Sunday, July 29, 2007

TOXIC REASONS: (1995) No Peace in Our Time (320kbps)

Toxic Reasons are an American hardcore punk / punk rock band. They were formed in Dayton, Ohio in 1979. The founding members were Bruce Stuckey (bass guitar & vocals), Joel Agne (guitar & vocals), Ed Pittman (lead vocals), and Mark Patterson (drums). In 1980, Joel Agne left the band and was replaced by Greg Stout on bass, and Bruce Stuckey switched to lead guitar. In 1981, Mark Patterson left the band and was replaced by James J. Pearson (J.J.) on drums. Rob Lucjak ("Snott") also joined on rhythm guitar. They recorded their first LP (Independence) at Keystone Recording in Indianapolis, Indiana, then went on tour and moved to San Francisco, where their label Risky Records was located. David 'Tufty' Clough joined the band on bass guitar.
Ed Pittman left the group following the release of Independence. During this time the band created a logo showing the US, Canadian, and British flags joined together. The symbol not only represented their tri-national roots (JJ from Canada, Tufty and Rob from England, and Bruce from the US), but also came to symbolize the diversity of their sound, which mixed fast US hardcore with melodic Canadian guitar lines and British influences like reggae-punk plus more mid-tempo anthems. Toxic Reasons is still performing, and all current members live in Indianapolis. The Current line up is Bruce Stuckey-guitar and vocals/Kurt Harley- Guitar and vocals/JJ Pearson- drums and vocals/ Jason Pizzleman-bass and vocals.They have made over 40 recordings to date, including eight full length albums. >>>

1. Data Track for Man and Win
2. Mark 13
3. Armageddon Night
4. Up Ahead and Around the Corner
5. Friends
6. Third World America
7. No Peace in Our Time
8. Whipping Boy
9. Plant a Seed
10. Die Kristallnacht
11. Mousetrap
12. Wah Taku Way a Son
13. White Noise
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Anonymous said...

Very nice post!!

Any chance ya have BULLETS FOR YOU available?

Cheers HHA...yer one of the finest blog out there :-)

Anonymous said...

Do you have a first track
1. Data Track for Man and Win

Maxi said...

Cheers m8, looking fw to listen this stuff,but I was also wondering if u can upload the 1st track, 'cause it's missing;anyway thanxs for all ur hard work ;)

Nagiants40 said...

Folks , the first track, is a ''data'' track is not a song... Is a Mini-cd rom...only to play in PC...


Anonymous said...

just i know it
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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's quite amazing how I am mentioned on this Multimedia CD ROM but there are no references to me anywhere else, including this page. No problem. But I had a huge influence on Bruce Stuckey who I went to Bellbrook High School with in Ohio. We were best friends and formed our own band adding Joel Agne on Guitar, Dan Haggerty on Bass and Dirk Pettit on Drums.
I sang Lead Vocals, played Keyboards and Guitar. Bruce was barely playing Rhythm Guitar at that time. We played the Dayton
area for 3 years before Bruce and Joel were stolen from the band by Ed Pittman (a fat overbearing bully/pussy) who was actually fired from Toxic Reasons. He did not 'leave the band' as is documented on Wikipedia and other reference sites.
Bruce Stuckey on Vocals is completely laughable since he can't carry a tune in a bucket, but only screams out the words. Also, the mention of Bruce taking over the Lead Guitar riffs of Joel Agne on Independence is again, comical. Bruce could play barre
chords very fast over and over again but his only Lead Guitar ability was the standard Rock 'N Roll riff and I doubt he ever knew what key he was playing in. Joel Agne, on the other hand, was a blazing lead guitarist whose riffs amazed all those who heard them. If you are one of the lucky souls to own a copy of the rare 45 vinyl- War Heroes / Somebody Help Me release, you might think your speakers are beginning to sizzle and melt as Joel plays the opening riff to War Heroes. This is also evident on Independence as the other members of the band knew they couldn't record a better copy of either song; tracks 3 and 8
respectively, and the recordings and mixes sound different from the rest of the LP, such as no double-tracking on Ed Pittman's vocals.

I know this because I played Lead Guitar for Toxic Reasons in 1981 after Greg Stout left the band. We played several shows in Dayton OH. I remember playing such songs as Mercenary, War Hero (a God Save The Queen guitar rip-off), Ghost Town, Noise Boys, Killer, Somebody Help Me, Drunk and Disorderly, Riot Squad (one of my favorites), White Noise and Rally 'Round the
Flag, a song I actually contributed to by adding another 1:30 to the song that Stuckey loved and Pittman hated. There is no evidence of the additional guitar work on Independence, probably because Pittman stated to me that it sounded too much like
Motorhead plus they would have had to give me writing credits.
Rob Lucjak was playing Bass Guitar at this time, which everyone seems to have historically incorrect saying he played Rhythm Guitar. I left the band right before Independence was recorded because I saw no future in Punk Rock as a stable means of income. And I was correct, to this day Bruce Stuckey and company have made very little income from a single album or CD they have recorded.
Bruce now works as a chef at a restaurant in Indianapolis. He has become an egotistical self-important narcissist. I certainly hope he's happy and can sleep at night knowing all the people he's stepped on and friends he threw
away like so much trash, which I guess is what Punk is all about.

- Victor Griffin