Monday, July 23, 2007

THE LURKERS: God's Lonely Man @ 320kbps

They were once called the British Ramones. Eh, maybe a bit of an over-statement, however you can see where that anonomous critic's thoughts were. Yes, they are late '70's punk-rock, not hardcore, that sing about very important issues. Not politics, silly! Girls! And other things. They are more poppy than some of their contemporaris, but don't let that fool you into thinking they aren't LOUD. They play their instuments with a vengence. Strangely enough, the worst song is the title track, which has more of a metal twinge than all-out punk. But don't worry; the rest of the songs are pure 70's pop-punk. Now, you may be wondering, "Why aren't these guys as famous as some others? Like, The BUzzcocks, or even The Vibrators?" Well, they're not exactly ground-breaking. Their sound is familiar; "Take Me Back To Babylon" is reminecent of The Damned tune "Stab Your Back". But they're still good. "Cyanide" is a blistering tune, and the Bonus Tracks on this CD "Suzie Is A Floozie", "New Guitar In Town", and especially the incredibly awesome "Little Ole Wine Drinker Me", which sounds like an early rock 'n' roll song given the punk treatment. So, if you like old-school punk-rock, definately check these guys out. You can impress people with your obscure music knowledge.

1. She Knows
2. God's Lonely Men
3. Out in the Dark
4. Cyanide
5. Whatever Happened to Mary
6. Take Me Back to Babylon
7. Room 309
8. I'll Be with You
9. Non-Contender
10. Seven O'Clock Someday
11. Sleep on Diamonds
12. Bad Times
13. Just Thirteen [*]
14. Countdown [*]
15. Suzie Is a Floozie [*]
16. Cyanide [Pub Version][*]
17. New Guitar in Town [*]
18. Little Ole Wine Drinker Me [*]
19. Cold Old Night [*][Demo Version]
20. Pick Me Up [*][Demo Version]
21. Mary's Coming Home [*][Demo Version]
22. New Guitar in Town [*][Demo Version]
23. Little Ole Wine Drinker Me [*][Demo Version]

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