Wednesday, August 08, 2007

OUT OF ORDER: Survival of The Fittest (VBR)

I'll get right to the point. If you missed seeing Out Of Order, then you missed one of the top five bands Chicago ever produced. Out of Order was everything that you wanted a live band to be. Ripping tunes with a manic on drums, perfectionist on guitar and someone that everyone was trying to be on vocals. The band made everything look so amazingly efortless that the poor excuses for headliners they occationally fronted (usually the Brit - types) had to be shaking in their Doc Martins to follow them up.
The ''scene'' during the '80s in Chicago began as a time of waiting around for the infrequent visit of a Black Flag or UK Subs to carry the day and boost the hopes of the growning frenzy on avid smart music followers. When Out of Order (and a hand full of others) burst onto the local scene there suddenly became a reason to go out and see local talent, spike your hair, mosh whatever... you know the drill.
Jeff Pezzatti (NAKED RAYGUN)

1 No Reaction
2 Green Eyed Monster
3 Suicide Lullaby
4 She Knew She'd Lose
5 Snubbed
6 Anal Agression
7 Dead Or Alive
8 Survival OF The Fittest
9 Blessings In Disguise
10 I Don't Feel Like Laughing
11 Eric B.
12 When It's All Done
13 8 Little Whores
14 Wicked Ways
15 Paradise Lost
16 Gotham City
17 Wolves In Suits
18 Kilamonjaro
19 Never Leave The Bus
20 Burning Hours
21 No Government (Live)
22 Survival Dub (Live)
23 Cell Block B
24 Survival OF The Fittest (1983)
25 Concerned (1983)

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