Thursday, August 23, 2007

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT: When Putsche Comes to Shove

Mike went up to the bay area to play drums for FANG. Later he played in HELLS KITCHEN with Jimi Haze on vocals. After that Mike drummed for Smelly in PLAINFIELD.
Joceylin and I continued on under the name CAPITOL PUNISHMENT from '88 to '95. We had several different singers and drummers over the years
(line-up changes and tours). In '93-'94 we played a few reunion shows with Mike and Ralph. It was fun and they went over quite well. In '95 we finally laid ole CP to rest. Joceylin and I are still happily together. And after a 7-year hiatus she has come back to playing bass guitar. We're currently (nov '06) playing in a band called the Dustups ... Dale Stewart

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