Saturday, September 29, 2007

MAGAZINE: (1991) Scree

The cream of Howard Devoto's post Buzzcocks band that Radiohead, Coldplay and others acknowledge as inspiration for their current creativity. Unlike somebody else stated here, this is new for a lot of Magazine fans. Not found in such way on any other main 'records' together. I'm a big lover of this still unique band. There's always some impatience and theatricality in the performance of Howard Devoto. So great. Whereas the bass of Barry Adamson is steady, creative, and so beautifully waving through the songs... You also can hear the recognisable guitarsound of the late John Mc Geogh on most tracks aswell. And find the so typically Magazine sound the lucky live catchers can still remember. I saw them at the 7th June of 1980 in my hometown and was deeply impressed and thrown over by it. And I was in very good company with friends, who experienced exactly the same then.
This cd cover some B-sides aswell. But it's still good listening and a thrill. Again and again. Play it as much as you like. Magazine is a gut experience and it won't leave you. I could say that during the last 25+ years. Amazing. I would have agreed with people saying at the time, that Magazine/Devoto thrill is forever. Trying to explain you that now again. Ofcourse there are favourites like 'Touch and Go', 'Give me Everything', 'I love you Big Dummy'(from earlier Buzzcock/Spiral Scratch appearance and written by Don van Vliet, Capt. Beefheart), 'Twenty Years ago' plus the more than interesting Live contributions of sacred beauty, songs of the first two studio albums. It was a great pleasure to find this Scree here on amazon. Internet does give life better quality. Lovely... --- C.J. Van Hall

Track Listing
1. My Mind Ain't So Open
2. Touch And Go
3. Goldfinger
4. Give Me Everything
5. I Love You You Big Dummy
6. Rhythm Of Cruelty
7. TV Baby
8. Twenty Years Ago
9. The Book
10. Upside Down
11. The Light Pours Out Of Me
12. Feed The Enmy (Live)
13. Twenty Years Age (Live)
14. Shot By Both Sides (Live)
15. In The Dark
16. The Operative

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