Sunday, August 12, 2007

RIVERDALES: (1995) Riverdales (320kbps)

for some who don't know, The Riverdales is Screeching Weasel minus one, and if Screeching Weasel wasn't Ramones-ish enough, then you need to check out these guys. very awesome punk rock treats here. there are only about 4 songs on the whole cd i listen to, but you should buy this cd for one song only, and that's "Back To You".........that song is frickin' awesome. get this. the riverdales-consisting of members from schreeching weasel-put out a great punk recording w/ three chords , harmonies & the whole shebang. If you like the Ramones (simple, catch-y, 50's based style), then check out the Riverdales. The best tracks, IMHO, are Back to You and In Your Dreams. This album moves at a good clip all the way through...and not so fast that you trip on the lyrics while singing. I would love to see them in a bar ....and they make good beach music.....the guitar work is GOOD too.

1. Fun Tonight
2. Judy Go Home
3. Wanna Be Alright
4. Back To You
5. Not Over Me
6. She's Gonna Break Your Heart
7. I Think About You During The Commercials
8. Rehabilitated
9. Plan 13
10. Outta Sight
11. In Your Dreams
12. Hampton Beach

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