Sunday, July 29, 2007

the HI-FIVES: (1997) And a Whole Lotta You! (320kbps)

Green Day introduced a new generation of punk rockers to the raucous joys of the early '60s Kinks, updating the groovy beats, massive choruses, and solid hooks of the British Invasion bands with a welcomed dose of adrenaline and a bit of '90s snarl. The Bay Area quartet the Hi-Fives goes a step further in the history lesson, completing the package with mod haircuts, three-button suits, vintage guitars and drums, and a second album featuring 16 irresistible tunes, only two of 'em over two minutes long (and those just barely). In the old-fashioned liner notes, the Fives proudly proclaim themselves "beat punks," acting as if they invented that term. It's questionable how deep their knowledge of the genre is-these guys are no obsessives like the Milkshakes or the Funseekers-and their choice of cover tunes betrays their age. (They tackle "Bad Connection" by Yazoo and offer a version of "Tainted Love" inspired not by the Standells, but by Soft Cell.) Nevertheless, their instincts are solid, and there isn't a single song on And A Whole Lotta You! that doesn't make you want to sing along, if not pogo in place. Tunesmiths John Denery and Chris Imlay don't have a lot to say-the songs are mostly teen takes on love, lust, and love lost-but they say it well. "You're not just like any other / You're better than a Chet Atkins album cover," they croon on the title track, backing up the sentiment with a frantic beat and a horny sax solo. And how can anyone argue with that? --Jim Derogatis

1. It's Up To You
2. It Begins With You
3. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You
4. Time Is Now
5. No-No
6. All I Want To Know
7. Words Of Love
8. Bad Connection
9. I'll Take You There
10. Say What You Want
11. You Can
12. Black And Blue
13. A Whole Lotta You
14. Peaquod
15. Shhh! Listen
16. Tainted Love
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