Sunday, October 21, 2007

ANGELIC UPSTARTS: (1985) Live in Yugoslavia (.FLAC)

As the Upstarts' popularity surged, so did the levels of violence at their live shows; they became mortal enemies of National Front fascist supporters, who railed against the band after first misinterpreting their leftist songs as supportive of their cause. At the same time, the band's music was becoming more complex and accomplished; by 1983's Reason Why?, the strongest Angelic Upstarts record, Mensi's songwriting skills had become tighter and more melodic, even branching out into reggae and folk, while the group's base broadened with the addition of keyboards and saxophones.
After issuing the inflammatory single "Brighton Bomb," a celebration of the IRA's attempt to assassinate the Conservative cabinet, the band released the LP The Power
of the Press; lackluster sales triggered their break-up not long after. In 1988, the Angelic Upstarts briefly reformed; in 1992, they reunited again, this time long enough to cut an album, Bombed Out. Mensi subsequently arose as a leader of the Anti-Fascist Action group. They managed to reunite occasionally, cutting a live album for Mordam Records (2001's Live from the Justice League) and even revisiting the United States for their first live show in almost twenty year. --- Jason Ankeny

1. never had nothing
2. leave me alone
3. teenage warning
4. solidarity
5. last night another soldier
6. guns for the afghan rebels
7. machine gun kelly
8. police oppression
9. kids on the street
10. women in disguise
11. 2.000.000 voices
12. one more day
13. upstart
14. who killed liddle towers
15. white riot

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hmmmmmmmmm strange

after i extracted the files and found the songs had had the titles nazified???
the songs are actually the ones listed, just the names changed