Tuesday, October 09, 2007

T.S.O.L.: Dance with Me (128kbps)

Dance with Me is a great (and creepy) disc from one of the most mysterious bands of punk, I found a copy of the disc several years ago. The music is very dark and creepy with necropheliac overtones. Madness, despair and just plain whacked out people are the themes of this album. Hard to find but well worth the money (I wouldn't pay too much for it).
This was before T.S.O.L. grew their hair out and try to be like all the other "hair" bands. Angry neo-punk/goth music. Strongly recommended. --- Joseph P. Ulibas

Track Listing
1. Sounds Of Laughter
2. Code Blue
3. The Triangle
4. 80 Times
5. I'm Tired Of Life
6. Love Story
7. Silent Scream
8. Funeral March
9. Die For Me
10. Peace Thru Power
11. Dance With Me

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Anonymous said...

This is up there with Walk Among Us. If you like the misfits you will enjoy this. Great post.

zxunami said...

thnx !!!!


Classic album. Check out The Joykiller too! Jack Grisham's mid 90's band who were on Epitaph.