Saturday, October 20, 2007

STRAIGHT FACED: Conditioned @320

Straight Faced once again plows ahead of the rest and knocks us all down with another killer album. After jumping to Epitaph from Fearless, the huge production on this new baby roasts. Conditioned burns with energy, drips of anger and hits the listener like a ton of bricks. With songs about family (Revolve), people that just can't keep their mouth shut (Rumor Mill), and greed (greed motivates), Straight Faced know what's important to them and to the scene. The drumming on this is amazing, the sound is huge, and with 15 tracks, the heat never dies. If you like old-school '88 style hardcore, with the punch of 90's California melodicore, there is nothing better than an album from Straight Faced. I can only hope this gets the attention it deserves.-- Jordan Baker

Track Listing
1. Conditioned
2. Pedestal
3. Against
4. Revolve
5. How Would I Know?
6. Course For Destruction
7. Rumor Mill
8. Dr. Heckle
9. Let Down
10. Waste Of Time
11. Let's Do This
12. Greed Motivates
13. Brought This On
14. Regret
15. You Wouldn't Undertand

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