Tuesday, August 07, 2007

GANG OF FOUR: (1991) The Peel Sessions

A Rare Thing is a Bad (John)Peel Session. Many of the Peel sessions released on vinyl (in the 80s) or on CD since have went out of print and become collector's gold. This session or Sessions (there are 3 here) are pure quality Gang of Four. 2 Sessions from 1979 and one from 1981 (just before Dave Allen departed) show the band at it's peak. Every track here is worth a listen. Find this and Buy it. This is a great cd for anyone who loves rock. I would buy the cd just for the song "I Found That Essence Rare" . This definitly a cd you'll want to turn up loudand air guitar to!

1. I Found That Essence Rare [Live]
2. Return the Gift [Live]
3. 5.45 [Live]
4. At Home He's a Tourist [Live]
5. Natural's Not in It [Live]
6. Not Great Men [Live]
7. Ether [Live]
8. Guns Before Butter [Live]
9. Paralysed [Live]
10. History's Bunk! [Live]
11. To Hell With Poverty [Live]

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