Saturday, September 08, 2007

DEMONS: Demonology

"A relentless onslaught of two-minute, three-chord wonders, every one a minor masterpiece." --Nick Green of Red Flag Media The first band officially signed to Gearhead Records, Stockholm Sweden's "Demons" were exactly what the label was looking for. An amazing rock and roll band, raw but tight, focused and driven, all the right ingredients mixed into one perfect package. Since 1995, long before Gearhead signed them in 2000, the "Demons" like all new bands were recording for singles and tracks that would appear on various compilations and tributes. "Demonology" compiles the very best of these tracks in one place

Track Listing
1. Lost Dog
2. What's This S**t called Love
3. Radios Appear Medley
4. A**holee
5. Where The Sun Don't Shine
6. Luney Tune
7. Teenage Dead
8. I'll Make You Sorry
9. Electrocute
10. Puss N' Boots
11. Riding On The Hearse
12. Beat-On-Me
13. You Don't Want My Name
14. Busted
15. She

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