Sunday, July 29, 2007

the SWINGIN' NECKBREAKERS: (1995) Shake Break!

If you like raw 60s rock and roll with no glossy coating, then this is the stuff. Great originals and remakes of Chuck Berry, Bobby Fuller. If you like the Ramones, the Insomniacs, and other Garage pop sounds you will love this.

1. Wait
2. Mighty Mack
3. Ice Water
4. That's The Way My Love Is
5. Help Wanted
6. Shakedown
7. The Answer Is No
8. I Wanna Be Your Driver
9. Action Kid
10. I'm In Love With Me
11. You're Gonna Make Me
12. A Thousand Times A Day
13. Get Down On Your Knees
14. The Girl Can't Help It
15. Brown-Eyed Girl
pass - hangoverhard

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