Sunday, August 12, 2007

FACE TO FACE: (1995) Big Choice (320kbps)

This is Face to Face's 2nd album, and it is way better than the first! This album, Big Choice, gets you pumped up to do whatever you do that requires lots of energy.This is a kick-ass album to skate to, buts its not one of those backround crappy punk bands they play in the beginning of a tv show or something stupid like that, this CD you can sit down and listen to it, and it means very meaningful lyrics from one of the best punk bands, ever! You can listen to it over and over and these awsome songs such as "struggle", "sensible", "you lied" and "promises", and all the other sweet songs never get outplayed. "Don't Turn Away" was in '92, and "Big Choice" was released in '95. Face to Face put lots of effort into this album, almost 3 years, and they did a great freakin' job my friends! Face to Face's "Big Choice" is by far their best album, and I recommend you getting this album if you like punk and music to get to you pumped up!

1. Struggle
2. I Know You Well
3. Sensible
4. A-OK
5. You Lied
6. Promises
7. Big Choice
8. It's Not Over
9. Velocity
10. Debt
11. Late
12. Untitled
13. Disconnected
14. Bikeage

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this--not because I think its good but because it gives an old fart insight into the minds of a generation of youth who grew up listening to this worthless drivel. What a bunch of self-absorbed, whiney crap and why do I suddenly feel like watching The OC or Buffy?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Been looking for this album all around for a while and finally found it!

Anonymous said...

thanks guys

danielrey said...

Thank you