Sunday, August 12, 2007

LEMONHEADS: (1993) Creator (320kbps)

Throughout rock history, there are a lot of examples of frontmen retaining a band's name after all other original members have departed or been dismissed, and this is probably the worst. The Deily/Strohm/Peretz/Dando Lemonheads were an awesome band. Creator is probably the best recorded representation of that lineup, but live they were just an untouchable punk rock force. Dando's insistence on dragging the name through the mud with the dreck that he foisted on the public after 1989 was inexcusable. That being said, you should all pick this up and bow down at the altar of one of rock's best tunesmiths... Ben Deily.

1. Burying Ground
2. Sunday
3. Clang Bang Clang
4. Out
5. Your Home Is Where Your Happy
6. Falling
7. Die Right Now
8. Two Weeks In Another Town
9. Plaster Caster
10. Come To The Window
11. Take Her Down
12. Postcard
13. Live Without
14. Luka (Live On VPRO, 1989)
15. Interview With Lemonheads (Holland, 1989)
16. Mallo Cup (Live On VPRO, 1989)

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