Wednesday, May 02, 2007

MADNESS: (2002) Our House: Best Of Madness (Virgin)

Our House: Best of Madness takes the majority of the group's hits and puts them together on one CD. Unlike 2000's Ultimate Collection, this focuses more on the group's major hit song output and replaces the B-sides with a few new adaptations of old songs and a few interludes from the U.K. stage production of Madness: The Musical. While this is by no means a complete and thorough look at Madness' impressive legacy, it is an extremely adequate compilation that would be perfect for the first-time listener who is unfamiliar with the group's sound... by Rob Theakston, All Music Guide

1. house of fun
2. our house
3. simple equation
4. my girl
5. baggy trousers
6. prospects
7. embarrassment
8. driving my car
9. grey day
10. shut up
11. the return of the los palmas 7
12. the sun and the rain
13. tomorrow's just another day
14. night boat to cairo
15. wings of a dove ( a celebratory song)
16. one better day
17. rise and fall
18. sarah's song
19. white heat
20. michael caine
21. it must be love
** Covers: (No)
** Bitrate: (128kbps)
** Uploaded by my great friend Rebel84...SAY THANKS TO HIM!!!
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Deathdog said...

any way of posting the first album???..Pleeeeeeease!! rule..

Anonymous said...

thanks for this...

Anonymous said...

Thanks to him!!!

Deckard said...

Although not my favourite band this stuff really brings back memories - thanks for uploading!

Jaume said...

I love this album. I miss some songs, but it's one of my favourite albums.

Anonymous said...

This is great, thanks

Anonymous said...

thanks again.