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KLASSE KRIMINALE: Are You Living or Just Surviving

Klasse Kriminale is an Italian punk rock band originating in the Liguria region of italy. The band was founded by lead singer Marco in 1985 when punk in Italy was considered dead. However, the movement was in fact quite alive, and Klasse Kriminale began their long career. 1988, after some line-up changes, Klasse Kriminale recorded their first single, which did well in Italy as well as abroad. Klasse Kriminale's sound is a strong mixture of Oi!, punk, ska and reggae. Their lyrics speak of social problems, such as work, unemployment, drugs, media, street-life, and generational gaps. The band's influences run from The Clash, Sham 69, and Angelic Upstarts to The Specials. In 1989 Klasse Kriminale recorded their debut album "Ci Incotreremo Ancora Un Giorno" in studios used by Nabat. Shows followed with The Stab, Rappresaglia, Ghetto 84, Nabat, Red Alert, Lurkers, GBH, Oppressed, Angelic Upstarts, Sham 69, Red London, Public Toys, Agnostic Front, Snap Her, Stage Bottles, and others.
They then went on to play many shows in the UK, Germany, Poland, France, Czech Republic and Canada; they also toured in Italy with US Bombs, Dropkick Murphys, The Business, The Toasters; they have played at anti-racist and anti-fascist meetings and played at European festivals, such as Holidays In The Sun, and in 2000, at Monte Paradiso, the 2nd Belgian Oi! Festival, and recently at Punk & Disorderly 2005 in Berlin (KK was the only Italian band present at the show).

1. riot!
2. hooligans 2001
3. this is my world
4. lunatici-romantici
5. i'm a junky
6. mutiny on the world
7. locale 1982
8. soprvvivo qui
9. dirty punk
10. occhi azzurri (she is no angel)
11. ghetto mentalita
13. zombie
14. i don't wanna die in disneyland

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KLASSE KRIMINALE: I Ragazzi Sono Innocenti

In their 15 year career, Klasse Kriminale has recorded: "Faccia A Faccia" (for the sub-label of New Rose, Division Nada, managed by Francois, ex Berurier Noir and with Alteau's artwork), "I Ragazzi Sono Innocenti", "1985-95, Orgoglio Per Le Tue Passioni" and "Live/Vivo" (produced by Paul Chain), "Mind Invaders" (featured by Luther Blissett ), "Electric Caravanas" (produced by Jimmy "Sham 69" Pursey); "I Know This Boy" (with Riccardo Pedrini, writer and ex-Nabat guitarist); "Stai Vivendo O Stai Sopravvivendo?, ""Welcome To Genoa" (one CD with a video-track about the police violence during the G8 in Genoa), and the latest album, "Klasse Kriminale," (produced by Vic Ruggiero of The Slackers). Some of their greatest hits came out of Argentina, Brazil and in all European countries ("The Best Of Klasse Kriminale" came out on Captain Oi!; they were the first non-English speaking act to appear on this label).
Marco, in those years, worked on his fanzine "Kriminal Class", has produced some compilations ("Oi! It's A World League", "Oi! Against Silvio", "Oi! Against Racism" and the latest “STAY PUNK!” with 24 bands from all over the world) and new bands and he has helped bring numerous groups to Italy for shows.

1. i ragazzi sono innocenti
2. propaganda
3. giovani skins senza una chance
4. vi accuso
5. non e tardi per ricominciare
6. generazione distrutiva
7. scritte sopra i muri
8. unaltro ribelle e morto
9. birra donne e ciminiere
10. vita vuota
11. la ragazza dalla t-shirt degli angelic upstarts
12. questa e litalia

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KLASSE KRIMINALE: The History of Klasse Kriminale

1. oi fatti una risata
2. politicanti
3. goal
4. nulla
5. lungo il fiume
6. i ragazzi sono innocenti
7. cow punk simphony part.1
8. noi non moriremo mai
9. ci incontreremo ancora un giorno
10. faccia a faccia
11. in piedi sulle rovine
12. oi siamo tu ed io vincenti
13. stasera tocca a te
14. agente speciale
15. costruito in italia
16. if the kids are united (live)

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Out of Control is the fourth studio album by English punk rock band, the Anti-Nowhere League, consisting of rough demos recorded by the band in 1980 prior to the release of their debut album We Are...The League.

1. "Loser" – 1:49
2. "Landlord Is a Wanker" – 3:10
3. "I Get Bored" – 3:02
4. "Head in the Wall" – 3:29
5. "Street Life" – 2:43
6. "Fat Bastards" – 3:04
7. "Dirty Old Fucker" – 2:53
8. "This Is the 80s" – 2:40
9. "Out of Control" – 2:38
10. "Gimmie Money" – 2:41
11. "I Don't Wanna" – 2:43
12. "Useless Bastards" – 2:54
13. "Military Man" – 2:48
14. "Sex & Fantasy" – 3:24
15. "Top of the Pops" – 3:13

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Their first gig was at Tunbridge Wells, on the day of the annual carnival, at which they got arrested. This led to their first press coverage with the local newspaper describing their gig as a 'cacophony of noise'. In 1981, Gooky (who left the same year), Hopper and Clive "Winston" Blake came in on lead guitar, drums and bass respectively, although Hopper was quickly replaced with PJ ('Persian John') (real name Djahanshah Aghssa). They managed to get a slot in The Exploited's Apocalypse tour, along with Chron Gen and Anti Pasti. This led to them signing to John Curd's record label WXYZ, with Curd and Chris Gabrin co-managing the band. Later that year, they also opened for The Damned on a short tour round the north of England and Scotland. November 1981 saw the release of their first single, a cover version of Ralph McTell's "Streets of London", with the song that was to become the group's anthem, "So What" on the B-side.
In 1982, they took part in the 'So What Tour' in the company of such groups as Chelsea, Chron Gen and the Defects, and the release of their debut album We Are...The League. However, the Obscene Publications Squad seized all copies of their records, which were removed from retailers and they were banned from TV and radio. In addition, they were removed from the Top Of The Pops recording studio because Animal was carrying a 3ft axe around with him. The year finished with the 'Hardcore Storms America' tour with the UK Subs. Gilly (real name Mark Gilham) joined the band in 1983 as an extra guitarist, which according to the bands website, was because Magoo was drinking heavily and was often unable to carry out his commitments as guitarist. The band went to Yugoslavia to record a live album, called Live In Yugoslavia, but this was dogged by problems with the authorities insisting that references that Animal had made about their recently deceased president Tito be removed from the master tapes, and any language which they deemed to be offensive be bleeped.

1. "So What"
2. "Pig Iron"
3. "For You"
4. "Crime"
5. "Working for the Company"
6. "Animal"
7. "Nowhere Man"
8. "I Hate People"
9. "Let's Break the Law"
10. "Noddy"
11. "Snowman"
12. "Ballad of J.J. Decay"
13. "Wreck-a-Nowhere"
14. "Runaway"
15. "We're the League"

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BERURIER NOIR: Carnaval Des Agités

Bérurier noir is a French punk band formed in Paris in 1983 by Loran (guitar), François (vocals) and Dédé (drum machine). They called themselves "noir" (black) for the color of mourning (because their first concert was planned to be also their last) and for anarchy and "Bérurier" after the character from the novels of Frédéric Dard. Instead of being an end, the success of their first show inspired them to continue. A cult band, Bérurier Noir were loved by a generation of youth and feared by concert organisers for the riots that followed their shows.

1. fils de...
2. commando pernod
3. j'ai peur
4. casse tete chinois
5. le renard
6. betsy paty
7. manifeste
8. napoleon
9. l'empereur tomato-ketchup
10. elsa je t'aime
11. jim-la-jungle
12. geronimo
13. baston
14. pavillon 36
15. helene et le sang
16. s.o.s.
17. il tua son petit frere
18. vietnam laos cambodge
19. capitaine kir
20. ramaya fiesta
21. macadam circus

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BERURIER NOIR: Enfoncez L'Clown

On the one hand, Bérurier Noir's music was clearly derived from British punk rock as far music and lyrics were concerned. Most of their songs were short, aggressive and usually based on a couple of basic power chords. Their lyrics reflected the typical concerns of punks: rejection of consumerism, politics, traditional social order and the anger felt by disaffected youth, tramps and outsiders in general. On the other, they added some interesting innovations. Their rhythm section consisted of a cheap drum machine, which became an essential and arguably endearing part of their sound. The frequent use of a saxophone as of the mid-eighties also set them apart from most other punk rock bands.
They would regularly appear on record sleeves and on stage wearing clown outfits, mock police uniform or pig masks. Their shows were a unique and highly festive cross between a punk rock concert, a grotesque circus and an anarchist rally.

1. tzigane, tzigane
2. deux clowns
3. noir les horreurs
4. fils de...
5. petit agite
6. vive le feu
7. il tua son petit frere
8. macadam massacre
9. nada 84
10. commando pernod
11. comme un bouddha
12. la mere noel
13. scarabee
14. marche funebre jeunesse suicidaire
15. l'empereur toomato-ketchup
16. vietnam, laos, cmabodge
17. makhnovtchina
18. casse-tete chinois
19. la danseuse de l'orient
20. capitaine kirk
21. salut a toi

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BRATMOBILE: Girls Get Busy

Bratmobile was an American punk band. Growing from the Northwest and Washington, DC underground and influenced by indie pop in the United States as well as Britpop, girl groups, surf, and punk rock, Bratmobile was a first-generation Riot Grrrl band.

1. i'm in the band
2. shop for america
3. shut your face
4. don't ask don't tell
5. that's happening
6. cryin' tryin' lyin'
7. what's wrong with you
8. idiot lover
9. are you a lady
10. pagan baby
11. chicken or the egg
12. united we don't
13. take the pain and use it

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J.F.A.: Concrete Waves

JFA was formed around March of 1981. Pendleton, then in the band The Deez and Cornelius, then in the band Jr. Chemists, knew each other from shows around Phoenix, Arizona and from skateboarding. They began playing together after a D.O.A. concert during the band's Hardcore 81 tour. Bam-Bam later joined after meeting Pendleton at an "Industrial Dance" in Phoenix. Brian Brannon was pulled into the band by Cornelius who met him skateboarding and at punk shows. The bands name is a reference to John Hinckley, Jr.'s, attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. Jodie Foster's Army was a song before the band took the title as their name. The band's first show was opening for Black Flag at an Industrial Dance which was one of a series of early Phoenix punk shows. Their first song of the night was Pipetruck.
Placebo Records released their debut EP "Blatant Localism" in late 1981. The band toured the west extensively and played many local shows. Their first national tour was in the summer of 1983 following the release of their first album "Valley of the Yakes".The original bassist, Michael Cornelius, left the band in the summer of 1984 prior to the nine-week summer '84 tour. Alan Bishop of labelmates The Sun City Girls played bass until Cornelius returned for the 1986 release Nowhere Blossoms.
The band received continuing coverage in the influential skateboard magazine Thrasher during the 1980s. Brannon eventually worked on the editorial staff full-time and Pendelton and Cornelius were contributors of articles and photographs.

1. skateboard anarchy
2. worm
3. skate
4. no more excuses
5. toxic shock
6. don't wait
7. nude bowl resurrection
8. yeah baby
9. feelin' like shit
10. park geek
11. oh no!
12. max
13. death box
14. gotta go

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D.O.A.: It's Not Usual (ep)

D.O.A. is a hardcore punk band from Vancouver. Their music was often described as hardcore punk and they are often referred to as the "founders" of hardcore by their following along with Bad Brains and D.C's Minor Threat. Their second album Hardcore 81 was thought by many[1] to have been the first actual reference to the second wave of American punk bands sound as hardcore. Singer/guitarist Joey "Shithead" Keithley is the only founding member to have stayed in the band throughout its entire history, however original bassist Randy Rampage has rejoined DOA after a long absence and is in the current lineup. D.O.A. has often released music on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles Records, and they have released an album with Jello Biafra titled Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors.
D.O.A. has always maintained an uncompromising anarchist populist political stance. The band is known for its outspoken political opinions and has a history of playing for many causes and benefits. Its slogan is "TALK-ACTION=0". The band has been active on many issues, including Anti-racism, anti-globalization, freedom of speech, and the environment. Founder Joe Keithley now spends a great deal of time working with his record company Sudden Death Records which has branched off into many areas of music.
In 2003, Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell declared December 21st to be "D.O.A. Day" in honour of the band's 25th anniversary.

1. it's not usual
2. dead men tell no tales
3. blue to brown
4. help me get out of here
5. runaway world

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SINIESTRO TOTAL: Bailaré Sobre Tu Tumba

1. vámonos al kwai
2. qué tal, homosexual
3. kalahari
4. al final
5. demasiado lejos para ir andando
6. rock en samil
7. bailaré sobre tu tumba
8. will power
9. can't get enough
10. hey, hey vigo
11. hoy voy a asesinarte
12. ye-yé
13. viene el verano
14. emilio cao
15. sexo chungo
16. no me lavo en la vida
17. cada dia somos más
18. no me mates con tomate
19. we are the world

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THE SOVIETTES: The Soviettes

The Soviettes were a four-person punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded in 2001. The group was composed of Annie (guitar), Sturgeon (guitar), Susy (bass guitar), and the sole male in the band, Danny (drums), all of whom switched off singing duties.

1. blue stars
2. bottom's up , bottomed out
3. 9th st.
4. 1380
5. go lambs go!
6. b squad
7. tailwind
8. matt's song
9. clueless
10. thin ice
11. the land of clear blue radio
12. undeliverable
13. cuff wars
14. her neon heart

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

DEADSTOOLPIGEON: This World (320kbps)


1. Clockface
2. This World
3. Die Empty
4. Across the Limit
5. Carving
6. No Man Alone
7. Less Than Half Man
8. Scrape
9. Hunt Down
10. Charity for the Rich

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

THE TESTORS: Complete Recordings 1976-79 (2 CDs)

The Testors were formed by Sonny Vincent in New York City 1975 at the heart of what became punk rock as we know it today. They were loud, raw as fuck, and didn't give a shit about anybody but themselves. While contemporaries the Ramones, Blondie, and the Heartbreakers were making history, The Testors were lighting clubs on fire, going to jail, and Sonny eventually was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Along the way they were regulars at CBGBs, Max's Kansas City and shared the stage with the likes of Suicide, The Cramps, and the Dead Boys.

CD - 1
1. primitive
2. you don't break my heart
3. let's get zooed out
4. it's only death (previously unreleased)
5. hey you
6. i see
7. mk ultra
8. stall
9. don't tell me
10. voltaire
11. rainy night
12. detention
13. madras prison
14. aw maw
15. mk ultra (previously unreleased - live)
16. remembrance (previously unreleased)
17. motor drive (previously unreleased)
18. welcome to the nation (previously unreleased)
19. purpose (previously unreleased)

CD - 2
1. time is mine
2. together
3. primal call
4. sick on yesterday
5. ex
6. break it down
7. greedy fuckers
8. black book
9. lust or love
10. full circle
11. tracy mcprichtease
12. she's not changed
13. bad attitude
14. i'm allowed
15. crazy lazy jane
16. nice to your dog
17. good stuff
18. lonely night

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SNUFF: Disposable Income

Snuff has been at it for a long time. From their formation in 1986 to their yearly album releases they deserve respect for consistently staying in the trenches as long as anyone today.“Disposable Income” seems like as a somewhat low-key release. Snuff’s trademark musical quirks are less overt and the band seems more comfortable to let the quiet moments resonate. Gone are the ska flirtations of 2000’s “Numb Nuts” and it changes the pace of this record quite a bit. Snuff’s musical experimentation and genre bending is far more carefully integrated here and makes “Disposable Income” if anything, a more pleasant listen.
I almost can’t decide if the backing vocals are harmonizing extremely well or if Duncan’s Leatherface-inspired singing is being tracked multiple times. Either way, the vocals on “Disposable Income” come off differently than on pervious recordings in that they mesh better with the band’s ever-distorted guitarists and generally thick delivery. Snuff injects their thrashy punk with some well-realized pop-songwriting on opener “Angels 1-5” and the single “Chocs Away.” Accomplished melodic progressions and killer harmonies make “7 Days (Solomons Boring Week)” and “To Disappoint” extremely catchy inclusions. The downbeat “Heads You Win Tails You Loose” slows things to soothing calm as much as “Wearenowhere” brings things to a thrashing cacophony.
“Disposable Income” clocks in at over an hour and probably could have benefited from shorter running time, however as I jump through the record and write this review nothing strikes me immediately as filler. The latter half the album drags a bit but there is enough interesting trombone and organ work on the individual tracks so that they hold up well on their own. Snuff are finally showing their age, but that also means they’re showing their experience. A band that was once characterized by playing thrash covers of dumb pop songs seems to be taking themselves more seriously. “Disposable Income” is a surprisingly coherent listen and quickly becoming one of my favourite Snuff records ---

1. angels 1-5
2. the other half of you
3. chocs away
4. once upon a time far far away
5. dehumanised
6. 7 days (solomon's boring week)
7. to disappoint
8. heads you win tails you lose
9. boatnick (so it goes)
10. wearenowhere
11. salad
12. lies
13. pages 42-43
14. coming through
15. emoticon
16. all over now

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the GC5: Kisses from Hanoi & Horseshoes & Handgrenades

This CD combines both the GC5's first full-length album, 2000's Kisses From Hanoi, and the 2001 EP Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, previously available only from a tiny Irish indie label. Good old-fashioned lefty street punk in the manner of Alternative TV, Stiff Little Fingers, and the early Clash (even though the quartet is actually from turn-of-the-millennium Columbus, OH, not mid-'70s England), these records are brashly enjoyable, even though neither Pete Kyrou's voice (shades of Social Distortion's Mike Ness) nor the band's wall-of-thrash sound are particularly distinctive. What puts them over are the lyrics, which are intelligent, slyly funny, and thoughtfully rabble-rousing. "One for Eugene," a free-speech screed that recognizes that Eugene V. Debs is a more valid figurehead than Howard Stern, makes some cogent points, as does the pummeling "Culture Wars." The whole thing is topped off by a gleeful deconstruction of the Replacements' "Bastards of Young" that recasts the song as a rallying cry along the lines of Black Flag's "Rise Above." ~ Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

1. nothing but these songs
2. white flag
3. borrowed time
4. refused
5. bodies
6. in the end
7. currency
8. bars to me
9. no magic
10. between aspirations
11. enjoy the view
12. one for eugene
13. not the only one
14. city lights
15. culture wars
16. sheep in wolf's clothing
17. the bottom line
18. strings attached
19. bastards of young

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999: Concrete (Link Updated)

999 was the most overlooked band from the UK punk scene of '77. They had it all: chops, hooks, talent and songs......The Buzzcocks stole the show, yet 999 held their own and are very well respected as songwriters, players and showmen among the great groups from their period.....Concrete is their 4th LP, it is a mixed bag of pop(Mercy Mercy/That's Way it Goes) disco (Obsessed w/ it's spaghetti western flavor), punky pop (So Greedy) and rock (Don't You Know I need You) to name a few....the inclusion of the bonus tracks which are the singles released from the record is genius......fills it out perfectly...Change, a b-side should have been on the album originally, now it is due to technology...if you're a fan of the UK '77 crew and not afraid to hear them mature into a more musical unit this record is for you.......try Biggest Prize in Sport '80 as well.....oh hell, try them all: Separates and 999 both from ' will be happy you did......

1.So Greedy
2.Lil' Red Riding Hood
3.Break It Up
5.Mercy Mercy
6.Fortune Teller
8.Silent Anger
9.That's The Way It Goes
10.Bongos On The Nile
11.Don't You Know I Need You
12.Public Enemy No.1

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the ADICTS: Fifth Overture

Probably the rarest Adicts album of them all makes it's debut on CD complete with the bonus of the "Bar Room Bop" EP. This came out in 1986 for about ten minutes and has been unavailable ever since. Comes complete with lyrics to every song and a detailed liner note.

1. Na Na Na
2. I'm Yours
3. Too Much of a Good Thing
4. Sure Looks Pretty
5. Don't Let Go
6. Put Yourself in My Hands
7. She's a Rocker
8. Beauty Sleep
9. Change
10. Two Timing Me
11. Dangers
12. Coming Home
13. Champ Elysees
14. Sound of Music
15. Who Split My Beer?
16. Cowboys

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the ADICTS: Rise and Shine

2002 studio album for the British punk act, their first since 1993's '27'. 19 ultra catchy Pop Punk tunes in typical Adicts style. Fans of the bands old style will not be disappointed as this is top notch Punk Rock. Captain Oi! Records.
when you first listen to rise and shine it dosent feel like the adicts so i suggest if your just getting into the adicts to get either "songs of praise" or "sound of music" those are two to get started on, but if you have been listening to the adicts for a while, BUY THIS, ITS SO FREAKIN GOOD. once you get used to it almost every song on here is your favorite (exept goldfish and concertadicto for me) but other than that this album is awesome!!! BUY IT --- By B. Miller "monkeyboy"


1. Intro
2. Popcorn
3. Swat Her
4. I Want To Marry A Light House Keeper
5. I'm So Cool
6. All The Lucky People
7. Shiney Shiney
8. Goldfish
9. I Don't Know If You Don't Know
10. Cup Of Tea
11. Soldier
12. Ain't Saturday Fun
13. Madhatter
14. Woke Up This Morning
15. Black Sheep
16. Falling In Love Again
17. We Look Back
18. Go Genie Go
19. Concertadicto

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the ADVERTS: Cast of Thousands

2003 reissue of the British punk's 1980 sophomore album includes four bonus tracks, 'Television's Over' (single version), 'Back From The Dead', 'New Church' (live), & 'Cast Of Thousands' (single version). Sleeve notes include a brief history of the band along with song lyrics. Anagram. 2003. Although some of TV's solo stuff does veer too far into New Wave territory, this LP will always be one of my favorite records. More than any other Adverts material, this LP holds together as a solid, unblinking stare into our f'd up world as TV Smith sees it. "Cast of Thousands" is punk rock on an epic scale. The songs, although played and recorded as a totally raw mess, are as close to rock opera as punk rock gets. Somehow the tinny production and cheesy synths only help to elevate the soaring, passionate vocals higher, and emphasize lyrics that rip to the heart of our heartless consumer culture. Lyrics to songs like "My Place," "Adverts," or "Television's Over" are as relevant to today's capitalist dystopia as Huxley, and moreso than Orwell. The last three tracks, while slowing down the pace to ballad territory, only wrench more out of TV's anguished voice. The casual punk listener will continue to write off this record as irrelevant to their pat version of rock history, but those who feel the Adverts like a punch to the gut need to own this. --- By polpotluck (BOSTON)

1. Cast of Thousands
2. Adverts
3. My Place
4. Male Assault
5. Television's Over
6. Fate of Criminals
7. Love Songs
8. I Surrender
9. I Looked at the Sun
10. I Will Walk You Home
11. Television's Over [Single Version][*]
12. Back From the Dead [*]
13. New Church [*]
14. Cast of Thousands [Single Version][*]

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ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT: American Paranoia & More (Updated)

I was heavily into the punk scene in the 80's. No, not 7 Seconds, Sex Pistols, or Descendants. I have always been into the most extreme heavy music no matter if it's punk or death metal. I'm talking Agnostic Front, Mob 47, old DRI, Blood Feast, Negative Approach, Youth of Today, Napalm Death, etc. I still remember the hoopla created when this record came out. Saw them at the Farm in Frisco many times. As violent in concert as you'd expect. This is a must for all true hardcore fans. By the way Amazon, how about ordering a couple more of these cd's so more of us can enjoy? What's up? Turn it up! --- By bullskin (phoenix hardcore, az, usa)

1. grey world
2. dope fiend
3. hunger & poverty
4. fuck chuck
5. dead serious
6. johnny
7. attitude adjustment
8. dsfa
9. in the center
10. bombs
11. american paranoia
12. warfear
13. streetwise
14. working class pride
15. rambo
16. incredible end
17. electric shock
18. 9-5 region
19. dsfa
20. kristallnacht
21. in the center
22. bombs
23. incredible end
24. grey world
25. dead serious
26. american paranoia

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This is classic punk rock played as it should be. Raw, angry and from the heart. None of that watered down rubbish here just a band standing up and saying whats on its mind. Great music and great lyrics that realy give you a feel of the times they were living in.
Fans of early Clash, Cockney Rejects etc will love this one.

1. Teenage Warning
2. Student Power
3. The Young Ones
4. Never Again
5. We are The People
6. Liddle Towers
7. I'm an Upstart
8. Small Town Small Mind
9. Youth Leader
10. Do Anything
11. Let's Speed
12. Leave Me Alone

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the CRIMINALS: Burning Flesh & Broken Fingers

1. Angry Quija Board Has Sent Us to Destroy the City of Beers
2. Tomorrow's Too Late
3. State Sponsored Slaughter
4. I'm Vintage Baby
5. Five Years On
6. Zarah's Got a Brand New Bag
7. Union Yes
8. Scene Monkey
9. Monomania
10. Fuck You All
11. You Were Cute But You Got Ugly Again
12. Corruption
13. Whiskey Business

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the BLOW UP: True Noise

1. untitled
2. robots yes. androids no
3. fake soul
4. (you're) better off
5. suicide door
6. eighty sixed
7. murder 101
8. black lipstick
9. crippled
10. hands off
11. black rain
12. you got sound
13. right now
14. tropic of serpico
15. cobra cola

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the DAMNED: Damned But Not Forgotten

Actually this collection of unreleased material from The Damned in the Paul Grey years might be better than the Stawberries album. With a great collection of songs that slightly tails off near the end but not too much. In my personal opinion, their two best songs from the 80's are included "I Think I'm Wonderful" explaining how there's "No point in trying / Cos I know what they're dying to do / Some stupid opinions on the way that I am / They can look at me and I don't give a damn, damn, damn" and "Lovely Money" telling how tourists in England are "Rubbernecks with cash to burn". Killer. --- By "" (New Castle, DE United States)

1. dozen girls
2. lovely money
3. i think i'm wonderful
4. disguise
5. take that
6. torture me
7. disco man
8. thanks for the night
9. take me away
10. some girls are ugly
11. nice cup of tea
12. billy bad breaks

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the DAMNED: Live Anthology (2xCDs)

The Damned are an English punk rock and gothic rock band formed in London in 1976. They were the first punk band from England to release a single ("New Rose"), put out an album (Damned Damned Damned), and tour the United States. They are also considered a foundational influence on both hardcore punk and gothic rock.
The Damned have incorporated many different styles into their music and image; such as garage rock, psychedelic rock, cabaret and the theatrical rock of Screaming Lord Sutch and Alex Harvey. Vanian's vocal style has been described as similar to a crooner, which is unusual for a punk rock vocalist. Throughout their history, The Damned have dissolved and reformed many times, with singer Dave Vanian as the sole constant member. However, the lineups have always included either guitarist Captain Sensible and/or drummer Rat Scabies, both founding members. The line-up currently includes original members Vanian and Sensible.
American drummer Jeff Nelson described the Damned as "The Beatles of punk" -- a testament to their versatility and influence. ---

CD -- 1
1. fall
2. i just can't be happy today
3. plan 9 channel 7
4. smash it up
5. drinking about my baby
6. looking at you
7. i feel alright
8. love song
9. ballroom blitz
10. new rose
11. in a rut
12. dr. jeckyl & mr. hyde
13. melody lee
14. neat, neat , neat new rose
15. shakin all over
CD -- 2
1. ignite
2. disco man
3. generals
4. bad time fro bonzo
5. dozen girls
6. love songs
7. smash it up (part 1)
8. smash it up (part 2)
9. looking at you
10. new rose
11. teenage dream
12. stretcher case
13. ballroom blitz
14. problem child
15. melody lee
16. born to kill
17. suicide

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the DEVIL DOGS: Choad Blast (ep)

The Devil Dogs were a New York-based garage punk band, started in 1989 by Andy Gortler (guitars), Steve Baise (bass) and Paul Corio (drums). They parted in late 1994. Steve Baise collaborated with members of Turbonegro on a mid-'90s band called The Vikings. ---

1. theme from the devil dogs
2. radiobeat
3. can't get enough
4. bless you
5. death of mighty joe
6. theme (out)

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the FRUSTRATORS: Bored in U.S.A.

The Frustrators - Bored In The USA While their hasn't been much action in the world of Green Day for the past couple of years, bassist Mike Dirnt started a new band with friends Jason Chandler(Vocals), Terry Linehan(guitar), and Art Tedeschi(drums) called The Frustrators. On January 11, 2000 the band released their debut ep on Billie Joe Armstrong's label , Adeline. The cd starts out with "I slept with Terry." Maybe it is just me but the song reminds me a lot of the Black Flag song "T.V. Party" The album then continues through 7 of the coolest punk rock songs I have ever heard, including a rocking cover of the Blondie song "Living In The Real World." Ever since I received this cd from Adeline Records I have not been able to stop listening to it. This is one of the best punk rock records I have ever heard in a long time. Don't go out and buy this album expecting Green Day like pop-punk. The band blends straight up rock and roll with punk, and a little country on the song "Brown Mercury Comet" to form some excellent songs. In an interview I did with Jason, the singer, he said they would be the kind of band playing with the Ramones and Blondie in 1983, and I think that is a fairly accurate description. "Living in the Real World", "West of Texas", and the song that will soon result in lots of hate mail from any midgets who happen to hear the song, "Great Australian Midget Toss" are my favorites on the cd. "Bored In The USA" is definitely worth your hard earned money. I guarantee you will be singing along after one listen. --- Merler Elena "elenahx"

1. I Slept With Terry
2. Then She Walked Away
3. Living In The Real World
4. East Bay Of Urden Bay
5. You're Only Hunan
6. West Of Texas
7. The Great Australian Midget Toss
8. Brown Mercury Comet

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the PINKOS: The Pinkos

The Pinkos --vocalist/guitarist Vanessa (Bell) and drummer/vocalist Steve (Gits) -- are a snotty acoustic-punk duo who believe that just because the "personal is political," doesn't mean you can't take the political personally. They sing songs of bad love, failure, disgrace, and damaged democracy. Their sound is a little Violent Femmes, a bit Billy Bragg, and some Baader-Meinhof. The Pinkos are too old to be darlings, too sordid to be naive, and too scruffy to be sweet. After all, if you can't start a brawl with a big mouth and an acoustic guitar, what good are you?

1. free as you want to be
2. gonna get em
3. bill jack and me
4. dirty hands
5. pirate girls
6. suicide farm
7. salem
8. madonna whore
9. wearing his clothes
10. miserable
11. pinkos theme song
12. hush, girl

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the MOTARDS: Rock Kids

"Rock Kids" will probably go down as one of the most unheralded and underappreciated punk rock albums of the 1990s. The 'Tards caustic, cranky and snarly songs singe everything in their path, but the band seems too sloshed to care if you're dancing, blowing chunks or trying to make sense of the rockabilly freak-out invading your basement. For them, sentiments like "You Make Me Sick" are unfiltered and joyous statements of fact, and story-songs like the gonads-to-the-wall "Johnny Tremaine" spring from an underground economy where a person's worth is easily defined: Hook me up, and I'll hook you up. It's that simple, and "Rock Kids" is that friggin' wonderful.

1. johnny tremaine
2. big fun
3. cash america
4. no no the girlfriend
5. i can't wait
6. drivin' me to drink
7. you make me sick
8. gotta get drunk
9. hangover
10. i got time
11. do you wanna do it
12. zombies
13. shut yer face
14. who needs you around
15. lone wolf
16. bonanza
17. paycheck
18. stick it in

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the MOTARDS: Saturday Night Special Edition

Definitely the most underated album of the 90's. This texas garage punk band will blow your doors off. A definite must by for any punk rock fan. The Motards are back with $aturday Night Special Ed and you thought they couldn't take the stupid, derogatory kid stuff any farther? 13 new songs recorded and produced by Tim Kerr at the Sweatbox, that will keep the beer flowing and your hangovers coming. They'll never be in Spin or get a Details cover shot but who the fuck cares. These guys rock like no other. As Toby Motard says "it's harder, faster, and better"! Hell, you should already know that from their first release of tough, no-

1. drunk girls
2. kick out the jams
3. alienautopsy
4. brownout/blackout
5. bombs away
6. self destructive
7. misanthrope
8. nowhere
9. freak of nature
10. my only friend
11. girl like you
12. leave me alone
13. scabies

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the THUMBS: Last Match

The Thumbs were a punk rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. They were active from 1995 until approximately 2002. They were known for having an intense touring ethic, having completed nine U.S. tours, and two Japanese tours between 1997 and 2001. The band was formed by Mike Hall, Bobby Borte, and Mark Minnig, however Hall and Borte remained the only constant members amidst constant drummer changes. The Thumbs were formed when Mike left his former band The Pee Tanks and Bobby and Mark left their former band Rubber Sole. While active, The Thumbs released records on their own Sneezeguard Records, as well as Soda Jerk Records, Adeline Records, and Snuffy Smile.

1. bruno batta
2. business patriot
3. candy killed the kid
4. high powered lens
5. reciprocity is not for me
6. yellow metal
7. where's the battle cry
8. no water
9. year to the day
10. give the people (what they want)
11. oh no politico!
12. money or muds

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VA: The Tokyo Trashville!

Offering a slightly exotic twist on the crude butt-kickin' mayhem that garage punk fans love, this compilation documents an underground scene that began with occasional "Back from the Grave" nights at a club in Tokyo's red-light district. At first people just drank and listened to their favorite records; then they formed bands, performed themselves, and unleashed this music on the rest of the world. This album provides an overview of this scene, starting at full throttle with Supersnazz pushing the spirit of the Pebbles compilations into the 1990s. Another highlight is hearing the's barrel through "Ki-Kiya Shout" with the off-kilter enthusiasm of a band just learning how to play its instruments. Elsewhere on this album, Guitar Wolf steamrolls through the heavy guitar rock of "Kung Fu Ramone"; Teengenerate shows their '70s punk roots with "Johnny and Dee Dee"; Jackie & the Cedrics and Mad 3 indicate they've been listening to Dick Dale and the Ventures; and the remaining bands evoke the spirit (if not quite the quality) of the Stooges, MC5, Radio Birdman, and the great rockabilly artists. Tokyo Trashville isn't consistently brilliant, and it certainly doesn't feature lush production or pristine performances, but it's definitely a lot of fun. ~ Todd Kristel, All Music Guide

1. Year 1 - Supersnazz
2. Chocolate - Muddy Frankenstein
3. He's Waitin' - Guinny Vamps
4. Johnny & Dee Dee - Teengenerate
5. Kung Fu Ramone - Guitar Wolf
6. Photographer - Texaco Leatherman
7. Motorbikin' Shake! - Mutant Monster Beach Party
8. Let's Dance - Great Mongoose
9. Squad Car - Jackie & The Cedrics
10. Ki-Kya Shout - The's
11. Ali Baba - Mad 3

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VICIOUS RUMOURS: The Best Of Vicious Rumours

1. This Is Your Loife
2. Vicious Rumours
3. Take the Blame
4. Nobody's Fool
5. Hangover
6. Anytime Day or Night
7. Long Time No See
8. Runaway
9. Soul Patrol
10. What's the Pair on That
11. Pull You Through
12. Surfin' in Newquay
13. One Thing on Our Minds
14. Wipit
15. Too Close for Comfort
16. Never Been in Love Before
17. Time to Run
18. Lap It Up
19. All the Things We Used to Do
20. Moose on the Loose

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SEX PISTOLS: Indecent Exposure - Live at The 100 Club

The Sex Pistols were an iconic and highly influential English punk rock band, formed in London in 1975. The band originally comprised vocalist Johnny Rotten, guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and bassist Glen Matlock (later replaced by Sid Vicious). Although their initial career lasted only three years and produced only four singles and one studio album, the Sex Pistols have been described by the BBC as "the definitive English punk rock band." The Pistols are widely credited with initiating the punk movement in the United Kingdom and creating the first generation gap within rock and roll.The Sex Pistols emerged as a response to what was perceived to be the "increasingly safe and bloated" progressive rock and manufactured pop music of the mid-1970s. The band created various controversies during their brief career which captivated Britain, but often eclipsed their music. Their shows and tours repeatedly faced difficulties from authorities, and public appearances often ended in disaster and riot. Their 1977 single, "God Save the Queen", was widely regarded as an attack on the British monarchy and British nationalism.
Rotten left the band in 1978, amid a turbulent tour of the United States; the remaining trio carried on for the remainder of the year with vocals provided by Jones, Edward Tudor-Pole and Ronnie Biggs but disbanded in early 1979. With Lydon, they reunited in 1996 for the "Filthy Lucre" tour and have staged subsequent reunion tours in 2002, 2003, and 2007. On 24 February 2006, the Sex Pistols were officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but they refused to attend the induction, calling the museum a "piss stain".


1. Anarchy in the U.K.
2. I Wanna Be Me
3. I'm a Lazy Sod
4. New York
5. Don't Give Me No Lip
6. Stepping Stone
7. Submission
8. Liar
9. Substitute
10. No Feelings
11. No Fun
12. Pretty Vacant
13. Problems


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PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES: Cattle and Bum + Manchester (DVD rip)

This DVD features the first two video releases from PTTB - ''Cattle and Bum'' and ''Live in Manchester''. With the band been formed in 1978 it was no surprise that by the early nineties we had amassed rather a lot of video footage. Apart from a low promo videos hardly any of this stuff had been seen outside of our own front rooms. It was time to change that.

Tracks (Cattle and Bum)
1. Excuses
2. Moped Lads
3. Shit British Tour
4. Banned from the Pubs
5. The Jinx
6. Alcohol
7. Transvestite
8. Blown Out Again
9. The Gardener
10. When I Fall In Love
11. Vicars W**nk Too
12. Leader of the Gang
13. Shit at It

Tracks (Manchester)
1. Moped Lads
2. Easter Bank Holiday '83
3. Keep Britain Untidy
4. Never Made It to the Bog in Time
5. Up Yer Bum
6. Get Me on the Guest List
7. One Night Stand
8. Run Like Hell
9. The Jinx
10. Transvestite
11. Banned from the Pubs
12. Elvis is Dead
13. Maniac

Links (Cattle and Bum)

Cover >
part.1 >
part.2 >
part.3 >
part.4 >
part.5 >

Links (Manchester)

part.1 >
part.2 >
part.3 >
part.4 >
part.5 >

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Format - .avi (DivX)
Bitrate - 160kbps
Screen Size - 720x480
Size Unpacked - 449 (Cattle and Bum), 418 (Manchester)
Quality of Image - +B

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TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS: (2004) Shake the Sheets

In early 2004, in between tours, Ted began to write his fourth solo album. Motivated to keep pushing himself as a songwriter, performer and cultural critic, he shut himself in the basement of his childhood home in New Jersey and began to write. The songs that resulted in "Shake The Sheets" are smart, and passionate. "Me and Mia,""Heart Problems," "Little Dawn" and the rest discuss personal, political and societal ills in Ted Leo's signature style: soulful but never preachy or heavy-handed. The message, as powerful as it is, is never greater than the music. Ted's light touch and vast array of influences makes the pop perfect while the lyrics are searing and searching. Producer Chris Shaw proved to be the perfect partner for Ted and his sonic vision for the album. Shaw has also worked on many other diverse projects, from Dashboard Confessional, to Bell Biv De Voe to the classic Public Enemy album, "It Takes a Nation Of Millions to Hold Us Back." Chris helped Leo develop and layer "Shake The Sheets," certainly Leo's most sonically powerful album to date.
Ted Leo is a unique artist for these times. He provides a near perfect combination of politics, art, punk values and humor in his songwriting and the combination resonates with people all over the world.

1. Me And Mia
2. The Angels' Share
3. The One Who Got Us Out
4. Counting Down The Hours
5. Little Dawn
6. Heart problems
7. Criminal Piece
8. Better Dead Than Lead
9. Shake the Sheets
10. Bleeding Powers
11. Walking to Do

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TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS: (2001) The Tyranny Of Distance

TED LEO is a rare gem in the indie rock world. Having labored for years in the mod pop outfit CHISEL, he released his first solo effort in 1999 which fused his influences from such artists as THE JAM, ELVIS COSTELLO and SQUEEZE with his love of reggae and dub music. The Tyranny Of Distance takes this one step further and is a brilliant showcase of Ted's incredible vocal and guitar playing talent and amazing song writing skills. Produced by Brendan Canty (drummer of FUGAZI, producer of THE MAKE-UP and collaborater with LOIS), The Tyranny Of Distance has moments of such pure musical happiness it is difficult to stop listening to it once you hear it for the first time. This is a special record in a similar vein to ELLIOT SMITH in its pop purity, but with a unique rock assault. The recording has a hyper-energetic, almost live sound, but with the all the polish of the accomplished musicians who performed and produced. In addition to Brendan Canty producing, his brother James Canty from THE MAKE UP and THE NATION OF ULYSSES also played on the record along with Seb Thomson of TRANS AM and former members of GOLDEN, TSUNAMI and THE TELEGRAPH MELTS. TED LEO is a force to be reckoned with that will be partially responsible for saving music.

1. Biomusicology
2. Parallel Or Together
3. Under The Hedge
4. Dial Up
5. Timorous Me
6. Stove By A Whale
7. The Great Communicator
8. Squeaky Fingers
9. My Vien iLin
10. The Gold Finch And The Red Oak Tree
11. St. John The Divine
12. You Could Die (Or This Might End)

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RISE AGAINST: (2005) The Unraveling

Rise Against is an American punk/melodic hardcore band from Chicago, Illinois, which was formed in 1999. Many themes in their songs relate to social commentary. It currently consists of four members, Tim McIlrath (vocals, guitar), Joe Principe (bass guitar), Brandon Barnes (drums), and Zach Blair (guitar).
To date, Rise Against has released four albums and one DVD. They became popular with their last two albums, Siren Song of the Counter Culture (2004) and The Sufferer and the Witness (2006), with hits such as "Give It All", "Swing Life Away", "Ready to Fall", "Prayer of the Refugee" and "The Good Left Undone". Each member of the band has mentioned in interviews that there will be a new Rise Against album that is due for release in the summer of 2008.

1. Alive and Well
2. My Life Inside Your Heart
3. Great Awakening
4. Six Ways 'Til Sunday
5. 401 Kill
6. Art of Losing
7. Remains of Summer Memories
8. Unraveling
9. Reception Fades
10. Stained Glass and Marble
11. Everchanging
12. Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up
13. 3 Day Weekend
14. 1000 Good Intentions
15. Weight of Time
16. Faint Resemblance

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CHELSEA: (2006) Evacuate

Actually, only one side of the original album is all that great, but Evacuate, War Across the nation, How do you know, and especially Looks Right are huge and essential anthems from an era of great anthems. Gigantic hooks, sing along choruses and THREE guitar players create a massive wall of sound. I just love this! I have the original album from the early 80's. Chelsea is a punk/rock type band. They play early punk music. If you like the Clash and Sex Pistols you might like them. I was very surprised to find the CD and will be ordering it, as my record has a few scratches on it.

1. Evacuate
2. How Do You Know
3. Cover Up
4. Looks Right
5. Tribal Song
6. War Across the Nation
7. Forty People
8. Running Free
9. Last Drink
10. Only Thinking
11. Rockin' Horse
12. Years Away
13. Freemans
14. I.D. Parade
15. How Do You Know (Single Version)
16. New Era
17. War Across the Nation (Single Version)
18. Stand Out [#]

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CHELSEA: Unreleased Stuff (Brazilian Edition)

Chelsea's UNRELEASED STUFF consists largely of demos and outtakes from several different periods in this long-lived British punk band's career. Some of these versions are apparently the same as those found on the more authoritative PUNK ROCK RARITIES collection, but there are a number of unique items among these 10
songs. "No Flowers," and a stirring version of the classic "Fools and Soldiers," are among the highlights. This is hardly the place for novices to start, but fans of UK punk will find this set most illuminating.

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the POGUES: (1988) If I Should Fall from Grace with God

If Rum Sodomy & the Lash captured the Pogues on plastic in all their rough-and-tumble glory, If I Should Fall from Grace with God proved they could learn the rudiments of proper record making and still come up with an album that captured all the sharp edges of their musical personality. Producer Steve Lillywhite imposed a more disciplined approach in the studio than Elvis Costello had, but he had the good sense not to squeeze the life out of the band in the process; as a result, the Pogues sound tighter and more precise than ever, while still summoning up the glorious howling fury that made Rum Sodomy & the Lash so powerful. And Shane MacGowan continued to grow as a songwriter, as his lyrics and melodies captured with brilliant detail his obsession with the finer points of Anglo-Irish culture. "Fairytale of New York," a glorious sweet-and-sour duet with Kirsty MacColl, and "The Broad Majestic Shannon" were subtle in a way many of his previous work was not, "Birmingham Six" found him addressing political issues for the first time (and with all the expected venom), and "Fiesta" and "Turkish Song of the Damned" found him adding (respectively) faux-Spanish and Middle Eastern flavors into the Pogues' heady mix. And if you want to hear the Pogues blaze through some fast ones, "Bottle of Smoke" and the title song find them doing just what they've always done best. Brilliantly mixing passion, street smarts, and musical ambition, If I Should Fall from Grace with God is the best album the Pogues would ever make. -- Mark Deming, All Music Guide

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the POGUES: (1984) Red Roses for Me

What set the Pogues apart from any number of other energetic Irish traditional bands was the sheer physical force of their performances, the punky swagger of their personalities, and Shane MacGowan's considerable gifts as a songwriter. Unfortunately, none of these qualities comes through very clearly on their first album, Red Roses for Me. While the Pogues are in good form here, the production (by Stan Brennan) is thin and lacks the body or nuance to capture the finer details of the performances, robbing this recording of the fire the group would display on their later albums. And it's clear that MacGowan had not yet fully matured as a songwriter; there are a handful of superb songs here, such as "Transmetropolitan," "Streams of Whiskey," and "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go," but some of the others suggest MacGowan was still learning how to fit all his ideas into his songs. Red Roses for Me is good and rowdy fun, but on Rum Sodomy & the Lash and If I Should Fall from Grace with God, the Pogues would prove they were capable of a lot more than that.

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the POGUES: (1990) Hell's Ditch

After the embattled recording of the Pogues' Peace and Love, with Shane MacGowan clearly at odds with his bandmates and their musical direction while contributing little in the way of new songs, Hell's Ditch seemed at once like a step forward and a step back for the group. While Peace and Love suggested the Pogues had grown weary of the hot-rodded Celtic sounds that had been their trademark, Hell's Ditch found the band back in more familiar territory and sounding much refreshed; if there wasn't anything as manic as the high points of Rum Sodomy & the Lash or If I Should Fall from Grace with God, these sessions reveal the Pogues had found their feet and were sounding like a band again, and while a few of MacGowan's songs lead them through his fascination with Asian and Latin accents, the musicians were able to fuse them with their own trademark style rather than being subsumed by them; the Pogues rarely sounded as graceful or a comfortable as they do on Hell's Ditch. However, MacGowan's songwriting still hadn't regained the fire and acidity that made the group's first three albums so powerful, and Terry Woods and Jem Finer don't quite pick up the slack. More importantly, while Joe Strummer's production served the band well, he was seemingly too fond of MacGowan to tell him when his vocals were all but unintelligible, and many of the songs are all but sunk by Shane's sloppy, mush-mouthed, and booze-addled delivery, which is difficult to unravel even by his standards. While there are many pearly moments on Hell's Ditch that suggest the work of a happier and more unified band than on their previous albums, MacGowan's poorly focused performances are a handicap the Pogues couldn't overcome, and it seems appropriate this was the band's last studio album with their primary songwriter and frontman. -- Mark Deming, All Music Guide

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the POGUES: (1993) Waiting for Herb

With driving force Shane MacGowan gone, the Pogues ended up with the same problems the Band experienced minus Robbie Robertson. MacGowan's struggles with the bottle, and in turn the band, added the needed danger that kept things fiery and hotheaded. Without him the Pogues turned rootsy and effortless to a fault. The playing is there but the songs have lost their sharp edge. Spider Stacy's only writing contribution, "Tuesday Morning," is the best of the lot with a catchy hook and lazy way, while the oddball "Pachinko" proves that MacGowan didn't have the exclusive rights to creativity. Otherwise, there is one pensive song after another and depth ends up being the victim.

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the POGUES: (1996) Pogue Mahone

Pogue Mahone (Gaelic for "kiss my arse") is the seventh and final studio album from lauded progressive Irish folk pioneers the Pogues. After the departure of Shane MacGowan, co-founder Spider Stacy found himself at the helm, singing and sharing songwriting duties with the rest of the group. If their post-MacGowan debut, Waiting for Herb, was a respectable attempt at recapturing the shape-shifting, genre-splitting days of classic tracks like "Fiesta," "Lorelei," and "Night Train to Lorca," Pogue Mahone is a celebration of the band's inception. Panned by critics and fans who refused to take a "Shane-less" Poguesseriously, both records are a testament to the band's enormous vault of talent. Stacy, who spent most of his career in MacGowan's shadow, rose to the occasion on Herb, offering up what must have been years of oppressed material, most of it remarkable. This time around it's the rest of the group that gets a shot at emptying their catalogs. In fact, Mahone is actually multi-instrumentalist Jem Finer and drummer Andrew Ranken's baby. For the most part they succeed in re-installing the traditional spark that made the group so electrifying in the '80s. Pub rockers like Finer's "Bright Lights" and Ranken's French rave-up "Amadie," while suffering from murky production, are rousing, raucous, and delightful, making one wonder what the public's reaction would have been had Pogue Mahone been a debut from a band nobody had ever heard of. [In 2005, WEA International reissued a re-mastered and expanded version of Pogue Mahone with the the bonus tracks "'Eyes Of An Angel" and a previously unreleased mix of "Love You Till The End." -- James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide

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the POGUES: (1991) Essential Pogues

Essential Pogues doesn't cover Red Roses for Me or Rum Sodomy and the Lash, so it isn't a definitive collection. However, it does capture the majority of the highlights from their Island albums and functions as a good introduction to the band. One complaint: the tedious extended remix of "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" was included instead of the punchy, energetic original single. -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

COVER'S SCANS for the last 8 uploads..

To complete the last set of albums uploads . You can get here a 300dpis covers scans for your pleasure baby!! ENJOY!!! :-))


POSTER CHILDREN: (1990) Daisy Chain Reaction @320

Steve Albini once again handled production for Poster Children with Daisychain Reaction, which inadvertently turned into the group's major-label debut when Sire picked it up for re-release. Albini's ear for getting the strongest and most live-sounding impact out of his recordings doesn't fail the quartet at all; right from the start, with the near-epic metal surge of "Dee," everything sounds powerful, a bit of Led Zeppelin sonics in a post-punk world. It's also further evidence -- as are a number of other songs on the album, such as "Water," "Chain Reaction," the hilariously titled "Freedom Rock," and most especially the secret highlight "Space Gun," which has some amazing guitar work -- that the band was an unappreciated influence on the Smashing Pumpkins early on. Rick Valentin's more midrange singing is much less strained than Billy Corgan's, though it's often far more hidden in the mix as well; whether it was his own confidence in question or simply what the band wanted, he's not yet got the clarity more evident in later recordings. He's definitely far sunnier than Corgan, as is much of the music; songs like "Love" crackle with an energy that's both fierce and positive while avoiding gooey sentiments (hordes of later emo bands could stand to learn some of the lessons on this record, to put it mildly). There's other, more kick-up-your-heels tunes as well -- "Cancer" is a merry skip that flirts with prog pacing without sounding like a Yes cut (quite thankfully), while "Carver's" is a great, thrilling stomp and "Frustration" is good, quick fun. Then there's the snarkily titled "If You See Kay," which brings in everything from crisp early-'80s funk to Pixies-tinged screams and volume switches to make an unheralded highlight from early-'90s rock.--- Ned Raggett, AMG

1. dee
2. cancer
3. if you see kay
4. love
5. freedom rock
6. space gun
7. water
8. want it
9. carvers
10. chain reaction
11. frustration
12. where we live

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