Tuesday, October 09, 2007

VISION: Watching the World Burning (2000 - 128kbps)

Anthem after anthem, powerful production, football stadium background vocals, and tight guitars. This band plays a good mixture of early DAG NASTY and current PENNYWISE. Every now and then this stuff grabs me, and this is one of those releases. -- Maximum Rock'n Roll staff

Track Listing
1. Closed Minded
2. Wipe the Slate Clean
3. Beggars and Gentry
4. Don't Sound the Alarm
5. Effigy
6. No Compromise
7. Now I Bleed
8. Try
9. Predictable
10. Searching For Sluggo
11. The Problem is You!
12. Lightning The Fuse
13. From Father to Son

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John Liedown said...

I love this album. Close Minded is just one of those songs. Anyone got the previous albums?
Cos we're here to stay!