Sunday, October 21, 2007

the HI-FIVES: (1995) Welcome to My Mind @320

It was hard not to have a crush on THE HI-FIVES the first time I ever saw them. It seemed like they returned the affection in their songs and their presence. With John swinging his free arm out in a gesture to engage every girl and boy, it was hard to avoid being sucked into their world. Their songs like "Transistor Sister," "Don't Kick Me Out" and "Love You Better" all sounded like they could have been coming from the mighty McCartney/Lennon pen. But it was clear to me that THE HI-FIVES were more frantic, more punk and more fun than any band they had been in before. This all began back in 1995, I had just started working at Lookout! and Chris Imlay, one of THE HI-FIVES' founding fathers, got a job here too. When their first record came out, I read the lyrics over and over. It was Welcome to My Mind and it became my new favorite record. The songs were funny, they were smart, and well, they were confusing! Even with a song like "7 Years," I could sing along and follow the words at the show, but when I got home and read the lyric sheet I found out he was saying "He must be really super/Just like Nietzche's' Zarathustra"—and it rhymed! WHO KNEW? I was drawn to them like a moth to a flame, making it to every little bar show around town. The sets were a big dance party, everyone doing the pony and the twist and the frug! The stronghold of Chris, John and Jess was their charm, from the stage and from the bar stool, they made me want to stay all night.
From their goofy on-stage jokes and gags to their heartfelt joy of being able to play together, they were the most likable band I had encountered in a long time. With every bit of progress, every line up change, every new song and new record I have been a fan of THE HI-FIVES. I see John, Chris, Gary, and Steve as the new version of that same band I loved at first sight. I can't say I predicted that they would turn out to be such a great and lasting band. I just hoped they would.—Cathy Bauer

1. welcome to my mind
2. transister sister
3. seven years
4. gone gone gone
5. how narvell felt
6. mr. moto
7. you'll screw the pooch
8. love you better
9. i go feral in just 3 days
10. angie
11. humping away
12. let's hear a cheer
13. beauty is the mind
14. losing sleep
15. out of control

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pass - hangoverhard


pup don said...

Love your blog. Thank you so much for all the cool music. I think this link is wrong. It goes to Steelbath Suicide by Soilwork.

Nagiants40 said...

What ?? how could possible this happen.. I never up an Soilwork album.. it's kind a weird.. LOL.. hehe anyway thanks for your advise.. I'll update the link soon..


richjack said...

great choice, great album!