Saturday, August 25, 2007

CHANNEL 3: I've Got a Gun & After the Lights Go Out (320kbps)

23 tracks, 2 LPs on one CD featuring the first two studio albums from San Fransisco's leading exponents of Punk, Channel 3. One of the main inspirations for the growth of Punk in America, Channel 3 were signed to No Future in the UK and in the early 80s saw both these albums reach the higher placings of the Independent Chart. BUY HERE >>>

Track Listing:
1. fear of life
2. out of control
3. i've gota gun
4. wetspots
5. accident
6. you make me feel cheap
7. you lie
8. catholic boy
9. waiting in the winds
10. strenght in numbers
11. double standard boys
12. life goes on
13. what about me
14. separate peace
15. no love
16. after the lights go out
17. truth and trust
18. i'll take my chances
19. all my dreams
20. can't afford it
21. i didn't know
22. manzanar
23. manneqin

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link album 2 -
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haizman_brain said...

I thought CH3 was from LA, not SF.

speedkills said...

And you thought right - - they are from Cerritos in SoCal.

Maxi said...

Thanxs a for this one dude ;)

stogref said...

Thanks a bunch for this Xcellent stuff Nagiant40! 8)

Unknown said...

could you please re upload this the links are dead.. :S