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CONCRETE SOX: No World Order (VBR)

Nottingham Hardcore Thrash Metal act CONCRETE SOX originally started out as a straight Political Punk band in 1982, but musically evolved with the metalcore explosion of the mid 80's to combine Slayer/ Trouble influenced riffs, but still with hard hitting politically relevant lyrics, concentrating mainly on the hot new topic of the day- Animal Rights.The debut LP , ‘Your Turn Next’ album - a fiercely anti fox hunting diatribe, was released by Bristol based COR Records in 1985 and a track - ‘Eminent Scum' appeared on an early flexi sampler 7" "Anglican Scrape Attic" which was put together in 1985 by Nottingham scenester, and future Earache founder Dig.
John would decamp to join HERESY full time on vocals and CITY INDIANS drummer Andy Sewell and vocalist Sean Cook were enrolled to plug the gap. With this line up CONCRETE SOX shared a split album release with HERESY, MOSH 2 on the Earache Records label in 1987, and was actually the labels very first "proper" release.
A heavy touring schedule followed after which the band switched to the Manic Ears label for 1987’s ‘Whoops, Sorry Vicar’. The band would also feature on the Manic Ears compilation ‘The North Atlantic Noise Attack’. The 1989 ‘Sewarside’ album was issued upfront of guitarist VicTim jumping ship to join Glamsters SLEEZEPATROL.
Rick Button was drafted on guitar for European touring billed alongside DOOM. The band toured as support to AGNOSTIC FRONT in 1992. A series of line up tribulations would dog the band over the next few years. Both Cook and Button made their exit, substitutes being vocalist Lloyd and guitarist Ian. This version of CONCRETE SOX released the American released ‘Lunched Out’ live 7” single.
Ian would be next to leave and Mark Greenwell took the guitar position as the group signed to Lost And Found for the ‘No World Order’ album. CONCRETE SOX, complete with a returning Sean Cook, then undertook a tour of Japan and issued a split EP in alliance with NIGHTMARE.
After a ten year term Andy Sewell decided to vacate the drum stool. CONCRETE SOX ultimately folded. There would be a reformation comprising of Les, Lloyd, Mark Greenwell and drummer Pug for a burst of UK dates but once again the band split.
The band would be back for a series of UK shows in the summer of 1998. Swedish shows followed into 1999 with a CONCRETE SOX roster made up of Sean Cook, Mark Greenwell, new bass player Rick Lamell and drummer Andy Sewell. An EP, simply titled ‘The New EP’, arrived on the Data label, the cover artwork being a clever ‘South Park’ spoof announcing “Oh my God- They killed Anarkenny!”

1. subliminal thought circumcision
2. senile
3. wretched insertion
4. disinfect
5. the hate i create
6. bitter end
7. alienation
8. sometimes i
9. tracy's song

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