana, Tomahawk, Firewater, etc. Immensely fun with a sense of attack looming just over the horizon.

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BLACK UNIFORMS: Splatter Punx on Acid @ 224kbps

"A lethal dose of Hardcore horrors from the vaults!!"
Classic Swedish Hardcore / Punk, with members of Moderat Likvidation, Anti Cimex, The Perukers, and Driller Killer! This is a compilation of the band's Back from the Grave (1986) and Horror Holocaust (1987) demos, plus many rare and previously unreleased tracks, and most of the songs from the Faces of Death" album (1989).

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ANTISCHISM: Antischism Discography @ 224kbps

Antischism was an anarchist band from South Carolina. The songs are in chronological order. A 75'discography cd. The first 40'of the record (the older stuff) ,grindcorish,brutal,relentless crustcore, absolutely rule,not only musically but sonically. The bottom end is so strong it'll give your woofers a very hard time. The performance is above par for a crust band,especially the bass player who not only introduces some rare-to-hear-in-the-style harmonies and intricate lines but also sounds like he's playing with his fingers. From track 17 on (there are 35 in all) the live stuff beggins and sloppiness settles in. The sound is still very good but that does'nt help. Don't get me wrong I love live records but this live part of the cd is monotonous and boring to the point it does'nt even sound like the same band anymore,especially for the gorgeous dual male/female vocals which seem to muddle up into just one voice (which on the other side is quite buried in the mix,giving extra power to the instruments). 30 to 35 are more 7''s in the same style and a listenable demo to close the cd. The first part of the record is more than worth the bucks and if you don't mind some sloppy playing you might even enjoy the live portion as well.
South Carolina’s ANTISCHISM remain legend among the peace-punk community for raising the voice of resistance, defiance and hope in the dark years of American hardcore music of the early 1990s. Antischism is a singles collection including tracks from the rare All Their Money Stinks of Death 7” EP, End of Time 7” EP, their side of the split Thinning the Herd LP with SUBVERT and various other outtakes and compilation tracks. The CD is enhanced with new mastering and layout, with all the lyrics presented. The booklet folds out into a mini poster with foil stamped exterior. Members of ANTISCHISM went on to play in INITIAL STATE, DAMAD, .FUCKING COM, CHRONICLE A.D., GUYANA PUNCH LINE and KARST. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

1. Foreign Policy
2.Scream/Violent World
3.Salvation or Annihilation
4.Flesh of Another
5.End of Time
6.Big Brother in Your Bedroom
7.Elements of Oppression
10.Lines on a Map
13.Freedom At Last
14.No Hope
15.Alien Race
16.Greedy Bastards (live)
17.Foriegn Policy (live)
18.Salvation or Annihilation (live)
19.Flesh of Another (live)
20.End of Time (live)
21.Big Brother in Your Bedroom (live)
22.Elemaents Of Oppresion (live)
23.Labels (live)
24.Factory (live)
25.Lines on a Map (live)
26.Where We Stand (live)
27.Take Your City Back (live)
28.Scream/Violent World (live)
29.Sacrifice {Rudimentary Peni Cover} (live)
30.Lines on a Map [different version]
31.Path of Destruction
32.Mothers [different than Stereonucleosis version)
33.Where We Stand
35.Evil God

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