Sunday, August 12, 2007

VA: Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (VBR)

1. The Impossibles ''Leave No Man Behind''
2. Animal Chin ''When All the Chips are Down''
3. The Siren Six! ''Begin Live''
4. The Articles ''Cosmic''
5. Jack Rudy with Skinnerbox ''Bun Dem Wid Heat
6. Secret Society ''Another Way''
7. Five Iron Frenzy ''Oh Canada''
8. The Kingpins ''La Gammique''
9. The Planet Smashers ''Romeo''
10. Eastern Standard Time ''Man in the Street''
11. Unsteady ''Right Time''
12. The Lemon Merchants ''Someday I'll de Famous''
13. Doctor Manette ''Something I've Been Meaning to Say''
14. Mad Butchers ''Dilution''
15. Hot Stove Jimmy ''Table for Two''
16. Headboard ''Do Not Disturb''
17. Victor Rice ''Agenda''
18. Orange Street ''Angel''
19. Skinnerbox ''A Fine Romance''
20. 3 Minute Hero ''Girls''
21. Hole in One ''220 Proof''

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masken said...

Thanx alot for this post... Do you have # 3 too?