Saturday, April 21, 2007

SHAM 69 : (1986) Angels With Dirty Faces

40 Tracks Including all the Single plus the Best Tracks from their Four Polydor Albums and the Very Collectable, Original Version of 'what have We Got'. Also Featured Are 'borstal Breakout', 'hurry Up Harry' and 'hersham Boys'.

1. i don't wanna (live)
2. ulster (live)
3. red london (live)
4. borstal breakout
5. We Got a Fight (live)
6. rip off
7. george davis is innocent
8. they don't understand
9. family life
10. hey little rich boy
11. tell us the truth
12. angels with dirty faces
13. if the kids are united
14. leave me alone
15. who gives a damn
16. that's life
17. hurry up, harry
18. evil way
19. sunday morning nightmares
20. is this me or is this..
21. question and answers
22. hersham boys (12'' version)
23. money
24. fly dark angel
25. joey's on the street
26. cold blue in the night
27. mr you're a better man
28. lost on highway 46
29. voices
30. tell the children
31. the game
32. human zoo
33. lord of the flies
34. give a dog a bone
35. in and out
36. dead or alive
37. deja vu
38. run wild run free
39. unite and win
40. what have you got
** Another rip and up bby Mr. Rebel..THANKS MAN!!!

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NXP said...

First off all, thanx for a marvelous blogg. Secondly, thanx for giving me a reminder to hear on my Sham 69 records again. I realy loved them at the early 80`s and i must say i got a little bit bored by them. Now 20 years later i feel it like i have rediscovered them. Keep up the good work. Any chance for some John Cooper Clarke rarities?

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for all the sham stuff

Toxxy said...

Great share again RR!! HANX :)

Is this one also remastered? I think it says so on the sticker on the front cover but I'm not sure...

Rebel84 said...

not my rip exactly... but yes my up.
And yes Toxxy, this one is remastered



hairy palm said...

meu caro, não seria possível postar os discos do Newtown Neurotics que vc tem? Acho que estão entre os mais difíceis de achar por aí. Valeu pelo belo trabalho realizado no Blog

Toxxy said...

Cheers for your reply Rebel84 :)

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias! Muy buen blog...

Nagiants40 said...

hairy palm..

Opa voce tem razão, mas eu ja postei acho que uns 3 aqui, voce nao baixou.. ??? abraços

Nagiants40 said...

nxp... good to read your comments..

I never quit listening this guys, Sham 69 is part of my life for about 23 years... more older more punk rock I listen..heheh

Yes..I'll up some tuned..

Anonymous said...

The second half of this file is gone from all the sharebee sites - could you repost?