Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ANTI-SOCIAL: Battle Scarred Skinheads!

This is a pretty good Oi! band from '81. There are some rippin songs on this album. All of the last 7 songs pretty much kick-ass cuz they're from Anti's first demo release or some shit. I think I like those songs cuz they have a Menace sound to them. They do a decent cover of a Sham 69 song, "What Have We Got" but, the best song on here is either "Live and Let Live" or "New Punks"(Demo Version). Uhhh...so like...if you're into Oi! and you don't have this then, you should probably get this or some shit.

1 Too Many People
2 Let's Have Some Fun
3 Backstreet Boys
4 Your Choice
5 New Punks
6 Screw U
7 Battle Scarred Skinheads
8 Official Hooligan
9 Sewer Rat
10 What Have We Got
11 Bollocks
12 Can't Even Dream
13 Anti War
14 New Punks (Demo)
15 Union Jack
16 Live And Let Live
17 Brick Wall

Skinheads Link! - http://sharebee.com/d8e60825
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