Saturday, October 20, 2007

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES: Suicidal Tendencies @320

When punk rock met the formless rebellion that permeated L.A.'s working-class suburbs in the early '80s, a weird hybrid was born, drawing equally from heavy-metal thunder and Ritalin-generation aggression. Suicidal Tendencies' frontman Mike Muir was one of them, and they knew it immediately, latching onto the half-spoken, half-screeched brain bomb "Institutionalized" as an instant classic.
That song is certainly the best-known track on this, the group's debut, but it's hardly the only essential one: "Fascist Pig," "I Shot the Devil," and "Possessed" all rage on mightily, the arcs of guitar from Rocky George and Mike Clark serving to push Muir to new heights of blind frenzy. In less powerful hands, this album would be little more than an extended temper tantrum, but in the mitts of Suicidal, it's something far, far more dangerous. --David Sprague

Track Listing
1. Suicide's An Alternative/You'll Be Sorry
2. Two Sided Politics
3. I Shot The Devil
4. Subliminal
5. Won't Fall In Love Today
6. Institutionalized
7. Memories Of Tomorrow
8. Possessed
9. I Saw Your Mommy...
10. Fascist Pig
11. I Want More
12. Suicidal Failure

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Maxi said...

Once again,I must thanxs your efforts mate.This site is top stuff dog. :)

johnmoore said...

this is a great album. i lose interest after this one... this is the only one that holds my attention from start to finish. I first heard it in 7th grade (like 1987 or around there, can't do math right now). I was given a cassette tape that had no track listing or anything. I played the shit out of that tape.
i don't want to sound like an anal-retentive music geek, but Rocky George and Mike Clark are not on this album at all. All of the guitar work was done by Grant Estes. Now that I think of it, I'd like to know whatever happened to that guy.
Nice site you have here.

stogref said...

Yup, great album. Loved it at the time and still do, but like johnmoore i lose interest after this one... 2bad they turned so metal!
I've heard the 'remixed' version they did later and i think it looses all what was best in it: urgency and agressiveness. sigh.