Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ANGELIC UPSTARTS: 7 Singles (7-inches)....

This amazing set includes the most expressive and important 7-inches singles from this British veteran Punk/Oi! band. England from 1980, I'm an Upstart from 1979, Kids on The Street, Never 'ad Nothin' and Tenage Warning from '79, The Murder of Liddle Towers from '78 and Last Night Another Soldier from '80.
Everything ripped from the original Vinyls little gems... ENJOY!!

''England'' - 1980
1. England
2. Stick's Diary

''I'm An Upstart'' - 1979
1. I'm An Upstart
2. Leave Me Alone

''Kids on the Street'' - 1981
1. Kids on the Street
2. The Sun Never Shines

''Last Night Another Soldier'' - 1980
1. Last Night Another Soldier
2. The Man Who Come In from the Beano

''Never 'ad' Nothin' - 1979
1. Never 'ad' Nothin'
2. Nowhere Left to Hide

''Teenage Warning'' - 1979
1. Teenage Warning
2. The Young Ones

''The Murder of Liddle Towers'' - 1978
1. The Murder of Liddle Towers
2. Police Oppression

Upstarts Link - http://sharebee.com/d85a8a60
pass - hangoverhard


Maxi said...

Thanxs !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Melbourne, Australia

None of these 45's was ever released in Australia, so this is a lovely package, complete with the covers, no less! is a wonderful thing!!

The Upstarts are a really good band...under appreciated, and this is a fine tribute to them!

Thank you so so much!!

Big Ern xxx

Anonymous said...

everytime i try to download this it comes up compression failed.....i am not sure where to the type the password in at?????can somebody point me in the right direction....thanks...jonny

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff, any chance you can re-up the Teenage Warning album as the link says it is deleted. Cheers man.