Saturday, October 20, 2007

SHAM 69: The Adventures of Hersham Boys @320

''If the Kids are United'' was not on the original Hersham Boys album, but it is now. I had already started to realise that music changes the changeable, but the rest remains stone. It was hard work now, but I started to feel more like an outlaw with the gang being SHAM 69. We didn't come from London, Sham didn't mean skinheads at Margate etc... it meant Sham a village called Hersham. It meant someone had written ''Hersham 69'' on a wall but the ''Her'' had been rubbed and it noy just ''Sham 69''. I thought what a fantastic looking thing that is... It don't mean shit... but it looks like it does! --- Jimmy

Track Listing
1. If the Kids are United
2. Money
3. Fly Dark Angel
4. Joeys on the Street
5. Cold Blue in the Night
6. You're a Better Man Than I
7. Hersham Boys
8. Lost on Highway 46
9. Voices
10. Questions and Answers
11. What Have We Got (live)
12. Borstal Breakout (Live)

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