Sunday, July 29, 2007


The Groovie Ghoulies will rock you like a hurricane. Hailing from Sacramento, California, they tour almost constantly. Kepi, Roach and Scampi are almost too cute for words, and could be easily dismissed if they didn't rock so hard. Their songs have a child-like quality that befits their cartoon namesakes, and yet lyrically, they are still able to take on concerns about more adult emotions. For example, in the song, "Are You Passionate", they warn that nothing is worth doing if you don't care deeply about it. "Are you passionate? Do you love what you do? Would you do it if they didn't pay you?"
But the gem on this collection of hits is "Til Death Do Us Party". It's a love song, for these troubled times. And yet, for all the fun and humor in the lyrics ("1, 2, 3, 5, No one here gets out alive! 6, 7, 9, 10, Reincarnate, do it again!"), the Ghoulies don't come off as snooty sarcastic punk rockers. The Ghoulies come across with the intense simplicity of early Ramones when punk was still fun, as opposed to hardcore. Kepi's vocal stylings will make you turn up the car stereo too loud and drive too fast. And the rollicking guitars and drums will just make you jump and down with glee. The Groovie Ghoulies have a huge catalog of songs, and while the songs on Go! Stories include some horror-themed tunes, listeners will find more monster-intensive material on "Monster Club."
My only complaint about this collection is that it doesn't have the brilliant Ghoulies tune, "The Beast with Five Hands." But really, pick up any Groovie Ghoulies cd, and you'll get it. You'll want them to take you to the imaginary punk-rock monster prom in your mind. What do you mean you don't have one? I've said too much...-Jenni Monster

1. Let's Do It Again
2. Mess Me Up
3. School Is In
4. Chupacabras
5. (And)I Don't Wanna Be Like That
6. Rat Race
7. Ghoulies Are Go!
8. Stick It Out
9. Doin' Fine
10. Are You Passionate?
11. 'Til Death Do Us Party
12. Kick Ass
13. Someone Is Always Not Happy
14. The Bay Bridge Club
15. (She's My) Vampire Girl
16. Normal (Is A Million Miles Away)
pass - hangoverhard


Babbler said...

Thanks Nagi....didn't have this Ghoulies one.

loserlist69 said...

It's still sad that they decided to call it quits recently. :(

Ophelia said...

Thanks a lot for this great disc.
But the 2 last songs (15-16) they are not in the zip :-(