Wednesday, August 29, 2007

GORILLA BISCUITS: Start Today (320kbps)

A classic New York Hardcore album. This record showcases GB's ability to add melodic influence to straight forward hardcore better than anyone. Great music and intelligent, positive lyrics make this one of the best hardcore records of all time.

Track Listing:
1. new direction
2. stand still
3. degradation
4. good intentions
5. forgotten
6. things we say
7. start today
8. two sides
9. first failure
10. competition
11. time flies
12. cats and dogs
13. sitting 'round at home
14. biscuit power

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Sean said...

easily one of the best

Putanginas said...

I would like to thank for sharing this great album from one of the best NYC hardcore bands Gorilla Biscuits. The album really kicks ass; it makes me slamdancing non stop. All the the tracks have no errors. LONG LIVE HANGOVER HEART ATTACK, YOU RULE \m/!!!!!!!!!!!!

bobbysu said...

thank you very much