Sunday, August 12, 2007

GANG GREEN: (1986) Another Wasted Night


Skateboards, Beer, Parties, Girls...Count me in!!!! This is the best Gang Green album ever. If you are lucky enough to have ever seen these guys live you know what I'm talking about. I had the pleasure of seeing them in the 80's at the Cameo Theatre in Miami Beach. I was in New York a few months ago and freaked out when I saw they were playing at CBGB's. I had Chris sign "Skate To Hell" on my old school Factory 13 skateboard! I was so stoked. He was the coolest guy and the show was rad! This album always gets my blood pumping. Buy it and you'll want to go skate some curbs and do a boneless or two... then drink some beer. This album RULES!

1. 19th Hole
2. Alcohol
3. Another Wasted Night
4. Voices Carry
5. Protect And Serve
6. Eight Ball
7. Evil
8. Last Chance
9. Fuck In A
10. Tonight We Rock
11. Sold Out Alabama
12. Have Fun
13. Crocadile Rock
14. Hate
15. Skate To Hell
16. Voices Scary
17. Untitled

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