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SHAM 69: (93) BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert (Windsong)

Sham 69 was formed in the working-class community of Hersham (in Surrey) in 1975 by singer and lyricist Jimmy Pursey; the name came from an ancient bit of graffiti celebrating a local football team's winning season in 1969. From the start, Sham 69's politics were populist, and their sound accessible; straight-ahead four-square punk with a hard rock influence and lyrics that often used sing-along slogans in their choruses, such as "If the Kids Are United" and "(Gonna Be A) Borstal Breakout." The band went through a revolving cast of musicians early on before settling on the lineup of Pursey, Dave Parsons on guitar, Albie Slider on bass, and Mark Cain behind the drums. They began scaring up gigs where they could, and began playing the notorious London punk venue the Roxy on a regular basis, where they built up a loyal following. Step Forward, a small independent label, released the band's first single, "I Don't Wanna," in September 1977. The success of the single and the band's growing fan base prompted Polydor to sign the band in the U.K., and their first album, Tell Us the Truth -- one side recorded live, the other in the studio -- was released in early 1978. (Sire released the album in the United States, and it would prove to be the only Sham 69 album released in America until the late '80s.) By the time the album came out, Albie Slider had left the band and Dave "Kermit" Tregenna took over on bass. Sham's second album, That's Life, was released in the fall of 1978, and featured two major hit singles, "Hurry Up Harry" and "Angels With Dirty Faces"; and as many of the first wave of U.K. punk bands were beginning to peter out, Sham 69's popularity continued to Mark Deming, All Music

1. everybody's innocent
2. angels with dirty faces
3. anyway who gives a damn
4. that's life
5. tell us the truth
6. borstal breakout
7. day tripper
8. questions and answers
9. if the kids are united

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GUITAR GANGSTERS: (00) Prohibition & Money with Menace (Captai Oi)

For those of you who have never heard the Guitar Gangsters, here's some good news and bad news. The good news is that their first two albums are here on one disc for you to enjoy. If you are a fan of British punk-pop legends like the Boys and mod rockers like the Chords, then the Guitar Gangsters are for you. Although they burst upon the U.K. music scene in 1979, it took brothers Pete and Phil Ley nine years and half a dozen name changes before releasing their debut album, Prohibition, followed a year later by Money With Menaces. Filled with chunky guitar riffing, snappy beats, and melodic hooks from heaven, both albums remain fresh, exciting, and timeless. Sure, there are no real surprises to be found, but who needs those when you are surrounded by some great songs? "Nothing to Shout About," "Dream That Dream," "Bad Bad Girl," "That's When the Razor Cuts," and "Radio Shakedown" are brilliant pop songs that will appeal to fans of pop, punk, and mod bands like the Stiffs, the Crack, the Boys, the Chords, and 999. Almost every second of this two-fer will have your fists pumping and your pulse racing. Once again, the Captain Oi! label has proven that it is one of the most vital reissue labels around. Oh, the bad news: you've been missing out on these guys for over a decade, so you've got some 'splaining to do! Stephen SPAZ Schnee, All Music

1. nothing to shout about
2. turn the tables
3. what did i do (this time)
4. that's when the razor cuts
5. everybody wants to be my friend
6. it must be physical
7. radio shakedown
8. it's so sad
9. gotta get out of here
10. long division
11. endless saturday night
12. dream that dream
13. seventeen again
14. all the worlds a television
15. bad bad girl
16. wild weekend
17. get me out
18. i'm not too scared to dance
19. rubber hammer
20. readers wives
21. the yellow house
22. pray all day

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GUITAR GANGSTERS: (00) Power Chords from England (Anagram)

1. little miss mystery
2. city of the damned
3. bitter sweet but true
4. strange kind of love
5. all over the world
6. innocent eyes
7. she's my kind
8. radio authority
9. a boy like me
10. playing game again
11. in my word
12. when guitars ruled the earth

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NEWTOWN NEUROTICS: (94) 45 Revolutions per Minute + Suzi 7-inches

Formed in 1979 by Steve Drewett, they began like so many others to attempt to get their clumsy fingers around three chords and ape the Ramones who were their heroes. Sporting Joey Ramone length hair Steve would sneer at cries of "Bloody Hippie" from the audience but after a couple of numbers nobody cared they just went into pogo frenzy.
The early stuff from the band like "Hypocrite" and "When The Oil Runs out" singles were both great melodic punk songs on the type found in the early eighties but both were written prior to the election of the Thatcher monster. The horror of this event changed what was the non-political writing style of Steve's lyrics into the other extreme, and so in June 1982 "Kick Out The Tories" was released on CNT records. This was a double "A" side shared with Mindless Violence as it was quite obvious that the political nature of "Tories" would prevent it some what from being Radio One's Tony Blackburn's single of the week! However, even "Mindless Violence" raised some awkward Questions as Chris Bohn the singles reviewer in the NME on 12th June of that year pointed out.
"In a rare (these days) moment of Punk insight, the Neurotics bravely make the distinction between mindless and political violence _ Mindless violence, what does it prove?/It proves you don't know the people who are shitting on you!_ and go on to condemn the former, if they don't exactly explore the latter, I wait to hear more, despite the other side's plainer rant." One of their most popular live songs was "Living with Unemployment" which although was based on a Members song "Solitary Confinement" had a quality and anger all of it's own. So much so that it's performance at the Fulham Greyhound in 1987 prompted J.C.Carrol, main songwriter of the Members who was in the audience that night to say, "you've made an old man really happy" It's role of marking unemployment as a key component of the forces that shaped the eighties was recognised by Seething Wells of the NME who made it Single of the Week on the 26th July 1986. He wrote......
YOWSAH! The Members "Solitary Confinement" strapped to a slab, jerked vertical and exposed to the slashing Wagerian lightning of class hatred. Cower, you Simpering post-modernist poodles. Quake, ye running dogs of twee. The reworking, recorded live, is the Neurotics at their frenetic, bounding best. They are traditionalists, there is little innovation in their output. It is their misfortune that their forte, reggae-tinged rock, is sooo unfashionable due one supposes, to the number of cacky exponents of the medium. The Neurotics have a stunning track record - "When the Oil Runs Out", "Mindless Violence", "Kick Out the Tories"- but this, this is their finest hour. Steve Drewett's voice gets rougher and grubbier - like a rubber glove poked full or fag - burn holes. The band mash and mesh tighter and harder. Articulate, bigoted and snotty. Almost the perfect pop single. " We are the scroungers whoo, whoo, whoo........." ...and there's plenty more where that came from, see below!
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1. hypocrite
2. you said no
3. i get on your nerves
4. when the oi! runs out
5. oh no!
6. kick out the torries
7. mindless violence
8. no sanctuary
9. suzie is a heartbreaker
10. fools
11. when i need you
12. andy is a corporatist
13. never thoughy
14. living with unamployment
SUZY 7''
1. suzy is a heartbreaker
2. fools
3. when i need you

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THE 4-SKINS: (1982) The Good The Bad & The 4-Skins (Secret)

The 4-Skins were a working class Oi! punk rock band from East London, England, formed in 1979 and disbanded in 1984. Many of their songs dealt with violent subjects, although the band claimed they were discussing the realities of inner city life, not promoting violence. Two of their most well known songs are Chaos and A.C.A.B. (All Coppers Are Bastards). Most of the band members were skinheads, and a few of them were West Ham United supporters and fans of the mod revival band Secret Affair.
In addition to releasing their own records, the band had songs on the original Oi! compilation albums, along with bands like Cockney Rejects, The Business and Angelic Upstarts.

Tracks: plastic gangsters / jealousy / yesterday's heroes / justice / jack the lad / rememberance day / manifesto / wonderful world / 1984 / sorry / evil / i don't wanna die / a.c.a.b. / chaos / one law for them / low life / bread or blood / get out of my life / seems to me / norman.

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THE ACCUSED: (1991) Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told

Fusing hardcore punk and heavy metal into a furiously thrashing hybrid, Seattle's the Accused invariably described to their style as "splattercore," a reference to their chief lyrical inspirations -- horror films and comic-book violence. It was a far cry from the political leanings of vocalist/bandleader Blaine Cook's previous band, the Fartz, but it gave them a definite crossover appeal among both punk and metal audiences. With their roots in hardcore, the Accused presaged the rise of the Seattle scene, but never fit into the grunge movement that sprang up around them. Some of their key personnel went on to join the grunge-metal band Gruntruck, but in their own lifespan, the Accused were a different enough beast that they weren't able to capitalize on all the attention afforded the Northwest underground.The Accused were formed in Seattle in 1981, originally consisting of vocalist John Dahlin, guitarist Tom Niemeyer, bassist Chibon "Chewy" Batterman, and drummer Dana Collins. Their first release was a split LP with the Rejectors, at which point they were playing straight-ahead hardcore. However, the other members' taste for metal pushed Dahlin out of the band in 1984, and his place was taken by ex-Fartz vocalist Blaine Cook (reverting to his real name after billing himself as Blaine Fart). Powered by Cook's demented vocals, the band issued its limited-edition debut EP, Martha Splatterhead (named after their monstrous new mascot), on the small Condor Records label.Continuing to hone their sound through touring, the Accused finally completed their first full-length LP in 1986; issued on Subcore Records, The Return of Martha Splatterhead established their hyperspeed approach and earned them a deal with the thrash label Combat. During the supporting tour, bassist Batterman was asked to leave, and the group brought in Alex "Maggot Brain" Sibbald as his replacement. Sibbald made his debut on 1987's More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral, which significantly expanded the group's cult following. The 1988 follow-up, Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told, featured a guest appearance by Metal Church guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof.Combat subsequently dropped the Accused, who signed with a Seattle-area label called Nastymix, which was primarily associated with rap (specifically, launching the career of Sir Mix-a-Lot). There was also a change on the drumming front: Dana Collins departed in 1988, and was replaced by Steve Nelson for the half-studio, half-live Hymns for the Deranged mini-album. Following his exit, the powerhouse Josh Sinder came onboard in 1989, and appeared on the group's Nastymix debut, Grinning Like an Undertaker, the following year. 1991 brought the Straight Razor EP, and also the departure of Sinder, who joined Tad; he was replaced by Devin for the final Accused album, 1992's Splatter Rock. Niemeyer joined Skin Yard vocalist Ben McMillan in the grunge-metal band Gruntruck, a later version of which included Sibbald and Sinder as well; Sibbald and Sinder would later move on to a new project, the Hot Rod Lunatics. Cook sang for a time with a new band called the Black Nasty, whose lone album was released only locally.... by Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Tracks: psychomania / the bag lady song / inherit the earth / deception / molly's x-mas / i'd love to change the world / you only die once / sick boy / chicago / starved to death / war=death / the maddest story ever told / intro / scared of the dark / losing your mind / smothered her trust / lights out / the hearse.

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ABRASIVE WHEELS: (1982) When the Punks go Marching In! (Riot City)

Abrasive Wheels originally formed in Leeds in the late 70’s though it wasn’t until mid 1980 that Shonna (vocals), guitarist Dave Ryan, bassist Dave Hawkridge and drummer Mark Holmes finally got round to releasing a record. The three track Army Song EP was issued on their own Abrasive Records and , coupled with some support slots to Slaughter & The Dogs, quickly sold out it’s 3000 pressing - "Not bad for a band who at the time didn’t have a permanent drummer and were relatively unknown outside of their native Yorkshire town" said Sounds at the time. Having secured a publishing deal with Cherry Red Music the band then sought a record deal as the money made on Army Song had been spend on a transit can and paying for it’s tax and insurance!
Bristol’s Riot City Records were quickest off the mark and signed the band - now featuring new bassist Harry Harrison and drummer Nev Nevison - and their first release for the label was the three track Vicious Circle EP which, after gigs with the likes of GBH, Vice Squad and The Partisans, shot into the Indie Top 20. Interest in the band was at such a peak that Riot City re-issued the Army Song EP with the initial pressing coming in red vinyl. Mike Stone, producer of the likes of Discharge, GBH and The Lurkers, was then drafted in to oversee the recordings for the When The Punks go Marching In LP and the difference was plain for all to hear. The LP contained 14 superb cuts including of their Vicious Circle EP and also featured the bands next 45, the classic Burn ‘Em Down which shot to the top of the Punk Chart and scored highly in the Independent Chart. Early 1983 saw the Wheels moving to Mike Stone’s Clay label and the release of the Jailhouse Rock single - "Because it is a supposedly untouchable classic, we knew we’d be criticised for doing it but why should we be predictable, why should we play it safe?" - Harrison told Punk Lives at the time. This was followed by the double A side Banner of Hope / Law of the Jungle which again saw a slight change in the bands style - "You don’t need speed to create powerful music, you need feeling. We want to take the power of Punk and put back the emotion", explained Harrison at the time of it’s release.
With Stone once again at the helm the band recorded the Black Leather Girl LP and released it in March 1984 at the same time as the single The Prisoner. Both releases drew heavily on influences like the New York Dolls and The Cramps as well as the bands Punk roots but were released at a time when neither the music press or radio were interested in anything remotely to do with Punk. (or it was that the punks were no more interested in the band ‘cause "they tried to sell out", but didn’t succeed Jukka)...more

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BUZZCOCKS: (1991) Operators Manual

Did the Buzzcocks invent pop-punk? Probably not. Did they perfect it? You bet. Marrying glorious pop melodies, the chainsaw roar of a downstroked guitar, and the furious angst of a million confused teenagers, the Buzzcocks played punk rock that was physical, passionate, and emotionally compelling, but also joyously listenable (and danceable) in a way the Damned and the Clash could never dream of being. If the Buzzcocks Mark 1 (1976-1981) ever made a bad record, they've done a splendid job of keeping it a secret; all three of the group's original albums are brilliant, and Singles Going Steady (which collects the A- and B-sides of their first eight 45s) is as perfect a compilation album as you're ever likely to encounter. But if you're looking for a single-disc package that covers the history of the band's first era, Operators Manual is just what you've been needing; it features 11 of Singles Going Steady's 16 tracks (including all the A-sides), and adds 14 superb songs from the group's three albums. And unlike Singles, Operators Manual features material from A Different Kind of Tension, and while the Buzzcocks were brilliant right out of the box, "You Say You Don't Love Me" and "I Don't Know What to Do With My Life" revealed a surprising maturity, and "I Believe" found Pete Shelley going past the perfect pop song into a moving (and heartbreaking) statement of purpose. Operators Manual is hardly everything you'd ever need from the Buzzcocks, but if you're looking for an introduction to their remarkable body of work, you could hardly do better... by by Mark Deming, All Music Guide

Tracks: orgasm addict / what do i get? / i don't mind / autonomy / fast cars / get on your own / sixteen / fiction romance / love you more / noise annoys / ever fallen in love? / operator's manual / nostalgia / walking distance / nothing left / esp / promises / lipstick / everybody's happy nowadays / harmony in my head / you say you don't love me / i don't know what to do with my life / i believe / are everything / radio nine.

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THE MISFITS: Beware (Singles 1977-1982)

This amazing set includes the following singles..

** Cough / Cool 7'' (August 1977) - - - tracks 01-02 - - -
500 copies (Blank Records)
** Bullet 7'' (June 1978) - - - tracks 03-04-05-06 - - -
1.000 copies (Plan 9) This single have a second pressing on January 1979 with red vinyl (2.000 copies) and include an extra track ''Better Dead on Red''.
** Horror Business 7'' (June 1979) - - - tracks 07-08 - - - *** tracks 8 Teenage from Mars and Children in Heat MIXED.
1st pressing only 25 copies (very rare). Black vinyl with no sleeve.
** Night of The Living Dead 7'' (October 1979) - - - tracks 09-10-11 - - -
1 12" acetate with "Night Of The Living Dead" at 45 rpm on one side and "Night Of The Living Dead," "Where Eagles Dare," and "Rat Fink" on 33 rpm on the other, completely black with no labels, owned by Mike Holland.
** 3 Hits From Hell 7'' (April 1981) = Pressing: 1st: Plan 9: PL1013 (April 1981) - - - tracks 12-13-14 - - -
7000 black vinyl copies with light grey/white label and large center hole.
3000 black vinyl copies with red/orange label and large center hole. The vast majority of these copies have "R-10261" in A-side matrix, and "R-10262" in B-side matrix. Several copies exist without the "R-10261/2" etchings. Jerry Pardue and Tim Cotter own regular copies with A-side center labels on both sides.
2nd: Plan 9: PL1013 (Spring 1986)
400 white vinyl copies with red label, large center hole, black and white cover, "R-10261" in A-side matrix, and "R-10262" in B-side matrix.
400 black vinyl copies with red/pink label and small center hole.
** Halloween 7'' (October 30, 1981) 5000 copies (approximately 10 with black and white sleeve). - - - Tracks 15-16 - -
Notes: This record was dedicated to Susan Hannaford Rose of the Monster Movie Club. Although Doyle was credited as guitarist on this single, Bobby Steele's guitar on "Halloween II" was used. At some point, Glenn printed black and white sleeves some singles that had no sleeves. There were allegedly about 10 of these singles given out to his friends (Tesco Vee of The Meatmen and a member of The Big Boys among them). Copies are currently owned by Mike Holland (2), Mauricio Nunez, and Jerry Pardue. Several different bootlegs for this release exist; please see bootleg section for details.
** Evilive 7'' (December 1982) - - -Tracks 17-18-19-20-21-22-23 - - -
Acetate: 2 acetates labeled "Star Records And Productions, Plan 9, 1981" with "All Hell Breaks Loose" on one side and "We Are 138" on the other. One acetate is owned by Mike Holland and the other by Johnathan Grimm.
** Static Age Promo Advance Cassete - - the last two tracks - -

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EXTERNAL MENACE: The Process Of Elimination

This is the orginal version. The album was re-issue later with bonus tracks... This punk rock/oi band is simply amazing...

1. this country
2. standin' on the UK
3. these pricks are wrong
4. watch you drown
5. society
6. rude awakening
7. don't conform
8. bullet of persuasion
9. the process of elimination
10. in this time
11. killin' me abylum
12. we wanna know
13. seize the day
14. don't call it livin
15. sort it out
** Bitrate: (192kbps)

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THE DAMNED: (1981) Live at Lyceum (Bootleg)

Another great bootleg from this classic amazing band....

1. fall
2. just can't be happy
3. plan 9-channel
4. smash it up
5. drinking about my baby
6. looking at you
7. i feel alright
8. love song
9. ballroom blitz
10. new rose
11. in a rut
12. dr. jeckyll and mr. hyde
13. melody lee
14. neat, neat, neat, new rose
15. shakin' all over
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (128kbps)

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THE DAMNED: (1983) Live at Newcastle (Bootleg)

Good show recorded at the Mayfair Suite, Newcastle on 14th October 1982.

1. ignite
2. disco man
3. generals
4. bad time for bonzo
5. dozen girls
6. love song
7. smash it up (part.1)
8. smash it up (part.2)
9. looking at you
10. new rose
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (128kbps)

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MADNESS: (2002) Our House: Best Of Madness (Virgin)

Our House: Best of Madness takes the majority of the group's hits and puts them together on one CD. Unlike 2000's Ultimate Collection, this focuses more on the group's major hit song output and replaces the B-sides with a few new adaptations of old songs and a few interludes from the U.K. stage production of Madness: The Musical. While this is by no means a complete and thorough look at Madness' impressive legacy, it is an extremely adequate compilation that would be perfect for the first-time listener who is unfamiliar with the group's sound... by Rob Theakston, All Music Guide

1. house of fun
2. our house
3. simple equation
4. my girl
5. baggy trousers
6. prospects
7. embarrassment
8. driving my car
9. grey day
10. shut up
11. the return of the los palmas 7
12. the sun and the rain
13. tomorrow's just another day
14. night boat to cairo
15. wings of a dove ( a celebratory song)
16. one better day
17. rise and fall
18. sarah's song
19. white heat
20. michael caine
21. it must be love
** Covers: (No)
** Bitrate: (128kbps)
** Uploaded by my great friend Rebel84...SAY THANKS TO HIM!!!
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MADNESS: (1980) Absolutely (Sire)

For their second album, Madness continued the bright and bouncy fun of their debut. Absolutely placed slightly more emphasis on their novelty aspect, creating something of a fun-house atmosphere with stray sounds, exaggerated accents, faster tempos, and often unintelligible lyrics rattled off by Suggs at breakneck speed. Although the album shows a dip in quality control and much less diversity than One Step Beyond, it is nevertheless a charming romp with its share of inspired moments, like the classic singles "Baggy Trousers" and "Embarrasment." Chris Woodstra, All Music Guide

1. baggy trousers
2. embarrassment
3. e.r.n.i.e.
4. close escape
5. not home today
6. on the beat pete
7. solid gone
8. take it or leave it
9. shadow of fear
10. disappear
11. overdone
12. in the rain
13. you said
14. the return of the los palmas 7
** Covers: (No)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
** Uploaded by my great friend Rebel84...SAY THANKS TO HIM!!!
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STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: (2000) Now Then (Captai Oi - Re-issue)

After the unabashed brilliance of Go for It, Stiff Little Fingers' fourth album, September 1982's Now Then came as something of a disappointment, a bedraggled mish-mash that illustrated (though nobody knew it at the time) the internal dissent that was already pulling the group apart. Within weeks of Now Then's release, Stiff Little Fingers would have disbanded, to lie fallow for much of the next five years, and it was only with the release, in 1983, of the All the Best compilation that the true brilliance of the best of this album was revealed. Divorced from the often workaday filler that punctuated the album, the U.K. hit single "Bits of Kids," the snappy "Touch And Go" and "Talkback," and a genuinely moving version of Nicky Thomas' reggae smash "Love of the Common People" are as good as any earlier Fingers masterpiece, while the bonus tracks appended to the Captain Oi! reissue round up the solidly excellent 1.10 or Less EP, plus the bitter B-side "Good for Nothing."... by Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

1. falling down
2. won't be told
3. love of the common people
4. the price of admission
5. touch and go
6. stands to reason
7. bits of kids
8. welcome to the whole week
9. big city night
10. talkback
11. is that what you fought the war for?
12. listen (Bonus)
13. Sad-Eyed People (Bonus)
14. that's when your blood bumps (bonus)
15. two guitars clash (bonus)
16. good for nothing (bonus)
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
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STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: (1999) Hope Street + Greatest Hits Live in UK (Oxygen)

This double-disc release from the reunited Stiff Little Fingers features two separate albums packaged together: Hope Street, a studio album consisting of new material, and All the Best: Live in the U.K., an in-concert rehash of the best items from the band's back catalog. Much of Hope Street is essentially singer Jake Burns' take on the Northern Ireland peace process, and while the songs don't really match the best material of the band's glory days, he does sound reinvigorated by addressing a topic close to his heart. The live album does remind the listener of how potent Stiff Little Fingers were at their best, but it really isn't a necessary listen for most, making it somewhat annoying that it was tacked on to double the cost of the package as a whole... by Steve Huey, All Music Guide

1. bulletproof
2. all i need
3. be seeing you
4. you can get it
5. half a life away
6. no faith
7. tantalise
8. hope street
9. last train
10. what does it take
11. all the rest
12. honeyed words
13. suspect device
14. alternative ulster
15. johnny was
16. at the edge
17. fly the flag
18. tin soldiers
19. roots, radicals, rockers and reggae
20. silver lining
21. wasted life
22. no laughing matter
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
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