Sunday, August 12, 2007

AVAIL: Over the James (320kbps)

This CD, like most of Avail's stuff, will get in your head and stick there. If you haven't heard them before, buy this cd, and if you like what you hear (you will), buy One Wrench and 4am Friday. These guys put out the effort to make pounding, emotional music and you can hear it in every word and feel it in their instruments. They've got it down tight and they know how to make their sound match how they feel and deliver that to you with fury and sadness and fantastic music. Check them out!

1. Deep Wood
2. New #2
3. August
4. Fall Apart
5. Nickel Bridge
6. Scuffle Town
7. Sanctuary 13
8. S.R.O.
9. Mid-Town West
10. Lombardy St.
11. Vine
12. Cross Tie
13. Ask
14. Fifth Wheel

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Anonymous said...

could you please re-up? I couldn't find this album anywhere.