Saturday, September 08, 2007

VA: Music is Stupid We Like Noise!!

This compilation is brilliant... Amazing stuff ..I'm into punk rock more than 20 years and confess that I'd know the vast majority of this band.. If you like classic hardcore and punk this compilation is for you.. AMAZING punk..

Track Listing
1. Fist Fuck - John The Baker & The Malnourished
2. Pdoc - GutWrench
3. American Psychopathic - Thee Obscene
4. Joe Morato Bomb - Ashtray
5. Get My Fix - The Cliftons
6. You Hate Me and I Hate You - Resilience
7. 1968 - Shock Nagasaki
8. I Need Sex - Coco Cobra & The Killers
9. Goin' Down - The Eddie Haskells
10. I Was a Teenage Pretty Boy - Henry Fiat's Open Sore
11. I Wish I Was a Fag So I Didn't Need You - AntiChris & The Raped
12. King Rat - Texas Thieves
13. Action/Reaction - Psycho 78
14. New Kids - Ashtray
15. West Bay Fuck Off! - Retching Red
16. Cop Out - The Cliftons
17. Sars, TB, AIDS - Landline
18. Fuck the Fascist USA - John The Baker & The Malnourished
19. Enough - Off-Kilter
20. Six Feet Deep - Oppressed Logic
21. Butcher Boy - DekOiz
22. Save Yourself - Resilience
23. Corporate Religion - Global Chaos
24. Religion & Politix - Cynic Society
25. I Buy Beer for Runaways - AntiChris & The Raped
26. Retard Love Affair - The Stillborns
27. Flipper Baby - Landline
28. 1979 - Group36
29. Safety's Gnarly Beach Adventure - Safety
30. Last Man Alive - Texas Thieves
31. Caught with Your Panties Down - The Resistoleros
32. And Then I Fucked Her - The Jabs
33. RNR - Cheerleader 666
34. No Head - Statch & The Rapes
35. What Do You Call 48 Women at the Bottom of the Green River? - Better Fucked Than Raped
36. WSHT - Dead End Kids
37. Eight to Life - The Goons
38. 666 - Fuck You Ups
39. Wake Up -Off-Kilter
40. Drown - Life Crisis
41. No Feelings - Sledgeback
42. Last Confession - The Lucky Stiffs

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Anonymous said...

great disc
is just me or Joe Morato Bomb sounds like Blatz? at a firts glance i thought it was Blatz

Joe Camel said...

This amazing comp is just a collection of the best hardcore punk bands that are active today. I know some of these bands; my favorites are Retching Red who put out 2 albums since 2005. I hope the other ones are quite as good.

Many thanks for sharing this music, err, noise :-)

Slobodan Burgher said...

wow, i have heard of at tops 2 of those bands

Maxi said...

Thanxs for sharing this one mate.;)

Can someone confirm if this album is from 2005,thanxs in advance.

Mini said...

Yeah, from October 2005, see here:

AntiChris said...

Well I'll be goddamned... Yes, this was released in 2005. It was released by We Are Going To Eat You Records (Petaluma, Calif.) The record label has since been shut down and this comp is no longer available. There are actually about 300 copies sitting in storage. I'm the former owner of WAGTEY Records. If you want to read a hilarious review, look up Keith Rossen's review of this record in Razorcake. He's a dick. In a time when Avril Lavigne was being called "punk", I wanted to put in my two cents about what I thought punk was. Anyway, I'm glad there's some people out there that like this comp. As far as I'm concerned, you should burn a copy of this for all your friends. If you have any questions about these bands, feel free to email me at WAGTEYatYAHOOdotCOM

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Coco cobra & the killers track is really good... Wish I'd gotten off my ass to go see them when they were around! Sorry Viva!

cletus*the*foetus said...

Aaaargh! Never heard of any of the bands - and there's some awesome stuff on this one. Dankeschoen to Antichris for putting this out - and for sharing it!

MR. DERP said...

This comp is great. One kick ass song after another. Like most i new a couple of the bands on it but have discovered a bunch of great bands. This blog is fucking sweet, thanks for doin it.