Sunday, August 12, 2007

VA: No Fate Vol. 2 - World Hardcore Compilation (VBR)

This compilation Cd is not based on some distinct idea. I guess many people notice that there are invisible barriers in the hardcore scene. This CD could not be happened without the dedications and contributions of the bands who try to break down the wall. The weak keep any from the strong. It makes some distance. If you notice that the distance itself is another form of discrimination may be you can see the things differently, I guess. I hope the energy of the sound and the messages threw by bands on this compilation will move you to take actions. Check out the different approach and style of hardcore music...and enjoy!
''Things are not put up. You just chose this situation. To change this horrible situation, what you can do are believing in yourself, believing in the possibilities of your friends, and going ahead. Things are not destined. You can change something!!''

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No Fate 2 -
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