Sunday, August 12, 2007

THE FREEZE: (1996) Double Dosed (320kbps)

RARITIES, Unreleased tracks and the uncommon chance to hear the MIGHTY Freeze live! THE FREEZE cuts off of THIS IS BOSTON NOT LA are easily the best tracks off the album. Although just a hint of better things to come, this band was never afraid to stand up for what it felt was right, even at the risk of raising some hackles within their own scene. This is a band of leaders, not followers. They created their own sound and identity, one that will never be equalled in raw quality and finely tuned magic!.. Golias

1. Broken Bones
2. Idiots at Happy Hour
3. Now or Never
4. Sacrifice Not Suicide
5. It's Only Alcohol
6. Trouble If You Hide
7. Time Bomb
8. We´re Not the Abnormal Ones
9. I'm Too Good for You
10. Violent Arrest
11. No Exposure
12. Warped Confessional
13. Nothing Left at All
14. No One's Coming Home
15. Insanity
16. Time Bomb
17. Trouble if You Hide

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