Saturday, September 08, 2007

the DRAGONS: Rock 'n' Roll Kamikaze

If you like loud, fast, trashy rock and roll, the Dragons are probably your favorite band. Basically everything they've ever done is essential, make that a double on this one---buy two copies in case one wears out! Probably the best album they ever put out, #$*!, it's probably one of the best albums of the past decade!

Track Listing
1. Whoa Yeah
2. Life is Cheap
3. Three Steps From the Bar
4. C'mon
5. Crying
6. I Say Go
7. Don't Waste My Time
8. Like It's A Bad Thing
9. Greyhound
10. Kamikaze
11. Still Pissed Off (Bonus Track)
12. Take it All Out On Me (Bonus Track)
13. I'm Alright (Bonus Track)
14. Time Keeps Slipping Away (Bonus Track)
15. Breakdown (Bonus Track)

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eric said...

The Dragons were a great live band, even better then the lps and cds they put out. Thanks for posting this,more people should know about these guys. Too bad they broke up!

Maxi said...

Will try this one,always glad to listen to unknown bands for me, man thanxs for your effort m8.