Monday, July 23, 2007

TSOL: Change Today @ 320kbps

I bought this album in the 1980s, and it rarely left my turntable. Joe Wood has a great voice (kind of a cross between Morrison and Idol with a little more bluesy feel - matter of fact, while setting up in a small club in Fullerton, Joe played a solo version of The End and that was a treat). Ron Emory has always had a unique guitar sound, and that continues here. Mitch Dean hits the skins with emotion, and Mike Roche plays killer bass lines. The album has some dark tunes and mixes in some politics about conforming and impact of war (American Zone). In Time is reminiscent of the older TSOL because Ron sings it, and it is faster than the other songs. He does at least one song on each album. The add on tunes are add ons - they are cool to have, but like another reviewer said they did not really fit with the album. Who's complaining? I did hear these add on songs live in LA and OC clubs in the early to mid 1980s, and I liked them much better live. They had this other live song that would have been interesting to hear recorded about the homeless in LA - it was a reggae song. Pretty cool. (Eric DiBella)

1. Blackmagic
2. Just Like Me
3. In Time
4. Red Shadows
5. Flowers By The Door
6. American Zone
7. It's Gray
8. John
9. Nice Guys
10. How Do

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