Sunday, August 12, 2007

LEMONHEADS: (1992) Lick (320kbps)

It still holds up more than 10 years and dozens of listenings later. The songs are catchy and clever with a punk edge and a sense of humor. None of it is filler and "Luka" alone is worth the price of admission. But if you are a fan of the "Into Your Arms"-type pop songs, you might not like this. I think it was all downhill from this point. If you do like this, check out "Creator" and "Hate your Friends", forget the later stuff. This is the early years.and the early years was the most powerful lemonheads period's a must own....the rapidly budding Dando [flexes] a burgeoning [songwriting] talent....the real killer here is `Luka,' a wired rewrite of Suzanne Vega's ghastly, mawkish hit; [shows a] talent for melancholy recontextualisation of the oddest source material.

1. Mallo Cup
2. Glad I Don't Know
3. 7 Powers
4. A Circle Of One
5. Cazzo Di Fierro
6. Anyway
7. Luka
8. Come Back D.A.
9. I Am A Rabbit
10. Sad Girl
11. Ever
12. Strange
13. Mad

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xtimmyx said...

wow. i havent heard this album in YEARS!
thanks for the up!!